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I'm a technology, operations and M&A consultant to technology companies and their investors. My work focuses on the impact technology and operations have on achieving business goals. I'm also open to full-time leadership roles at early stage technology companies.

My background combines Big 5 management consulting and startup co-founder experience. I bridge the gap between business drivers and technical requirements. I execute technical solutions to achieve business objectives.

I have a strong appreciation for balancing hard work and well-being. This balance enables me to bring sustainable high performance to the work I do.

Client Services - Technical project management, M&A diligence support (buy & sell sides), as well as transaction-oriented patent commercialization, valuation and diligence services.

Industry Experience - SaaS, digital media, wearables, the Internet of Things, finance, defense, alternative energy, sports, robotics and logistics, among others.

Personal and Professional Differentiators - Translating complexity into simplicity, bridging the gap between business drivers and technical details, becoming a trusted C-level advisor, living a sustainable cycle of productivity and wellness.



Founder and Principal

Net Link Services

I work with clients to provide technical project leadership, M&A diligence support (buy & sell sides), as well as patent commercialization and diligence strategy.

I work with companies in a wide range of industries. These industries include SaaS, digital media, wearables, the Internet of Things, finance, defense, alternative energy, sports, robotics, logistics among others.

Project budgets I've managed have ranged from low-six to high-eight figures. Transaction values I've supported have ranged from mid-six to nine figure deals.


VP of Operations

Brainbox Digital

The CEO and COO hired me to structure and improve operational processes within the digital division of the company. The company had their roots in movie and television production. They were transitioning to become a digital media agency.

I implemented project management best practices to improve client delivery of digital development services. I managed project budgets ranging from the low-five figures to high-seven figures.


Co-founder, COO and VP Operations

Tinsel Cinema, LLC

I was a co-founder of this video-on-demand (VOD) startup. Our service delivered Bollywood movies and television from India. I was responsible for engineering and operations of the OTT video service. My responsibilities included development, deployment, improvement and maintenance of the service.

The service grew to handle 750k users/month. I also managed all product management activities. The role required balancing user, marketing and revenue requirements. I also led new product development. We developed one of the earliest (VOD) applications for the Xbox.


Management Consultant

Deloitte and Booz Allen Hamilton

As a management consultant, I led client projects related to data center and telecommunication strategy, voice/video/data convergence, as well as IT security and operations. Clients included large federal government and commercial enterprises. Team sizes ranged from a few people to 50+ consultants and clients.

I led large, complex and high-visibility projects. My teams provided strategic analysis and tactical plans to inform executive decision-making. The decisions would have multi-million dollar P&L impact. I also drove revenue growth for the firm through business development activities.


Co-founder and Principal

Advanced Network Technical Solutions (ANTS), Inc

ANTS was profitable throughout its lifetime through organic growth. We generated almost $1 million in revenue between myself and my partner.

ANTS helped emerging and next-generation telecommunication companies translate their business objectives into technical requirements. I also managed business operations and development activities for the company.


Senior Manager

Facilicom International

I was recruited to build the company's first global data network.  I became responsible for the network's engineering and operations.  The network generated nine-figure annual revenue and was a key asset in the sale of the company.  I established myself as a trusted advisor to leadership at the VP, COO and CEO level.


Data Networking Engineer

Technica Corporation and Sprint

I started my career as a UNIX system administrator and wide-area-networking engineer.


Chris was extremely helpful throughout our due diligence process. He put in countless hours helping us to get our ducks in a row. Throughout he took a considered and careful approach that avoided problems popping up later on. I don't know how we would have gotten through it without him! - Tad Fallows, CEO at iLab Solutions, LLC

Chris is an incredibly organized and thorough Manager who can effectively implement innovative strategies to meet the needs of any project. He is detailed orientated and professional in all facets of operations and client management. As a business development professional, I have thrown everything possible his direction to satisfy my clients' needs and Chris always delivers exceptional results leaving our clients looking for more! - Scott Morton, Managing Partner, Severna Pharmaceuticals