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Over 10 years of experience designing & developing accessible, functional, visually pleasing websites. Seasoned pro with content management systems including Drupal, Wordpress, and Joomla. Able to competently shepherd client's projects through all stages of stages of development from planning, design, implementation, testing, launch, to operations. Expert with responsive mobile design.

Work experience

Mar 2015Present


Urbanize LA

In 2015 I teamed up with with real estate blogger Steven Sharp to embark on a new venture: Urbanize LA. The online magazine features real estate development, architecture, transportation, and urban planning news for the Greater Los Angeles area. Since launching in March 2015 we've grown a sizable readership (currently 225,000 monthly pageviews and 50,000 unique monthly users.) and have established a reputation for our no-nonsense writing and for our consistent ability to deliver breaking news on noteworthy projects.

Recently, we've begun expanding our offerings to video content and have expanded our area of coverage to Orange County.

Jul 2012Present

Founder / Web Designer / Web Developer

Creative Pursuits LLC

 In 2012 I began consulting for clients and founded a small digital agency: Creative Pursuits LLC.  The new venture enabled me to work on some inspiring projects with a variety of clients such as Disney Interactive, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), the New York Public Library and the Herb Alpert Foundation among many others.

Running my own projects has been a rewarding experience, and has given me the opportunity to help clients realize their vision and achieve their big-picture goals. I enjoy shepherding clients' projects through the entire development process--from sketches and concepts to fully implemented websites and applications.

Jan 2010Jul 2012

Web Designer / Web Developer

Urban Insight

I began my work at Urban Insight as a full-stack web developer, implementing websites to exact functional and visual specifications. I eventually became Urban Insight's in-house design and front-end expert. I'd often be called in during the design phase of projects to analyze the functionality and usability of existing client websites and to provide recommendations on the designs.

The accomplishment I'm most proud of during my tenure at Urban Insight was correctly predicting the importance of responsive mobile-first design several years before it became a mandatory part of web development, and helping the agency develop and implement a mobile-first strategy to apply to all projects moving forward.


Web Designer / Web Developer

National Center for Smart Growth Research & Education

At NCSG, I was tasked with building a set of web-based visualizations using research data. My work there culminated in the Maryland Smart Growth Indicators Project, a website which allowed Maryland residents to view a series of animated data visualizations, illustrating how the state was doing in terms of reaching its statewide smart growth goals.




User Experience (UX)

Experienced in analyzing and optimizing UX in existing websites . Strive to keep great user experience as the core focus when designing new websites. Well-versed in strategies for improving UX including the following:

  • User research
  • Information Architecture (IA)
  • User interface design
  • Visual design

Performance Optimization

Good working knowledge of website performance optimization tools, including:

  • PHP configuration and memory allocation
  • Caching (PHP, CMS, and Database)
  • Varnish proxy server
  • Content Delivery Networks
  • CSS/JS minification and compression


A decade of experience using MySQL, including:

  • Integration with content management platforms like Drupal and Wordpress
  • Performance optimization at the DB, table, and query level
  • Database backup strategies and tools

SEO & Social Media

Experienced in using search engine optimization strategies and social media platforms (including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest) to drive and increase website traffic.  Able to parse and analyze traffic analytics and use it to develop goals and strategies.

Version Control Systems

Excellent knowledge of version control systems including Git and Subversion. Committed to best practices when committing and deploying code.

CSS Preprocessors

Expert with LESS and SASS preprocessors.  Good working knowledge of Compass.

HTML/CSS Frameworks

Expertise with Bootstrap, Foundation, Zen, and 960 Grid.

Client-side Languages & Libraries

Good working knowledge of javascript, jQuery, and jQueryUI.

Content Management Systems

Drupal developer with over 10 years of experience. Highly experienced with custom module development and custom scratch-built themes. Good working knowledge of Wordpress and Joomla.

Server Side Languages

Expert in PHP. Proficient in Symfony PHP framework.  working knowledge of ASP and Java.