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Unique Value Proposition

A Global IT Perspective

Living, working and constantly learning across the world has given me an intimate perspective and understanding of the issues (and positives) of multi-cultural, globally distributed enterprises that few get the chance to experience first-hand and that even fewer understand sufficiently in order to subtly rationalize redundancy and inefficiency, maximize collaborative opportunities, retain core teams, create stability and thus minimize cost.



Inventors: Christopher J.P. Dawes, Dr. Razvan Rentea

Offshore Software Development


An innovative, international technology executive, whose collaborative management style has consistently attracted, empowered, and retained highly talented design and development teams. My hands-on, mentoring, yet decisive approach has proven effective in creating the highest quality technology products and solutions that I am sure would be supportive of any enterprise's vision of market excellence.

A highly integrated, global career defined by the sum of its incremental phases:

  • Project leader, business analyst and software developer on HP's internal, worldwide order management and distribution system.
  • Principal eCommerce consultant for solutions development and ERP systems integration in the European auto, furniture and retail industries.
  • Vice President of Technology Strategy & global eCommerce, guiding offshore/onshore eCommerce product development and enterprise systems integration across the United States, Asia and Europe.
  • Chief Technology Officer leading the design, development, and manufacture of Bluetooth wellness accessories for the Asian mobile phone market.

Groundbreaking eCommerce

Rapid Product Development

Global Enterprise Infrastructure


Sport & Outdoor

Outdoor activities, especially competitive sport, have been an important part of my life from an early age. Skiing, 400m hurdling (US Masters level), and sailing are amongst those I actively pursue today.

I remain Honorary Vice-Chairman of the Hong Kong-based trail-hiking team “Journey to the East”, participating in non-stop 100km charity hikes (supporting orphanages in southern China) along the (in)famous MacLehose Trail.

I am also a US C-Licence youth soccer coach, active for the past eight years.


Music is another medium through which I continue to develop and express my creativity. X-Direktry, the band I joined as the drummer at 15, continues today, albeit on a basis defined by school holidays.

My early participation in classical music, amongst others as percussionist in the Oxford University Wind Orchestra and reserve percussionist in the National Youth Orchestra, ensured that my spectrum of musical appreciation is uncannily broad.

Today rock and jazz drumming continues to be a passion. I am the proud owner of a fantastic, custom-made set of Bison drums.


The creation of, and experimentation with food has become almost a counter the British food stereotype. To this end I spent a week studying under Michelin-starred Patrick Chabert and Michel Coatrieux (ex Le Francais, Wheeling, IL) .....and my guests continue to reap the benefits! Currently experimenting with British-Swabian fusion food.

Hands-On Technology Experience

An overview of the systems, solutions and tools, with which I have comprehensive experience:


Work experience

Oct 2009Sep 2012

Independent Consultant

Execution of the Scanweb exit strategy as an independent consultant, with view to maximizing stakeholder returns through the sale of the company's IP, including patents.

  • Rapid development of an Android-based "Proof-of-Concept" prototype with integrated social networking interface.
  • Identified targets, developed the business plan and associated  IP prospectus, then initiated and led negotiations for the sale and worldwide licensing of Scanweb's intellectual property.
Sep 2007Jul 2009

Chief Executive Officer

Scanweb Biomedical, Inc.

Privately-held developer of Bluetooth-enabled lifestyle/wellness devices for the mobile phone market.

  • Managed patent development and submissions with significant US PTO interaction resulting in autumn 2009 allowance (US patent 7,613,510). Initiated and led negotiations for the sale and worldwide licensing of the company's intellectual property.
  • Defined and secured stakeholder agreement for a business exit strategy, and managed the rationalisation and specialisation of development operations.

Chief Technology Officer

Scanweb Biomedical, Inc.

Headed the research, design, rapid prototyping and development of new, consumer-level, Bluetooth-enabled products.

  • Delivered a packaged, market-ready consumer solution three months ahead of schedule and 20% under budget.
  • Instigated and led negotiations with Hong Kong and South Korean network and mobile device partners.

CIO & Vice President, Product Development

Scanweb Biomedical, Inc.

Led the design and development of the launch product targeting US-based healthcare & wellness professionals.

  • Created product requirements as well as associated software and high-level hardware specifications using a prototype developed in collaboration with the German Fraunhofer Institute.
  • Designed a compelling, recurring revenue business model and comprehensive product life cycle used to secure $950,000 in private equity funding. Budgeted, selected and implemented the IT infrastructure to support rapid, multi-site development.
  • Researched, negotiated then hands-on managed a complex but highly-efficient, 15-person, multi-site project team comprising India-based software development and US-based industrial/electronic design and manufacturing partners.

