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Chris believer in the power of technology to communicate ideas and advance human endeavors, Currently looking to further my career in a challenging and exciting role. I am an enthusiastic individual with an excellent eye for details. I am driven by a passion to learn and to broaden my understanding of the world. I enjoy problem solving and always welcome challenging enviroments that give me the opportunity to achieve my full potential and to develop new skills.

Automation/RPA Practicer and Passionate to automate, innovate and implement ideas to improve productivity, best practices and processes.  

Specialties: RPA, RDA, Data Integration & Migration, Captiva, Document Imaging, Content Management (Sharepoint, Documentum), Visual Basic, .NET, VBA Excel/Macro, HTML, JQuery, JavaScript.  Think out of the box with Creativity to Bring End to End Solutions and Make it Go-Live into Production environment.

Work History


Abeam consulting
Nov 2018now


  • work as RPA Consultant to automate & deliver Automation Projects with High Quality implementations.
  • Subject Matters Expert on Automation/RPA/RDA (Assist and give Tips, Advises & Best Practices on Automation, Assist on Trouble-shooting for development/implementation of RPA)
  • Work as RPA COE on Logistics Company

RPA Consultant

APAR Pte Ltd - IBM singapore
2018Oct 2018


  • work as RPA Consultant to automate & deliver Automation Projects with High Quality implementations.
  • Subject Matters Expert on Automation/RPA/RDA (Assist and give Tips, Advises & Best Practices on Automation, Assist on Trouble-shooting for development/implementation of RPA)
  • As Technical Support: Support for any issues on RPA solutions reported by User or any IT team member

  • Automation / Robot Process Automation Projects:
    • Deployed @One of Japan [email protected]
    • [Telco Billing Automation] Robot Automation to generate the Telco Bills Summary Report.
      • [Excel - Robot #1] The input are Different Telco Bills (Singtel Mobile + Fixed Lines, Starhub Mobile). One Robot will handle all these templates. Users will maintain Contacts Master Files (Mobile and Fixed Lines contacts), Email Distribution master file.
      • [RPA, RDA, VBA] Automation Flow will do GST adjustment (caused by rounding decimal from 4 to 2 decimals), Excel Formula to get Different Amount caused by Decimal Rounding and put it on one of the Department. These are templates consumed by the Robot: Email template, VBA Macro Generator.
      • [Excel] The Output #1 are Pivot Summary and Details Report, Users are able to overwrite the Different Amount
      • [Excel] The Output #1 will review and verified by Users and the Finalized version will become outputs for other Robots
      • [RPA, RDA, VBA - Robot #2] The Finalized Output #1 will be used for Email Sending based on the Departments Cost Center. RDA will call VBA Macro and generate the Report Template per Department and split it into multiple files. RPA finally will distribute and send email with Status Report.
      • [RPA, RDA, VBA - Robot #3]The Finalized Output #1 will be used for Integration with Expense Ledger System. RPA+RDA will call VBA Macro to generate CSV Format. RDA finally will upload the CSV to Expense Ledger System. RPA+RDA will capture the result of upload and save its prompt message (either success, duplicate or missing CSV file)
      • Exceptions handling are Skip the process for Opened Files, Input Files that not follow the Format.
    • [HR Expense- Initial Development]Robot Automation to generate HR Expenses report.
      • Extract multiple source input reports and transform it into Data that required by Planning Department.
      • Generate Report per Department and distribute by email
    • [Re-usable objectCommon functions or  re-use-able Automation component:
      • Kapow Snippet or re-use able components:
        •  [RPA, RDA, VBA] Excel Splitter and Email distribution snippet. This utility will split Excel worksheets based on 2 level grouping (for example Division group contain one or more group of Departments). Then it will send it to respective recipients from Master Distribution File.
        • [RPA] Calling Webservice snippet. It will calling Kapow webservice and handle the return value.
        • [RPA, Javascript] File Handler snippet. Small utility to get file and folder information from file-path/UNC path.
      • External VBA Macro as small utilities and increase the efficiency (it will reduce the manual process operation from days/hours to become minutes/seconds. It depends on the difficulty & complexity of the business processes).

Key Technologies: Excel Formula, Form & VBA; Robot Process Automation (RPA) + Robot Device Automation (RDA) with Kofax Kapow; Javascript; Reguler Expression (Extraction + Validation); MS SQL Server.

Senior IT Executive

Great America Insurance Company


  • To maintain and enhance of The Core Insurance system either engage the Vendor or built internal Tools.
  • Installation, Research & Development of Robot Process Automation/ Kofax Kapow
  • As Technical Support: Liaise with US Head Office to request any need for the Singapore office (either Firewalls, Security, AD User Service Account, DB Access, etc), Trouble shooting an issue reported by Users


The Other Solutions:

  • Excel Pricer for Motor Policy Quotation.
  • Rule Engine Logic for Marine Cargo Policy,Work Compensation and Foreign Worker
  • Python + Selenium Automation either for Testing or Data Generation
  • MS Word Mail Merge enhancements liked externalize repeat information (signature, header / sub-header, or any repeatable data). This will make easier on maintenance and updating.
  • The Users and Group Report that generated based from User Authority of Core Insurance system. This is using Oracle View with complex query. Other SQL query for Report or Automation.

