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I am looking for a career that will use my experiences in management as well as my educational background .  I am looking to move to a career in either the private sector or with a government institution,  I believe that my skills, interests, and work experiences make me an excellent candidate for any employer looking to  increase their bottom line.

Work experience


Store Manager

Wolverine Worldwide/ Stride Rite

I was recruited to come back to Stride Rite because of my past success with the company.  In my first year, I increased sales by 20%.  This was accomplished by hiring and training of  the staff to sell as if they were  being paid commission.  I felt that teaching that method would increase sales, as it did.  In 2014, I was promoted to a higher sales volume store.  I have increased sales in this location by 10% each year.


Store Manager

Prime Communications (AT&T)

While at this job only a short time, I was able to turn around a store's reputation from one that did not value its customer base to one that made its customers feel wanted and cared for.  I was able to turn a team that consistently would not hit sales goals to one that made their goals and, in turn, made more money for themselves.  The major responsibility I had was to get those customers who may have stopped coming to our location come back and see what we had to offer.  This was done through a variety of channels, some of which included calling the customers, having special customer appreciation days,  and calling on local businesses to supply their employees with our products.  The results of this work led to an increase of new customer acquisitions of 25% and an increase of 20% for new small businesses. 


Store Manager

Book Warehouse

This was a great job that involved using my creativity and organization to have a successful store environment. To begin with, I set up the opening of the store from the ground floor.  I was involved in lease negotiations, hiring of contractors, set-up and design of the store, and initial hiring of employees.  With this experience, I was able to implement a program that enabled the opening of a store from empty storefront to the first sale in a 48 hour time period.

Once the store opened, my main responsibility was the weekly ordering of products.  All products were evaluated for their likelihood to sell, as well as their profitability.  In my first year, I achieved a 25% increase over the initial sales projections.  The following year saw a 10% gain YOY gain, despite a new location.


Sales Representative

Verizon Wireless

As a Sales Representative, my major assignment was, of course, to sell products and services to customers.  In addition to those duties, I was given the responsibility of inventory control, which involved weekly and monthly inventory counts.  I was able to implement a new system for displaying and presenting accessory items, which resulted in an increase of 33% in add-on sales for the month immediately proceeding this implementation.


Substitute Teacher

Watertown City Schools

In order to expand my career experiences, I decided to try the teaching route.  I spent  a little over a year substituting for Grades 6-12.  It was experience that enabled me to increase my ability to teach others how to do their jobs better and with more efficiency.


Department Manager

J.C. Penney

I took over a department that had just started a commission based pay system.  By using techniques I had learned over the years, I consolidated the department, sought the best sales people available, and brought the department to become a profitable one.  In February 2003, the department was rated the #1 department in the country (for percentage increase in sales).  The depkartment increased its sales from $600,000 in 2001 to $1,450,000 in 2004.  In 2003 and 2004, the store as a whole received the President's award.  This award was for stores who achieved a 20% or more gain in sales for the year.


Sales Analyst

Stride Rite Children's Group

In this position, I was responsible for producing sales reports used by a sales team of 20 people.  I was also solely responsible for allocating sample product to the sales representatives. In my time here, I instituted a program to decrease shipping costs by using appropriate shipping methods (saving almost $25,000).  I also started a program to get sample product from overseas to our sales representatives quicker and without duplication.  I used new technology to decrease the amount of paperwork sent out to the sales force. 


Store Manager

Stride Rite Children's Group

I started with this company in Dewitt, New York.  I was in charge of making the customer file as current as possible.  I was also charged with increasing sales in accessory product, which over a three year period was increased by 35%.  In 1999, I was asked to take over a store in Ann Arbor, Michigan that was struggling with making a money and was having a big problem with their shrink percentage, which was the highest in the company.  In my 1 year managing that store, I found the problem that was causing the high shrink.  The shrink percentage went from 10% when I arrived to .5% when I left.  As a result, the sales increased over $100,000 in that year.  I was also in charge of a district wide program to increase the amount of inventory of specialty items for each store (14 stores). 


Team Building/Training

I have always belived in one on one training, but also used team building excercises to make selling an enjoyable experience.o

Merchandising Strategies

I have been a proponent of making the products I sell visually appealing to the customer.

Shrink Reduction / Inventory Loss Control

In each  job I have had, I have been adamant about operational excellence.  I am known by my superiors as someone who can be counted on to be an example of how to efficiently run a store or department.

Profit & Loss Management

I have a record of fixing store or departments that have had problems with loss and turned them around to have positive results.

Retail Store Operations

I have consistently worked with corporate partners to increase the productivity of both my own store or department, as well as other stores in the districts I was a part of.

Microsoft Office

I have used all facets of Microsoft Office, using both basic and advanced features.


Charles Daley

District Manager, Wolverine Worldwide

Anna Gharghoury

District Manager, Wolverine Worldwide

Tina Corridan

“Chris is task driven and focused on making sure all company objectives have been met. Chris will take on additional projects and will do so with little to no supervision. I would highly recommend Chris for the job.” April 6, 2011


Bachelors Degree Business Administration

State University of New York at Albany



* Gold Store-  Highest increase in Sales in District, Wolverine Worldwide 2014, 2015

* Recognized as #1 Department  J.C. Penney, 2003

* Presidents’ Award (for % sales increase), J.C. Penney, 2003 and 2004

* Innovator of the Month Award  Stride Rite Children’s Group, 2001

* Top Seller of Winter Apparel, Stride Rite Children’s Group, 2000

* Dean’s List of Distinguished Students  State University of New York Center at Albany, 1994

* Who’s Who Among American High School Students, 1990 - 1991


In my spare time, I enjoy golfing and fishing.  I coach a youth soccer team.  I also enjoy reading anything about various periods in history, bust I especially am intrigued with the Civil War Era, the World War II era, and the Reagan era.  I am always interested in watching documentaries about these eras as well.  I am also interested in astronomy, especially space exploration.