Executive Vice President, Technology Strategy

Kanbay Incorporated

Leading global provider of offshore IT development and technology consulting services that grew from $25 million to be acquired in 2006 by Cap Gemini for $1.3 billion.

Created and led an elite technology group of 15 analysts identifying new technologies, tools and processes to secure quality, streamline delivery, increase margins, ensure competitiveness and sustain pre-IPO 40% annual growth.

  • Dramatically increased cash-flow by implementing a web-based time capture application for all 4,000 worldwide consultants reducing capture-to-invoice time from three weeks to two hours.
  • Developed, implemented and then supported quality assurance policies and processes throughout the global IT and delivery organizations (US, India, Australia and UK) resulting in ISO 9001 certification and later CMMI-level 5 compliance.

Executive Vice President & CIO

Kanbay Incorporated

Directed a 120-person worldwide team in the review and complete overhaul of organizational processes, business systems and communications infrastructure with view to supporting revenue growth towards $100 million and an IPO.

  • Initiated the review and design of a satellite/fibre-optic-based global backbone, enabling the 24/7, worldwide availability of standardised business systems and services. Secured the budget from the board, selected and managed vendors, appointed internal development and support teams, and developed SLAs supported by early ITIL standards.
  • Led the design and implementation of the newest WAN and building security mechanisms, as well as a redundant disaster recovery plan with alternate short-term offices in the UAE, in order to securely and reliably support offshore services for the company's core US-based financial institution clients.
  • Drove the eight-month, on-time/within-budget implementation of Oracle Financials 10.7 NCA, Projects, and HR supporting all worldwide offices and enabling single-point, real-time management of 3,500 offshore and on-site consultants.

Vice President, Global Electronic Commerce

Kanbay Incorporated

Established and managed a globally distributed eCommerce consulting and software development practice over a period where company revenues grew annually by 60% from an initial $25 million.

  • Increased company competitiveness by establishing a 150-strong web applications group within the Indian development centre and creating India, Hong Kong and US-based eCommerce services teams, integrating them seamlessly into the existing portfolio of offshore IT services.
  • Spearheaded eCommerce business development including the contract for Asia Pacific's first commercial, electronic document exchange service, EZ*Trade, supporting Hong Kong's 70,000 import/export companies.

General Manager, Tangram eCommerce

Tangram Unternehmensdienste GmbH

European-wide provider of consulting services and solutions for eCommerce, process re-engineering, and ERP integration (spun off as TTO GmbH in 1997).

Led the eCommerce practice with full P&L responsibility and an emphasis on rapid growth and profitability, becoming a market leader in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

  • Created a profitable, highly respected practice by streamlining the business scope and targeting the pan-European automotive, furniture and retail sectors winning Fortune Global 500 clients including Bosch, Motorola, and Unilever.
  • Proposed, won and then developed the EDIFACT/EDIFURN electronic document subsets for the German furniture federation, now in industry-wide use.

Principal Electronic Commerce Consultant

Tangram Unternehmensdienste GmbH

Provided opportunity identification and business development support to the sales group, managing all client engagements and delivering business process analysis, rationalised process design, eCommerce solutions selection and systems integration.

  • Quickly established the company as a market leader in German-speaking Europe through high-profile client engagements including Switzerland's first, commercial eCommerce/EDI clearing centre at AT&T GIS in Zurich, and an 11-location, pan-European implementation at WABCO supporting European truck manufacturers.

Project Leader

Hewlett-Packard GmbH

Led a team of four analysts, which reviewed existing global business processes and associated systems, then designed and developed the online order entry and warehouse interface modules for HP's new worldwide order management and distribution system, HPOM, designed to support the rapid growth of HP's new LaserJet product line into a multi-billion dollar business.

  • Delivered phase one of HPOM online order entry on-time, on budget and as per specification.

Software Engineer

Hewlett-Packard GmbH

Part of an initial team of three developers charged with the creation of development tools, database systems, and system acceptance testing procedures and policies for HPOM.

  • Enabled the coding phase to commence four months ahead of schedule by creating and implementing a rapid, iterative, interactive prototyping tool, and a revolutionary, real-time dynamic data server.


Hindi and Cantonese
Basic grasp of useful sentences and phrases when visiting India and Hong Kong.
Fluent, albeit rusty, French speaker. Began in school at 7 years old, supported by numerous school exchanges. Continued through to A-levels. Sporadic, but important, business use during pan-European projects at HP and Tangram. Continually topped-up each year during visits to family in Prades, near Perpignan.
Fluent speaker of the southern German, Swabian dialect. Has developed by default living and working in Boeblingen for 14 years, and being married to someone from Tuebingen for 20 years.
Fluent German speaker. Began in school at 14, continued through A-levels, then as an option course at the University of Staffordshire (formally polytechnic), finally becoming a joint-first language during 14 years in Boeblingen, Germany.