Christophe De Naurois

Christophe De Naurois

Work History

Work History

Contractual (non civil-servant)

French Prime Minister's Cabinet, Hôtel Matignon

After successful tests and specific training, I was able to enter the Prime Minister's office at the Hôtel Matignon for an 11 months internship, thus discovering and contributing to the back office of one of France's top administrative service.

Project Manager (2000-2004), Production manager (1999-2001)

Cell Network - International Web agency [online]

Client list extract: Universal Music, Loréal, EMI, Citroën, Société Générale, French Post, French Electricity, French Telecom, Elf Atochem, Suez, BNP-Paribas, Miller Freeman, Alstom, Pathé, Chargeurs, Richelieu Finances, La Mondiale, Consodata, Arte, RTE, Dalkia, CIDIL, CFE-CGC, Komercni Banka.

  • Conceived B2B/B2C websites, e-business platforms, event sites, Intranets, Web services and multimedia products [corporate videos, TV billboards].
  • Built from scratch and led the technical operations team [14 programmers on average]; built the SEO team [2 individuals]; defined production methodology.
  • Customer accountable for 8 major clients and account receivable on several budgets for the technical aspects.
  • Conceived and produced the agency proprietary CMS software [LAMP / AJAX methods] for Citroën, EDF, CFE [4 years].
  • Managed a multi-channel platform [SMS, fax, Interactive Voice Response, email, HTTP, post] and related business applications.
  • Managed the technology purchases [hosting, software, hardware, telecom, designers, editorial ...].
  • Reduced the production costs by gradually switching to outsourcing from 2002 [dismissing 25 individuals at total], thus surviving the .com bomb.

During the 5 years spent in Agency, I was in charge of many projects and managed multidisciplinary teams; I was also involved in customer relations [pre and post sales] and ran my own client portfolio.

May 2007 - May 2008

Senior project director, Internet & e-business projects

DxO Labs
  • Successfully restructured the web team [2 Projects Managers, 3 Programmers, 1 Conceptor-Redactor and 1 Artistic Designer] and online strategy.
  • Greatly reduced the dependence on suppliers [hosting, payment, software protection, emailing]; cost savings through drastic renegotiations.
  • Managed all B2B/B2C internet projects: Corporate & Products websites [JP/EN/ DE/ FR], e-commerce [€, £, $, ¥], Community management and SEO.
  • Conceived specific applications [customers support ticketing, web services for serial protection & updates, data-mining, emailing].
  • Improved, migrated the online platform [shop, CMS, forums, support] and increased updates process' efficiency [web contents, binaries and FTP repository].

Within this impressive start-up of scientific added value and many patents, I was able to associate my beliefs and know-how with innovative and awarded products, stemming from high level R&D, covering the digital image spectra [optics, chipsets and software].

Aug 2004 - May 2007

Managing director, co-founder

E 1337 - Interactive Marketing agency

Client list extract: Electronic Sports World Cup 2005/2006/2007, Games-Services, Focus Home Interactive, Morocco Telecom, SWA, EDP, MNEL.

  • Responsible for the business plan - from bootstrap to successful start-up capital raising (angels + VC money) - and day-to-day management.
  • Succeeded in porting an existing amateur web based community to a high traffic 2.0 platform [+100.000 members, 500.000 monthly visitors on average].
  • Conceived and managed online community spaces and web services specialized in gaming audience [casual & hardcore gamers].
  • Delivered data-mining of statistical data and online ranking to main actors of the gaming industry, viral marketing actions and online campaigns.
  • Organized online and offline events qualifying e-gamers in various countries for the Electronic Sports World Cup finals.

The creation and management of E1337 were the outcome of not only 10 years of accumulated knowledge [technical, commercial, marketing] and new knowledge [financial, legal], but also years of passion and personal investment in the emerging online gaming industry.

Oct 1997 - Apr 1999

Multimedia studio manager (1998 - 1999), Developer, Integrator (1997 - 1999)

Abrilog - IT Company [software]
  • Created a multimedia studio, manage purchases [hosting, software, hardware, editorial, e-marketing ...].
  • Conceived and programmed both static and dynamic Web sites and interactive CD-ROMs.
  • Managed teletext sites, interactive vocal servers and all printings [user manuals, packaging and press ads].

