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Mountain biking, snowboarding, karate and canoeing. Tennis and squash. Curling. Hiking. Working out. Wandering the city and going home to the country. Owls. Sunrises and sunsets. The beach. Birds, nature, and the outdoors. Antique shopping and flea market hunting. Photography. Doodling. Design and art.

Freelance Clients

Corporate: One Life Apparel, GME Snowboards, Westjet, Calgary Stampede, Ryerson University Adventure Society, Lego + Mastermind Toys, Cropquest, Prevail Music, Healthspan Wellness, Wolf Security, Powernoodle, Better Brokers,, Chasing Pow, Trench Marketing, Bell Machines, Lash Envy,, The Streaming Network, Body Tempo, Farmingdale Homes, Stonehome Photo

Music/bands: Calvin James, Adelaie, Neisha Dunn, Creekside Strays, You Vs. Me, Searching for Satellites, Rooka, Campstock Music Festival 2011, Chive Tonic, Steve the Animal


I'm a Graphic Designer and career artist with experience split between print shops, ad firms, marketing companies and freelancing. I've worked in the typical design office setting for years, but would love to one day work towards a full-time freelance or remote position. Away from work, I'm an avid snowboarder and mountain biker; because of this, I'm also very interested in action sports design and pursuing clients that will allow me to blend my personal and professional lives into one.


Work experience

May 2012May 2013

Graphic Designer + Concept Artist

Trench Marketing + Publiair Canada

One half of the company sells large inflatable advertising products and characters, and the other half specializes in small scale advertising and business-related signage/print. As the designer for both companies, I was responsible for small jobs like logos and branding on already-designed products and apparel, as well as the impressive 50' tall custom-designed inflatables, for which I was the concept artist and renderer.

Apr 2011Feb 2012

Graphic Designer

Prevail Music

I did all of the graphic and web design for the bands we signed, as well as for the company itself. The jobs varied, but on a daily basis I was doing some combination of website design, logo creation, branding, press kits (electronic or print), band 'swag' (flyers, stickers, pins, etc), apparel design, album art, and posters. I also played a part in non-design related jobs such as bookings, media contact, image consulting, and photography, and I spend countless hours at concerts, in the recording studio, in meetings with artists, and on road trips filming our bands on tour.

Feb 2010Oct 2010

Graphic Designer

Wilson Trophy

In-house designer at Wilson Trophy, the national supplier of provincial/state-level sporting event trophies and awards. I rotated between jobs- sometimes I would design the plaques (this is type-based work), or when it was needed, I jumped to the production area where everything came together.

Jan 2006Feb 2007

Junior Designer

Black Cat Communications

I was one of many designers in this small advertising firm. My jobs usually entailed bits and pieces of bigger jobs, such as photo editing, layouts, type editing and copy writing, but very often I'd be pulled into a campaign, and would be assisting lead designers from start to finish. (Recent revamped campaigns included Humber College, U of T, and the Ontario Science Centre.) As well as working on group campaigns, I also took care of solo projects for smaller clients, and saw the projects through from layout to production and final delivery. I dealt one on one with the clients, printer and courier, and ensured that deadlines were met and everyone was happy with the results. And while working here, everyone regularly had between six and ten jobs on the go at all times, so I've become accustomed to working under pressure to meet deadlines and can multi-task with the best of them.

Mar 2005Sep 2006

Graphic Designer

Designs Beyond Words

I was the in-house graphic designer at this two person sign shop, and spent my days working on business cards, flyers, signage, car decalling, and direct mail pieces. I was also somewhat of a secretary, as I was the first person clients dealt in the business.

Jun 2004Jun 2005

Design Office Assistant + Teachers' Assistant

Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology

I worked as the Graphic Design Department Assistant at Seneca @ York for almost two years, and in that time gained valuable office experience, as well as in all aspects of design. Being the Teacher's Assistant for the entire design department allowed me to work one on one with the professors and with the students, as well as in large groups (such as at orientations) or in classroom settings. This gave me great interpersonal skills, and taught me how important it is to be able to work alone or in a group. The job also forced me to manage my time better, as adhering to deadlines (building courses, creating and marking exams, teaching presentations) was a daily requirement. Along with the office skills, I gained priceless knowledge about programs, design tricks, history, and industry secrets from working with my professors, most of whom are industry professionals.



Paula McFarlane

Julia Fountain

Sean Hodge

Matt Sohby

Justin Shorey

Justin is the drummer for the Creekside Strays, and was the one that commissioned me to do the bands' logo and print elements.

Jeroen Oosterom

Previous client, then contract employer, and now back to client.

Shane Doerksen

Shane is the programmer I regularly work with on web design jobs.