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This rainmaker is looking for a forward thinking company that is not afraid of itself or it's competition.  Now is the time to take marketshare away from your competitors!  Be proactive and make it rain!

Sales Awards

2008:92% of Quota – New Company$2M quota

2007:102% of Quota - $2.7M Quota

2006:211% of Quota.Excellent Performer Q1 2006 (LMS International), Top Over-Quota Achievement 2006 (LMS International), Achievement Club 2006, and Top Gun 2006.$1.5M Quota

2005:130% of Quota, Achievement Club 2005$1.5M Quota

2004:183% of Quota, Achievement Club 2004 and Top Gun 2004 (North America)$1.2M Quota

2003:  Recruited to LMS mid year

2002:105% of Quota, FY 2002 Sales Award, Top Performer CAE West, MSC Software CEO Circle $750K quota



  • A highly experienced; relationship-based, senior sales executive with an International Marketing degree and over twenty years of deep knowledge.Exceptionally strong communication and collaboration skills used to facilitate complex, highly-technical discussions with CXX level customers (high-level strategic and tactical execution levels).Especially adept at developing outstanding partnerships with in-house technical teams and channel partners to assess client opportunities, expand revenue-generating capabilities, and maximize return on investment.

    revenue-generating capabilities, and maximize return on investment


Greg Hopton

“Sales organizations require keys individuals that can be counted on to meet or exceed targets despite the challenges laid before them. Chris Hussey is one of those individuals. Over multiple years, over multiple employers, over multiple industries, Chris has exceeded established quotas for the year. Chris has been successful year-to-year due to his ability to build relationships with the customer and strategically develop assigned sales territories and customer accounts. He believes in the “team” concept and builds collaboration among the team to ensure success. Chris is an impact player and would make a great asset to any organization. I feel that employees like Chris are crucial to the overall success of an organization and warrant my recommendation.” February 17, 2009

Matthew O'Connor

“I had the distinct pleasure of working with Chris while he was the Sales Executive and Major Account Executive for LMS NA. Chris initiated and fostered a solid and cordial working relationship with me and several of my colleagues while we were developing an innovative testing program that LMS was uniquely suited to support. Without presumption, he explained his company’s technical and service capabilities through a number of very difficult periods during this project, all while fostering a very enjoyable business relationship. Chris has that exceptional and rare ability to relate on a very personal level with everyone he meets and talks with, which makes him a high-performing sales person but also a genuinely nice person. He also makes sure he understands and communicates effectively his company’s competitive offerings without 'over-selling', which lends him immense credibility as the company’s services are provided satisfactorily. Chris is focused and aggressive in the sales arena (in a multitude of industries) yet accomplishes this without sacrificing personal or professional relationships or his own goals, which allows him to succeed personally and also in a number of high-impact areas of an organization. I have learned a great deal about what a truly successful business and sales relationship can become from Chris, and I have incorporated a lot of his approaches in my day-to-day activities. Although we do not do business directly any more, I continue to enjoy watching his career flourish.” March 11, 2008

Quota Attainment

Work experience

Jan 2008Dec 2008

Vice President of Sales

LifeModeler, Inc.
    • Increased sales revenue in existing accounts by 190% by nurturing CXX Level contacts through relationship-based solution selling strategy.
    • Created and implemented a Target Market Diversification Strategy and Product Pricing Strategy to differentiate LifeModeler from the competition.
    • Prospected CXX, VP, and Director-level contacts at targeted companies to implement the diversification strategy.Received commitments from two new industries to proceed to technical discussion level.
May 2003Dec 2007

