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Understanding retail and driving sales is a big key to success. Starting with the first impression. The moment a coustmer walks in the front door. Are the features full do they make sense to that time of year. There is only one first impression and it a key point in getting the coustmer to come back again. Clean fast and friendly is the most important part of training. Meet the coustmer great the coustmer make them feel like there at home.  Clean as you go. Change a feature whip it down. Find a spill don't walk away clean it up. OSA the key to having what the coustmer wants when they want it.  Section work the key part of having the product on the shelf not  in top stock or the back room. A business is a cicale if all the steps don't get complete the system will not work properly.  Teach and train everyday will help lead to seccse 

Work History


Over night support manger

Wal-Mart supercenter macedon

Started as a over night stocker then moved to over night fresh and dairy frozen. Become overnight support manger.


Over night stocker , binner

Wal-Mart supercenter Newark

Started  as overnight stocker then cross trained to unloader and binner 


Grounds keeper , NASCAR official , NHRA official

Spencer speedway (Summer)

Keep the track and grounds up to date. Inspection of cars before and after the race. 


Stocker , security

Herrmes market place

Unload the trucks as the came in , called produces counters , building displays , stopping shop lifters , ordering , trainer , cart pusher , 


Support manger

Wal-Mart supercenter victor

Started as  a unloader , over night stocker , over night binner , unloader supervisor , department manger.




Soduce Central school

Area of Expertise

Consomables. Building features and understand what items should be placed on feature and where it should go and how long it should stay.  Pushing privet labe witch has a bigger gross profit and can show a better value to the coustmer.

The key to my success

The key to my success is understanding the coustmer and what they want and need. Putting the coustmer first and giving them a reason to return. Willing to learn new things and do stuff in new ways as the business is growing and changing. Setting goals and finding the correct way to reach them. Learning new things across the whole business and not on just one department. Willing to give an extra hand to make sure the job is done correctly the first time.