Christopher Bean

  • Mission Viejo US-CA

Work experience

Work experience

Sales Associate

Virtual Enterprise

During this year, I worked as a Sales associate in the Sales Department for our business Pocket Paradise.  I really enjoyed working in Sales because it mainly consisted of selling our product to  people and it  was a great experience to be able to work with people because I really enjoy  customer relations. We also had a chance to work on the Pocket Paradise catalog with the Marketing department which was a great time I have definitely decided that this is the type of work I would enjoy pursuing in the near future simply because I love working with people, whether it is with them, for them, around them, or selling something to people, I just really enjoy people, which  is why I hope to continue working in sales in the future.


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Hello and welcome to my digital portfolio.  Thank you for taking the time to visit my portfolio and have a look at my accomplishments over the past year.  In the past year, I have learned many things inside and outside of the classroom, I have learned many key skills through helping to build a business in Virtual Enterprise, along with learning about many key items that have an influential way in how the economy works.  I have also gained many important traits such as patience and the ability to work hard from my jobs over the past year.  Hopefully my portfolio helps to show my work and my efforts over the past year in a  positive light and I hope that you enjoy reading them.  I am confident that your reading of my portfolio will be enjoyable and I hope to be in contact  with you in the future.