Task Details:

Providing IT Solution & supporting GA Asia Regional Office.

General Task:

  • Support Core Insurance FirstGen:
    • Insurance Modules (Underwriting, Claim, Account, Configure the Insurance Product Plans)
    • Rule Engine (Business Logic& Calculation of Premium):
      • Foreign worker Premium calculation based on multiple levels of Workers
      • Marine Cargo Premium calculation (Min Premium, Vessel Surcharge, Tran-shipment)
    • [Mail Merge] Document Template Generation for Policy Schedule, Invoices, Other Documents.
    • [Oracle] Database Management & Optimization
    • Requirements Gathering for HK Core Insurance System on User Access


  • Automation / Robot Process Automation:
    • [Excel Form + VBA] Motor Quotation Pricer with Excel VBA(Car Make & Model, Multiple Drivers factor , NCD, PDF Generator). This Pricer is utilized the excel Formula, Multiple Table Reference/Points, VBA validation and Function to do Premium Calculation
    • [RPA] Robot Process Automation (RPA)using Kofax Kapow for Payment Voucher Generation, Receipt Generation including the Daily Scheduler. This Automation on Core Insurance System (FirstGen). These are the details:
      • The Source is Master Excel file. It contain the Transactions References (Debit/Credit) either Internal or External Excel, Indicator Column to trigger Kapow/Automation flow.
      • Kofax Kapow will ingest the shared Excel, validate with Business Logic and Integrate it with Core Insurance System either from Front End (Web), HTTP Request (Post) or Backend sql injection.
      • The Output are: Updating back the generate Receipts No into the Master Excel, Generated Receipt in Core Insurance system with the Db/Cr References (Premiums, Claims or Commissions)
    • [RPA] Robot Process Automation (RPA)using Kofax Kapow for Monthly Currency Rates including the Monthly Scheduler. This Automation on Core Insurance System (FirstGen). These are the details:
      • There is an excel that contain the list of the currency and it will use to check the rate in oanda website (OANDA.COM).
      • Consolidate and create reports for the Web Crawling results from OANDA website. The outputs are the Currency table rates, Screen capture of each currency (,in these format: Excel and HTML)
      • Integration with Core Insurance System to update the Currency rates
    • [Python + Selenium] Automation Script:
      • Injection Scriptsto create Car Make
      • Scheduler to test the availability of the Intranet Websites


Data Integration with external:

    • [Oracle + Batch Script + Task Schedule + UC4] Motor Policy & Claims uploading to Merimen(Singapore Motor Accidents Report)
    • [Oracle + Batch Script + Task Schedule] GIA Travel Claims Database Submission


Key Technologies: FirstGen, Cognos, Python + Selenium, Oracle, Mail Merge, Excel Form & VBA, Data Modeling, Robot Process Automation (RPA) Kofax Kapow; Reguler Expression (Extraction + Validation).

Senior Application Analyst

SCIENTE Consulting PTE LTD (@Aviva-Asia)


  • To develop and maintain of The Claim Digitization project using Kofax Total Agility (KTA) & KTM.
  • Research & Development of Robot Process Automation/ Kofax Kapow
  • As Technical Support: User Training, Trouble shooting an issue


The Other Solutions:

  • Excel Splitter - a Small utility for User using Excel VBA Macro. This Utility will select any excel and split it into multiple excel based on Unique value of an Excel Column (Account Code, Policy No or any column in the Excel). This used to distribute tasks to multiple people.


Task Details:

Outsources to Aviva and involves on Claim Digitization project & supporting MS Dynamics CRM 2011.

General Task:

  • Claim Digitization project:
    • Kofax SPA Training + Certifications (KTM & KTA)
    • Support for Claims Digitization, give feedback to improve the Flows


  • Robot Process Automation
    • [RPA] Web Data Extraction using Kapow(the results will be used for Claim Digitization Project):
      • Singapore Medical Directory (Healthcare Establishment & Professionals/Doctors)
      • District of Singapore Postal Code
      • ICD codes from

Capture Information in Internet and transform it for Database Lookup. These are the challenges: Government website that would stop for any suspicious access, Integration to pass the Captcha.


  • Self training & Supporting MS Dynamics CRM 2011:
    • Understand CRM Dynamics 2011 Architecture (Message, FetchXml, Query, Template Import, CM400 Exporter)
    • User Supports


Key Technologies: MS Dynamics CRM 2011, Kofax TotalAgility, RPA Kofax Kapow.

Senior System Analyst

AITEK PTE LTD (@Pitney Bowes Software)

General Task:

  • Analyze the Requirement for Document Management (Repository) Migration & Define Best Approach for different Repository.
  • Create Utility, Script or Query to Extract from Multiple Repository (Documentum, Sharepoint):
    • [Documentum Exporter] Java Project to extract custom objects with the metadata (in MS Excel) and the content file. Bundling the Java Project into Jar with features like Text & XML configuration, Batch file for Automation.
    • [Excel] Extract User Permission from Documentum Repository using Excel VBA project & DFC
    • [Sharepoint] PowerShell Script to extract the Documents with the versions

The above utilities will make easier to extract from the Migration Sources.