Major Account Manager - General Electric-Hitachi Nuclear Energy

LMS North America
  • Top 5% of Sales Executives Globally with over quota achievement from 2004 through 2007 (up to 210%).Quotas ranged from $750K to $2.7M
  • Built GEH-NE into a $3M account through a relationship-based solution selling strategy.Sold a mix of very high end/complex engineering software, consulting services, and data acquisition hardware and software.
  • As Sales Executive in the Northwestern US, increased sales by 600% in three years and was meritoriously promoted to Major Account Manager in 2006.
  • Dramatically increased consulting profitability by revising Product Pricing Strategies.
  • Achieved the prestigious “President’s Club” Award twice by increasing sales by 540% in 2 years.
  • “Hunted” within 15 major accounts in Northwestern Region using a relationship-based solution selling strategy and cold-calling on senior executive and director-level contacts.
May 2003Dec 2007

Sales Executive

LMS North America

    • As Sales Executive, Northwestern US, increased sales by 600% in three years and was meritoriously promoted to Major Account Manager in 2005.
    • Dramatically increased profitability by revising Product Pricing Strategies for the nuclear industry.
    • Achieved the prestigious “President’s Club” Award twice by increasing sales by 540% in 2 years.
    • Led 15 major accounts in Northwestern Region using a relationship-based solution selling strategy and cold-calling on senior executive and director-level contacts.
Jan 2001May 2003

Account Manager - Southwestern US

MSC Software
  • Increased customer count (by 4), and revenue to 105% of quota. Solidified vertical market segments in Aerospace, Defense, and Biomechanics through cold calling of executive and managerial-level contacts.
  • Collaborated with 16 high-profile accounts in the aerospace and defense industries using solution selling and a relationship selling approach for complex consulting services and engineering software.
  • Conducted six prospecting/marketing seminars in the LA basin targeting the aerospace and defense industries resulting in several lasting director-level strategic alliances.
Jun 2000Oct 2000

Senior Account Manager

Productivity Point International

·Identified nearly $7M dollars in opportunities (Fluor and Camp Pendleton) in first six weeks of prospecting through cold calling of CXX and VP level contacts.

·Relationship-based solution selling strategy used in developing trust and credibility with new customers.

·Implemented strategic and tactical strategies for the entire West Coast operation resulting in unprecedented sales growth.

Feb 1998May 2000

Manager North American Sales

Russell Information Sciences
  • Obtained agreement and payment from Chrysler Corporation to start multi-phase and multi-year project.
  • Met with Assistant CIO of the US Navy and her staff in Washington DC to discuss the financial/time savings benefits and technical ramifications of their multi-phase project.Coordinated technical resources for project
  • Managed a remote sales representative (in the NE) and one inside junior sales representative.Streamlined operations to improve responsiveness and profitability.
  • Coordinated technical staff’s availability for review of possible new projects and resolution of customer issues.

Executive Account Manager:  1998

  • Revised company’s lead generation program to include identifying organization/companies and finding C Level contacts.Created a needs and requirements analysis; and devised custom solutions for each customer.Was asked by CEO to apply new approach to US Department of Defense and related military organizations.
Mar 1991Jul 1997

District Sales Manager

Mazda Motors of North America
  • I was the District Sales Manager in North Carolina for Mazda Motors of North America. I was in charge of 16 dealers in the North Carolina and Southern Virginia area. Responsible for annual revenue of $40M+
  • Prior to this I was a Warranty Compliance Analyst responsible for determining which dealership would receive a Warranty Audit. I created the Access Database that was used to determine which dealerships were “out of line”.
  • Prior to this position I came up through the Warranty Department. I started as a Warranty Processing Clerk and progressed to the Warranty Processing Supervisor.


Areas of Expertise
Vertical Markets:          Aerospace and Defense, Nuclear Energy, Biomechanics, Engineering Services, Heavy Trucking, Automotive OEM, Scheduling Software, Training Solutions   High Tech Products:    Engineering Software, Consulting Services, Data Acquisition Hardware, Virtual Prototyping Software, Biomechanics Software and Consulting Services   Skill Sets:  Strategic Negotiations, Relationship Building, Cold Calling, Presentation Delivery, Time Management, CRM updating, Sales Team Mentoring, etc...


Solution Selling

Mechanical Dynamics - Troy, MI - 2002

LMS International  - Leuven, Belgium - 2004