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Chris James Fox

Director of Marketing @ uDirect IRA Services, LLC

A Brief Biography

My name is Christopher Fox, many just call me Chris. I am a graduate at Washington State University with a degree in Marketing. My long term goal is to receive my MBA in Marketing and work for a major firm. Currently I moved back home to Southern California where I left my part-time job as a Senior Community Administrator for a large apartment complex while attending school full time.

For those who do not know me, I was that kid would who would take apart all my moms home appliances, toasters, phones, or anything that was held together by screws. My goal was, once taken apart I could figure out how it worked but never be able to successfully put it back together. Leaving my mother with mangled electronics and a massive headache. My curiosity and intuitiveness has shaped my journey through life, but to help provide a better understanding of who I am, we must take a walk down memory lane. During my middle school graduation our School's president personally provided a heartfelt story about how on my first day of middle school I approached him and asked, "Do you know who I am?" and naturally his response was "no". Upon answering the question, I then 'apparently' pulled out a squirt gun and shot him in the face responding the name "Chris". From that day on I developed a name for myself as the infamous Christopher Fox.

My story doesn't stop there however, in High School I was athletic playing football and lacrosse for Santa Margarita. I was luckily to be on varsity lacrosse all four years of my duration at school. If you do not know already but the common quote that "life works in mysterious and strange ways" well I was suddenly crippled by a life threatening disease of Crohn’s and Colitis which I was diagnosed with my senior year of high school and flipped my world upside down. I had a total colectomy, which in laymen terms means the removal of the whole large intestine.

This process took a total of three surgeries however during the first procedure the anesthesiologist discovered that I also have another life threatening condition called Malignant Hypothermia which in a nut shell means I’m deathly allergic to anesthesia. By the grace of God, I was given a second chance at life, I was successfully resuscitated with a new ambition to discover my purpose. Consequently, ever since I have been traveling all over the world in hopes of touching lives of the people I meet. In the back of my mind there isn’t a day where I don’t think to myself that I could have potentially missed out and this second chance I was given was for a purpose.

Work experience

uDirect IRA Services, LLC

January 2016Present

Marketing Director

As Director of Marketing, Chris Fox leads digital consumer experiences and marketing for uDirect IRA Services, LLC. In this role, Mr. Fox focuses on continuing uDirects’ digital evolution through the development, implementation and scaling of world-class digital services and marketing content strategies. He also helps oversees the business intelligence group and leads comprehensive marketing programs to acquire, retain and engage audiences across platforms for the benefit of member stations.

Aloe Gloe


Field Marketing Representative

 Through this position, my responsibilities have included:

Creatively designed national level marketing promotions (through social media, sales positioning) for seasonal marketing campaigns, as well as designing and implementing regional marketing campaigns. Worked with the Southern California marketing team, leading team activities. I Help connect large scale brand partnerships for sales and marketing. Scheduled and executed field marketing events for the Southern California Marketing.

Sports 1 Marketing


Associate Intern

The goal of the program is simple: tap into the undiscovered potential within all of us. Individual mentors, as well as David Meltzer himself, will be on hand to diligently coach and guide you through this program centered around our four core principles.

1. Gratitude – Learn to be thankful for any and all opportunities that come your way
2. Empathy – Or forgiveness—above all you must forgive yourself, for you cannot give to others what you do not have.
3. Accountability – You will be given deadlines for various projects and it is your responsibility to meet them. As well as take responsibilities for any mistakes that may be made in the process. Mistakes are made every single day and are a great tool for learning.
4. Effective Communication – Your ability to communicate with others around the office to accomplish tasks will be vital.

The Grove


Leasing Agent

Leasing Agent The main duties of Leasing Agents are to maintain and promote the Grove lifestyle. This position requires responsibility for a portion of leasing sales and objec- tives-specifically15% of the predetermined monthly property goal. Additionally they are also responsible for gathering new prospects, promoting and advertising the Grove lifestyle, and maintaining outstanding customer service. Leasing Agents are responsible for achieving excellence in sales performance including meeting the sales and leasing objectivies for the company. This requires daily personal sales calls as well as a vast knowledge of property, market, and Fair Housing Laws. Leasing Agents are expected to assist in property upkeep and beautification as well as assist in creating and promoting resident and prospect functions through use of social media platforms, flyering, and word-of-mouth advertising.

Shift Manager

Shift Manager Ensured service excellence for each and every guest by providing friendly and courteous assistance while answering questions and directing guests within the restaurant. Additional responsibilities include managing worker productivity, cash handling, bartending, assisted cooks with food preparation, and management of restaraunt in manager's absence. Mission Viejo High School Lacrosse Team

Special Teams Coordinator

Coordinator Tasked with training six student athletes to hone and develop athletic skill set abilities. Oversaw and facilitated practice workouts and drills for athletes.


Business Administration

I received my Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing.

Abroad Experiences

June 2016 - July 2016

Abroad Experiences

June 2015 - July 2015

Studying abroad in Spain

January 2013 - June 2013

Abroad Experiences

July 2008 - August 2008

My Professional Portfolio