Key Technologies: Eclipse, Java Project, Documentum, Sharepoint, MS Excel+VBA.

Technical Analyst

Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific

Key Technologies: Visual Studio 2010, Net Framework 4.0, C#, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, SQLAdapter, LINQ, WCF, WebService, Custom Certificate, HTML, Jquery, Javascript, SMTP, Windows Application, Windows Mobile 6.5, MS SQL Server 2012, Store Procedure, IIS 7, Windows Server 2008.


General Task:

  • Support, Develop & Customize Pointer (ASP.NET website) -the Mail Room Tracking System-. These include Change Request & Bugs Fixing.
  • Support, Develop & Customize Pointer Mobile–App for Mail Delivery Mobile System- based on Windows Mobile 6.5
  • Attend 1 week Abbyy Flexi Capture training
  • [Other tasks] Create .NET Utilities like:
    • Configurable SMTP Email Senderapp to send email through secure FujiXerox Network.

Create Automation for Monthly Employee Up-loader from Excel into Pointer system using C# Windows Application.

System analyst

helius technologies pte ltd (@Tanker pacific)


  • To design and manage the development of Enterprise Capture Management using EMC/OpenText Captiva.
  • To design and manage the development of Enterprise Document Management using EMC Documentum
  • As System Analyst: Analyze, Design, Documentation Imaging Solution for the Customer
  • As System Engineer: Building an Paperless Environment, Document Management & Workflow
  • As System Admin: Maintain the Availability of the Imaging System, Update the Software to latest Service Pack
  • As Technical Support: User Training, Trouble shooting an issue


The Other Solutions:

  • Email Converter to PDF. Create custom C# applications for generate readable format by Capture System / Captiva from any attachments on email (Attachment Documents to PDF format converter, Join all PDF Attachments & Convert to common imaging format "TIFF")

Technical Solution Supervisor

pt mastersystem infotama


  • To design and manage the development of Enterprise Capture Management using EMC/OpenText Captiva. Part of Professional Service Team, especially on the Capturing Solution that gave me an exposure to Oversea Projects. (Bank Mandiri, Genting Berhad - Malaysia, RHB Bank - Bangi, PPATK, Lyman Group, CNOOC, iFast, Direktorat Pajak)
  • To design and manage the development of Enterprise Document Management using EMC Documentum. (BCA, CNOOC)
  • Improving the existing system and do the integration of the Solution.


The Other Solutions:

  • Documentum Migration using app built by in-house team
  • VBA Excel for Coverpage Generator to identify the document with metadata that linked to ECM/Documentum (Excel Form, Macro, VBA, Formula)
  • Oracle Table Trigger to generate unique Number for Bank Account Opening

Solution Specialist

PT Citrathirza astarijaya


  • To design and manage the development of Intranet Portal using Microsoft Sharepoint Portal 2003.
  • To design and manage the development of Domain and Email with Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange Mail Server.
  • To design and manage the development of Office Automation Workflow with Ultimus BPM suite.



  • Listening to Music.
  • Reading Book for improve my Knowledge.
  • Surfing on internet to grasp new things..
  • Investments, Financial Planner, Retirement
  • Jogging


  • Honest
  • Technology savvy
  • Practical
  • A ‘Can Do’Attitude
  • Practice make permanent
  • Deliver Solution as Promisedand bring it to Live/Production
  • Problem-solving and creative thinking
  • Conceptual thinking ability. Can translate customer requirements into technical solutions
  • A highly determined person with strong sense of responsibility
  • A continuous learner and possess a strong will to learn+ improve
  • Flexibility & Adaptability
Technical Skills
  • Robot Process Automation: Kofax Kapow
  • Web Scraping/Web Data Extraction: Kapow, Python
  • Enterprise Capture Management: EMC Captiva (InputAccel & Dispatcher), Abbyy, Kofax TotalAgility
  • Enterprise Content Management: Documentum, Sharepoint
  • Workflow: Ultimus BPM Suite, Kapow Automation flow
  • General/Multi-Purpose Programming Languages: VBS, VBA, C#, Java (Basic), JavaScript, JQuery, Batch File, Powershell
  • Automation Script: Excel VBA, Python, Power Shell
  • Databases: MS SQL Server 2012/2008/2005/2000, Oracle
  • Systems: Windows (98 SE, XP, 7, 10), Windows Server (2003, 2008, 2008R2).
  • Windows Administration: Domain Controller Promote, Active Directory, Exchange Mail Server, Group Policy.
  • Computer Literate (Professional knowledge of MS Office package, Internet, Email)


EMC Captiva Education Certificate InputAccel & Dispatcher

May 2007Present

Microsoft Certified Solution Developer

Jul 2006Present

Microsoft Certified Application Developer

Jul 2006Present

Microsoft Certified Professional

Apr 2006Present

Implementing & Managing MS Exchange Server 2003

Iverson, Jakarta
Jun 2005Jul 2005