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Versatile, hands-on manager with demonstrated track record of successes in multiple, diverse environments: finance, operations and sales/marketing.  Driven by process improvement.  Proven leader, thriving on challenge, building organizations and leading turnarounds.  Skilled in developing and implementing organizational strategic plans, employee development, building partnerships with customers and suppliers.  Managing growth for optimal profitability and long-term success.

My areas of practice include: Financial Management                                                                  Turnaround Management • Financial Analysis & Benchmarking                                          • Small & Large Organization Experience • Business Unit Analysis                                                                • Manufacturing, Distributors & Contractors • Collections & Cash Flow Management                                    • Start-ups & Turnarounds • Risk Management                                                                        • Financing Placement & Refinancing Process Improvement                                                                  Site Selection • Operational Flow                                                                          • Business Expansion Analysis • Growth Control & Management                                                  • New Location Analysis • Financial & Management Orientation                                        • Planning & Zoning Representation                                                                                                            • Community & Incentive Analysis Strategic Planning • Business & Strategic Plans                                                        Meeting Management & Facilitation • Budget Formulation & Management                                          • Meeting Efficiency Management • Business Unit Buy-in & Coaching                                              • Organizational Goal Achievement                                                                                                             • Meeting Training & Facilitation New Business Start-Up                                                                • Benchmarking & Process Strategy • Business & Strategic Plans 

• Start-Up Classes                                                                            Business Coaching

• Start-Up Advisory Services                                                           • Business Coaching Services

                                                                                                              • Business By-The-Hour

Work experience

Mar 1984Present

Managing Member

Plainsman Enterprises LLC

Plainsman Enterprises LLC is a financial and operational management consulting firm helping experienced and start-up companies thrive in today's competitive business environment.  We have recently:

  • Led private clients in financial management consulting with start-up and existing companies,
  • Guided new businesses with  start-up advisory services,
  • Led large and small companies through a turnaround management,
  • Facilitated business plan development and budget formulation that held up in ‘real life’ application,
  • Placed financing and take-out/refinancing while managing lender relations,
  • Assisted high net worth clients with real estate development and estate planning consulting services.
Jul 2002Jun 2008


General Insulation Company
  • Drove turnaround of then-$76MM building products distributor into nation’s largest privately-held distributor of industrial and commercial insulation, firestopping and accessory products.
  • Significantly decreased interest cost and kept company in business by reducing DSO from 125 to 78 over a three-year period, with continued incremental improvements following on $25MM in accounts receivable by hiring a credit manager, developing credit standards and utilizing mechanics liens.  Annual sales growth exceeded 10% in each of the three years.  Theoretical interest savings would exceed $6MM annually.
  • Reduced vehicle operating costs by over $100,000 annually by developing a fleet management system to monitor and improve efficiency of 160-vehicle fleet.  System included trip routing and vehicle efficiency, new vehicle specs, accident investigation and driver qualification file management exceeding USDOT requirements.
  • Reduced workers’ compensation insurance costs $150,000 annually by decreasing the experience modifier from 1.18 to 0.84, a 29% decrease, over a three-year period by implementing pre-employment and random substance abuse testing, safety meetings and a return-to-work program for injured workers.
  • Decreased cost of property and general liability insurance by creating a risk management program to mitigate exposure to vendor product and employee driving liability. 
  • Developed financial reporting system, where none existed before, for 33 branch locations and regional groups including trend and comparison analysis to performance metrics.
Nov 1988Sep 2001

General Manager

Knauf Polystytene
  • Converted business from ‘Job Shop’ to industrial operation, achieved 13% net sales increase through multi-pronged approach: reduced product lines from 20 to six; produced standard product to inventory.
  • Increased production efficiency by 36% and decreased product costs 31% while reducing headcount 50% through major process improvements.
  • Negotiated preferred raw material purchasing status with major US polystyrene manufacturers by leveraging international purchases; reduced costs by 36%.
  • Reduced freight costs 41% by outsourcing freight business that had been internal since business inception.  Streamlined internal operations by eliminating an average of two hours daily from team leaders’ responsibilities.
Mar 1992Sep 1999

Credit Manager

Knauf Insulation
  • Led credit & collections staff that managed $50MM in accounts receivable, reducing bad debt from 0.42% of net sales to 0.12%, saving approximately $1.5MM annually.
  • Protected company financial assets by providing consulting services for financially troubled customers; educated sales force in financial and risk assessment; managed bankruptcy and liquidation activities to minimize losses.
  • Team, Facilitation, Communication and Quality Tools training from National Quality Organizations.
  • Taught team-building and training and assisted in creation of production quality team program.
  • At President’s direction, conducted comprehensive analysis of logistics, production scheduling & customer service functions.  Reorganization projected to save company approximately $1MM in excess freight costs and provide consistent operation throughout seven departments located in California, Indiana and Alabama.

Sr. VP - Operations (Consultant)

AMR, Inc.
  • Premier project placed Honda electronic parts and R&D facility in Eastern NC.
  • Managed site selection activities for expanding and relocating industrial concerns located in the Midwest.
  • Guided site acquisition, environmental studies and community positioning analyses.
  • Unique approach insured company and community fit that allowed for mutual long-term growth.
Nov 1988Mar 1992

Plant Controller

Knauf Insulation
  • Implemented production efficiency and budget performance reporting system adopted as the standard for all plants company-wide.
  • Developed quality tools training for production management and line leaders, kick starting TQM effort and initiation of statistical process control at Lanett, Alabama facility that was adopted company-wide.
  • Reported construction progress to International bank and local Industrial Development Board on construction of state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Chambers County, Alabama.
  • Managed precious metals (primarily platinum) inventory of bulk material and production parts reporting purchases, usage and production losses to U.S. Government.
Oct 1983Sep 1988

Vice President, Secondary Markets

Charter Federal Savings & Loan Association
  • Developed mortgage origination operation that generated $4.5MM of mortgage volume per month; performed originations, closings and appraisals; generated fee income of approximately $100,000/Month.
  • Directed loan servicing activities that managed $85,000,000 first mortgage bond pool, generating over $300,000 in fee income per month.
  • Developed reporting system to meet requirements of Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation and Federal National Mortgage Association for mortgages serviced and properties with foreclosure/bankruptcy issues.
  • Researched and reported REO (real estate owned) collateral recommendations to U.S. Government for FHLMC & FNMA.

Articles & White Papers

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