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Senior Manufacturing Engineer - Assembly & Finishing

Southco Inc.

➢ Replaced aging powder coat rack burn-off oven under budget and under schedule, improving effectiveness, increasing capacity by 33%, and decreasing cycle time by 38%. ➢ Developed and implemented a “Pit Crew” set up method for powder coat operation that reduced setup time 47% and resulted in a savings of $71K/year. ➢ Justified and installed a bulk powder feeding system, reducing direct labor and improving consistency of virgin/reclaimed powder ratio. ➢ Conducted thermal profiling of infrared curing ovens to optimize powder cure quality. ➢ Created a new, overall facility layout to optimize process flow through the facility by gathering and analyzing data on processes, products and material flow. ➢ Contributed to implementation of Demand Flow Technology/Lean Manufacturing at Honeoye Falls facility; determined labor and machine capacity, floor space required, Kanban sizing, material storage needs and cell layout. ➢ Co-trained employees in Lean Manufacturing, Kaizen and 5S; participated in several events. Published monthly in-house newsletter on Kaizen and lean manufacturing.


Manufacturing Engineer II and Team Leader

Southco Inc.

➢ As Team Leader (August 1997-August 1999), supervised 5-8 members of engineering department. Set and monitored team objectives, priorities and budgets; conducted interviews and performance appraisals. ➢ Led, or contributed to, numerous cross-functional teams charged with product design improvements and cost reductions. Led team in product cost reduction resulting in immediate 30% cost reduction and 600% sales increase over six years. ➢ Developed and implemented assemble-to-order cells, reducing finished goods inventory 77%-97% and setup time by 80%. Redesigned workstations, analyzed demand and capacity, determined storage requirements and improved methods. ➢ Justified and acquired an order picker truck, reducing time to replenish component storage flow racks from 5 minutes per item to 2 minutes per item. ➢ Created a database for the analysis of historical demand and shipments. ➢ Submitted engineering changes to solve design, quality or manufacturability issues.


Manager - Quality Assurance / Quality Control

ABB Kent-Taylor Inc.

➢ Established, staffed and managed a new manufacturing QA/QC organization for Rochester site. Led and coached staff of 8 with an annual budget of $450K. ➢ Drove site effort towards ISO-9000 quality system certification. ➢ Developed closed loop corrective/preventive action system. ➢ Provided quality engineering support for vendors supplying machined components.


Manufacturing Engineer - CNC Machine Shop

ABB Kent-Taylor Inc.

➢ Reduced Total Cycle Time from order receipt to shipment utilizing Time Based Management (TBM) techniques learned from The Boston Consulting Group. ➢ Modeled machine load and capacity to forecast five year capital requirements. ➢ Justified, purchased and installed capital equipment including $250K vacuum furnace which provided $100K/year savings and $100K aqueous parts washer which reduced trichlorethylene solvent consumption by more than 20 tons/year. ➢ Created CAD layout of machine shop and analyzed material flow (Master‘s thesis).


Quality Engineer - Assembly & Test

➢ Liaised with customers to satisfactorily resolve any product quality issues. ➢ Developed and implemented custom molded EPS packaging saving $100K/year. ➢ Justified and installed PLC controlled, conveyorized packaging line saving $40K/year. ➢ Designed and implemented system to better purge moisture from compressors. ➢ Performed design work and facility layouts using CAD system.


Manufacturing Engineer - Final Assembly & Test

➢ Developed methods and purchased equipment to rivet / leak test a critical assembly. ➢ Specified, installed and relocated roller and overhead monorail conveyors. ➢ Designed and installed continuous pressure leak / burst test system to reduce rework. ➢ Drafted layout and relocated final electrical test area to enhance material flow.


Manufacturing Engineer

➢ Developed $1MM automated cell to manufacture valve plates from raw stock to finished product. Expected annual savings of $350K and faster time to market. ➢ Designed and programmed equipment for automatic load/unload of forming press using pneumatics and PLC, saving queue time and five direct labor personnel. ➢ Automated stockroom and parts delivery using horizontal storage carousels and conveyor transporter system, saving 500 square feet and two indirect personnel. ➢ Performed design and facility layouts using mainframe based IBM CADAM system.


Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Distiller, AutoCAD, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project,, Paint Shop Pro, ProcessModel, SDRC I-deas, Siemens Teamcenter and (UG) NX, Visio, .  Have used both SYMIX and SAP ERP systems.


Joe Werner

"When I began my career at Southco as a co-op student, I reported to Chris. As my supervisor, I found Chris to be honest, fair, and very approachable. After college I took a full time position at Southco and worked with Chris on many occasions. He is a very analytical problem solver, whose strong computer skills allow him to methodically gather, organize, and interpret data to aid in finding solutions to problems. As the most experienced member of our group at Southco, Chris has been a mentor and role model to me and other younger engineers over the years. He readily shares knowledge gained in his years of experience and is always willing to assist anyone seeking his help. Chris's skills, experience, and leadership ability would be a benefit to any organization."

John O'Leary

"Chris is a bright, methodical engineer with an excellent grasp of manufacturing technology. He also has an exceptional understanding of industrial engineering that was a tremendous benefit for me in better understanding manufacturing systems, cost structures and financial analysis."

Rick Langkamp

"Chris is a very detailed oriented engineer and has also worked in the role of team leader in a number of our manufacturing areas. He did report directly to me during part of his career at Southco while I was the Manufacturing Engineering Supervisor. Since that time I moved on to NPD and Chris directly reported to another Engineering Manager. Chris and I worked very closely on many New Product projects bringing the products online in manufacturing. Chris was also considered our specialist involved with the powder coating process and equipment. He also consulted on many assembly fixtures and gages and helped to design some of these fixtures, as well as the whole assembly process. Chris has very strong computer skills and is very good at analyzing computer data and reports from an engineering stand point . If anyone requires further information about Chris , please feel free to contact me. Rick Langkamp , Southco Inc. Manager of NPD"

Randall Purvis

"I am very happy to write this recommendation for Mr. Chris Bigelow. Based on our previous work relationship, I found Chris to be a first-rate senior manufacturing engineer capable of handling a multitude of engineering related functions. Chris has strong technical skills, solid experience, and an excellent education. Combining Chris' technical skills with his easy personality, enthusiasm, and his willingness to work with others makes him an exceptional candidate for any manufacturing environment. Chris is a stand-up individual. He would make an excellent addition to any engineering department and/or manufacturing organization. I'm available anytime to discuss Chris' credentials in more detail." 

Terry Graham

"Chris and I worked together at Southco Inc. for over 10 yrs. During this time, Chris and I worked on several projects together that displayed his outstanding 'attention to detail' and thoroughness. As his manager for the past 7 years, Chris provided our manufacturing engineering group with outstanding mentorship of many of our less experienced engineers. In his role as Sr. Manufacturing Engineer, Chris displayed a vast amount of knowledge of many manufacturing processes including finishing, stamping, die cast and assembly processes. My experiences with Chris allow me to strongly recommend him for any position that would utilize his experience and organizational attributes."

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  • Senior Industrial / Manufacturing Engineer with additional experience in quality engineering as well as engineering and quality supervision / management
  • Strongly impacts the bottom line by successfully identifying opportunities to reduce manufacturing cost, cycle time and defects and implementing changes to realize those savings
  • A diverse engineering and business background enables expertise in seeing the big picture while being very effective in addressing small details
  • Technical strengths include:

            Six Sigma                                  Process Flow Improvement                  Plant Layout Design

            Lean Manufacturing                Powder Coat & Plated Finishes           Fixture/Gage Design

            New Product Intro                    Capital Equipment Justification          ISO 9001/ISO 14001

            Process Documentation        Product/Process Cost Reduction        Fabrication/Assembly



National Merit Scholarship, Clarkson Trustees' Award