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Work experience

Dec 2010Dec 2011

Coordinator, Volunteer and Leader Services

Chicago Cares
  • Built a targeted recruitment strategy that increased volunteer activation by 12%
  • Managed a customer relationship management database of over 25,000 individuals
  • Collaborated with a team that helped recruit over 5,000 volunteers for Chicago's largest day of service
  • Designed mass email messages that increased open rates by 25%.
  • Created, marketed and presented an interactive outreach program that inspired individuals to serve their community.
  • Created, marketed and presented an interactive outreach program that inspired individuals to serve their community
  • Led multiple corporate teams in community volunteer projects
Sep 2009Dec 2010

Leasing Consultant

Apartment People
  • Helped 200 individuals search and rent apartments
  • Viewed and Catalogued over 1200 Chicago real estate properties
  • Guided clients to discovering their specific rental needs
  • Utilized Marketing and Social Media to increase clientele by 24%
Jun 20082010

Tour Trainer

Missoula Chidren's Theatre
  • Trained new employees in best practices for Early Childhood Education
  • Taught lessons on appropriate boundaries and goals to set for young children
  • Managed employees to develop strong team building skills
  • Provided environments of support and trust during overwhelming situations
  • Created and implemented role play to increase an employees retention
Mar 2008Jun 2009

Volunteer and Intern Coordinator

Kohl Children's Museum
  • Designed and maintained a Volunteer and Intern Program, within a year, that provided over 6,000 service hours and reduced the program's budget by 25% 
  • Encouraged and motivated 65 volunteers, weekly, to enhance the organization's mission, by donating their time 
  • Increased volunteer donated hours, retention, and involvement by 75%
  • Developed and implemented over 15 valued volunteer opportunities
  • Provided work experience for at-risk individuals in an accepting work environment
Nov 2006Feb 2008

Assistant Manager of Public Programs

  • Identified and restructured specific policies and procedures that increased employee efficiency and reduced overall budget 
  • Directed a team of 30 employees that decreased customer complaints by 50%
  • Entrusted to manage safety, overall experience, and service to the customers daily 
  • Created and Adjusted monthly and daily employee schedules that improved productivity
  • Increased employee morale and retention
May 2005Aug 2006

Tour Actor/ Director

  • Instructed and counseled over 2,750 children to expand their life skills through creativity
  • Managed and taught an average of 60 young adults, every week, to perform a full length musical
  • Provided outlets for children and young adults to succeed despite difficult circumstances
  • Maintained cooperative interactions among children from diverse backgrounds  
  • Developed strong operational, accounting, customer service, and problem solving skills


Customer Service
  15 years of experience in customer service interactions Worked within company policies to evaluate and correct customer issues Effectively communicated solutions to employees and customers during stressful situations
  Customer Relationship Management (Salesforce, FileMaker, IContact, Constant Contact, Kintera) Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher) Apple IWorks (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) Social Media sites (Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, LinkedIn, Craigslist) Volunteer Websites( Volunteer Match, Idealist, Volgistics)
  Built trust with clients that helped exceed sales goals Created an organizational system to maintain focus during a sales cycle Asked appropriate questions that led to closures of sales Developed a professional brand that generated sales leads
Recruitment/ Human Resource
  Reached out to the surrounding community to recruit over 1000 volunteers  Built strong relationships with Chicago area schools, churches, large corporations, and non-profit organizations  Developed an interview strategy that produced highly qualified individuals Matched individual jobs with appropriate individual skills
13 years of experience in public speaking Six years of experience in business writing and e-mail correspondence Active listener that produces results in problem solving and team building Continues expansion of Spanish Vocabulary 
Instructing and Mentoring
  Created, marketed and presented professional development classes in enhancing job skills, leadership, public speaking, educational policies, interdepartmental communication, and customer service Instructed and mentored over 200 employees, volunteers, and educators on best practices of Early Childhood Education Managed an employment and volunteer training program with limited resources Presented over 50 Volunteer and Intern Orientations
  Balanced work responsibility and personal integrity in diverse settings Demonstrated humility and fairness that built relationships of trust Developed and Maintained organized, fair, open, and creative work environments Delegated tasks to employees and volunteers that increased overall productivity Efficient decision making in high-stress, high-demand situations


Oct 2008Present

Skill Path Seminars

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Auburn University

Job skills developed: public speaking, organization, strong work ethic, networking, and team building