These 2 years have anchored me definitively in the computer engineering industry, at both hardware and software level, and have brought me into contact with diverse platforms and customers [G2M, EDF, CSTB, ADEME, Interactive TF1, Europe1].

Nov 1994 - Sep 1997

Layout editor (desktop publishing) (1995 - 1997), DB manager, data operator (1994 - 1997)

Cosmedia - Press publishing group [print & teletext]
  • Pre-press production, layout and graphic design for the magazines and company publications, in relation with the journalists and editors.
  • Performed data management and mining for the directories edited by the company (IBM DB2, Access).

As a member of the editorial staff working for the 8 monthly magazines, I learnt to work as a team and was confronted daily with the inherent pre-press issues: very short cycles of production and numerous constraints [technical, marketing, editorial].




Negotiation. Pre-sales. Account management. Revenue models, ROI  


Quality, security, accessibility, web standards. Functional study, usability, needs & constraints. Process and technical audit, mouse & eye tracking.  


E-business, audience conversion. Viral [video, games, social networking, P2P] Online campaigns & events. Search Engine Optimization.  


Design [Ergonomics, Zonings And Artistic Direction]. Contents [Editorial, Arborescence, Linking and Personas]. Architecture [UML, Design patterns, MERISE and scenario design].  


Leadership, Team building, Recruitment. Audit, training, webinars. Management of production. Performance evaluation & reporting.    


My focus is on developing and managing comprehensive online strategies, including content creation, design, development/implementation, on-line partnership building and overall strategic planning for the on-line business or brand.


Holder of a sub class 457 working Visa (valid until April 2012)

Tools, OS & Env.

> Management Systems:

Documentum, EZ Publish, Typo3, Drupal, CMS-MS, Joomla/Mambo.

> Clients:

XML, XSL, XHTML, CSS, WML, JavaScript, ActionScript, Lingo, VBA.

> Application layers:

PHP, ASPx, ASP, VBScript, ColdFusion, Perl, Shell script.


MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreeSQL, IBM DB2, Sybase, MS Access.

> Environments:

HTTP servers [Apache, IIS, NS Server, Enhydra, Tomcat, Websphere, Weblogic ...].

> Project tools:

MS Project, office suites [Microsoft, Lotus, OpenOffice, Sun], CVS & Subversion, PowerDesigner [SQL], Altova [XML].

> OS:

Windows, Linux, MacOS

> Payment gateways:

Bibit, Datatrans, Worldpay, PayPal, Cyberbit, VeriSign and various EU/US proprietary banking platforms.


  • Photoshop [trained: expert level], Illustrator [trained: expert level].
  • InDesign, Xpress [trained],
  • Director MX 2004, Flash CS3 Professional,
  • Premiere, After Effects, Combustion,
  • SoundForge, Sonar 7, Cubase, Audacity.


  • Dynamic, self-motivated individual.
  • Senior-level team leader with strong management / technical / design / e-marketing skills.
  • Successful international projects background with Corporate, Agencies and Start-up companies.
  • Passionate about jump-starting innovative new business opportunities; strong cross-functional expertise.
  • True Internet enthusiast, involved since early 1993, focusing on content, connectivity, creativity, collaboration and communication.


Fluent in English and French [spoken, read and written].


  • President of the CSFRANCE organization (registered) for the promotion and development of Electronic Sport in France.
  • Webmaster and community manager, since 2000, for free online e-sport league and community.




Simon Dawlat

Christophe is a very efficient an result driven person, that is both technical and business oriented, which is a very rare competence.

He is a great Project Manager with a large skill set

Jerome Coquard

Christophe was the person who recruit me for this position, which I held for 4 years, so he played a important part in my own carrier.

For this, I will be eternally thankful!

Working with Christophe was a great experience, professionally educative for me and entertaining at the same time.

His sens of humor, diplomatic vision, always staying calm make him a great project manager, very appreciated among clients.

Deborah Gallin

Chri's 'can-do, will-do' approach to his work is always accompanied by a smile.

He's even-keeled and a pleasure to work with, a dedicated professional and committed to getting the job done on time.

He understands what motivates each individual on his team and works to bring out the best in them for the best result for the project.