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Giants English Medium School, Yavatmal.

89.07 %


Diploma in Computer Engineering.

Govt. Polytechnic Yavatmal.

79.24 %


BE (Computer Engineering)

G.H Raisoni Institute of Engineering and Technology.

60.86 %


  • Certificate of T raining T hinkLabs SINE- IIT in Mobile Robotics.
  • ThinkLabs SINE- IIT certificate in autonomous robot building workshop.
  • Training in C programming Language.
  • T raining in C++ programming Language
  • T raining in Java programming Language


  • Chinmay Barde "Virtual Fitting Room using Webcam" International Journal of Engineering and Technical Research (IJETR) ISSN: 2321-0869, Volume-3, Issue-3, March 2015. 

Diploma Project Details

Name                                      :  Line Follower Robot.using IR sensor array.

Duration                                :  6 months.

Team Size                                : 5

Project Description              :

It is an autonomous line follower  robots, which  can  be used for auto transfer of  load without human interference. Bot uses IR sensor array, 8051 microcontroller connected  to   DC motors which are programmed to start and stop when triggered by sensors.

Role                                         :                                  

_  Worked as a Team Leader.

_   I am responsible for complete hardware used in the project.

Hardware                                : 8051 Micro controller, IR sensors, wheels and wires. 

Technology                             : Embedded C

Operating System                 Windows XP

Project Details

Name                                   :  "Virtual Fitting Room Using Webcam"

Duration                              :  1 year

Organization                      :  Biometric Solutions PVT. LTD. 

Team Size                            :  4

Description                         : 

The basic idea is  introducing a “Virtual Fitting Room”. This is an innovative Virtual shopping infrastructure, enabling customers to visualize themselves wearing arments present in traditional stores, as well as online (in internet shops). This is done by mining of the user image, alignment of models and skin color detection of image (clicked from a fix distance).This application will be able to fill a big gap between customer and seller by showing clothes of varying size. Finally the model is superimposed on the user in real time with some manual adjustment.

Role                                       :                                  

_  Performed coding using Java.

_   I am responsible for Algorithms used in the project.

Technology                     : Java, OpenCV

Operating System         : Windows 7


  • Listening Ghazals.
  • Sky watching.
  • Swimming.


Date of birth                   :  05/07/1992

Sex                                   :  Male

Father’s name                 :  Dilip R.Barde

Mother’s name               :  Lata D.Barde


Phone               : +91-8888382933

Address            : C/O Dyandeo Surgude, Gurudatta Society, Malwadi, Hadapsar , Pune.

I affirm that the above information is true as per my knowledge and bear the responsibility for correctness of above mentioned particulars.


Date:                                                                                                                                 Chinmay D. Barde

Place: Pune                                                                                                               (BE Computer Engineering)

Extra curricular Activities

  • Worked as President of Computer Engg. Students Association in Govt. Polytechnic Yavatmal.
  • Won 3rd place Jr. State Throwball Championship Nagpur.
  • Participated in State level Throwball championship Nasik.
  • Passed primary Tabla examination.
  • Presented Paper in National Conference at JDIET, Yavatmal.
  • Participated in National level ROBO WAR at College of engineering Pune.
  • Participated in National level ROBO RACE at Jawaharlal Darda Institute of Technology,Yavatmal.
  • Participated in National level Line T racer robot competition at Jawaharlal Darda Institute of technology Yavatmal.
  • Member of Sky watch group Yavatmal.
  • Participated in national level competitions at various colleges (Robowars, Roboraces, Quiz, etc.)
  • Presented a paper on Online java compiler using mobile computing in National Conference at JDIET Yavatmal.