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I am looking to gain a new job opportunity that will asure my families prosperity. I am willing to work as hards as it takes to achieve my goals.


I am a resourceful cable lineman looking to find valued work opportnuities. I am a truly ethical hard working man that is capable of preforming in high pressure strenuous work. I take a great deal of pride and satisfaction in my efforts and completions. I am an honest man willing to go the distance in order to support and care for my family. I a good team player with on open and friendly personality.


I am a hardworking man that deeply enjoys celebrating in my success and relaxing with my wife and baby daughter. I find my peace in camping, fishing, and hiking. I love the outdoors and prefer to spend my free time ouside as much as possible. I love to travel as well. I have experienced a small portion of the globe in my travels of the United States, Canada, and Europe. I look forward to having the chance to see much more.

Work experience

Cable Lineman/Groundman

Propline Cable TV

I am a cable television lineman. My job consists of running aerial and underground fiber optic cable. I run new cable as well as doing maintenance and repair on existing lines. I work with impact drills, chain hoists, winches, and have a strong working knowledge of power tools. I work manholes, on the ground, out of a bucket truck, or I climb telephone poles. I typically work long hours and am constantly on my feet and pulling lines. As a lineman, I manage a five man crew consisting of my groundmen, driver, and flaggers. I understand what it takes to maintain teamwork and unity on a hardworking crew.



New York State Regence Diploma

Valley Central High School


I have been cooking since I was a young man. I can create tasty dishes with relatively little materials to work with. I can absolutely make a delicious meal with all the available spices, cooking tools, and various foods. I have a number of very popular and well recieves recipes. I am very confident in my abilities in the kitchen.
Making Measurements
 Beginning with my history in construction and then on to cable work, I have gained the ability to quickly and successfully gather information and process numbers necessary to create proper measurements in engineering and construction. I often have to make logical and precise predications on footage even without certain factors.
Climbing is an extremely risky and difficult physical skill. It requires strength, agility, focus, and endurance.