Thrid Party Assurance Analyst, Officer

RBS Citizens

As a Third Party Assurance Analyst, my responsibilities have been to assist with new Third Party Relationships by reviewing Vendor Classifications Profiles (VCP’s) from RBS Business Lines. The understanding of information and security protection along with the ability to efficiently analyze data enables me to validate and provide risk ratings for our vendors. This helps to determine if their level of access to RBS data is such that it places RBS at any risk.

·Responsible for reporting and tracking the progress of all reviews conducted on our vendors along with all known issues associated with each vendor.

·Develop and manage vendor relationships for multiple business lines company-wide.

·Provide guidance, training and support around TPA review process to various risk partners.

·Ensure controls are in place to mitigate Information Security and Business Continuity risk.

·Validate that vendor management plans are aligned with corporate policies & bank regulations.

·Adept at communicating effectively with executives, management, and staff while developing positive working relationships, resulting in high service quality and satisfaction.

·Recognized as a creative and enthusiastic coach, always with a great sense of humor, high stress threshold, and a critical thinker and problem solver.

·Experienced in relationship building and successful in resolving complex issues and concerns.