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General Biography

Chi-Hua Lu graduated from Taipei Medical University
Now, He is a P2 student in University at Buffalo.

He prefers to have residency after graduate for oncology and common chronic disease such as hypertension or DM because he may go back to his country in the future and more and more people in his country suffer from these disease. Once he becomes a specialist in particular pharmacy field, he also wants to train other pharmacists in Taiwan.


Sep 2014Present

Doctor of Pharmacy

University at Buffalo

Current P2 Student 

Sep 2009Jun 2013

 Bachelor of Science (B.S. Pharmacy)

Taipei Medical University

My Major is Pharmacy and I also get pharmacist license in Taiwan.
We have around 180 students per year.

Work History(Experiential Rotations)

Aug 2015Present


Shou Ray Information Service, Taiwan

Translate Package insert from English to Chinese. Translate Cochrane review articles from English to Chinese.

Aug 2015Present

Research Assistant

University at Buffalo

Start to learn how to write a proper review article and learn the basic skills of database analysis. In the meantime, help Dr.Ma to set up international collaboration between UB and other universities in Taiwan.

Jul 2015Jul 2015

Student Internship (IPPE-2)

Taipei Veteran General Hospital, Taiwan

Within a training period, I learned to be a clinical pharmacist to take care massive burn injury patients and other patients in ICU unit. Everyday, I had to check patient's profile and chart to make sure they were undergoing proper drug therapy. The mentor and I also needed to have to meet with physicians very frequently to change patient's treatment protocol.

Feb 2015Feb 2015

Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience(IPPE)

Target Pharmacy

I worked with Pharmacist and follow her orders to dispense medication and use community pharmacy electronic system for 6 hours training.

Nov 2014Nov 2014

Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience(IPPE)

TOPs Pharmacy

I worked with Pharmacist and follow his orders to dispense medication and use community pharmacy electronic system for 6 hours training.

Oct 2014Oct 2014

Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience(IPPE)

Erie County Medical Center(Buffalo)

Listening to the pharmacist in department of pharmacy introduces how the hospital pharmacists work in the hospital for 5 hours training

Oct 2014Oct 2014

Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience(IPPE)

Walgreens Pharmacy

I worked with Pharmacist and follow his orders to dispense medication and use community pharmacy electronic system for 6 hours training.

Aug 2013Jul 2014

Reserved Officer

Army (Taipei, Taiwan)

It is a good experience for me to have a leadership experience. In the army, I learn how to organize people to complete missions.

Jan 2013May 2013

Pharmacy Intern

Taipei Veteran Hospital (Taipei, Taiwan)

During this period, I learn the responsibility and working duties in hospital.

  1. Medication storage and Management: Learning the law about manage medication
  2. Chemotherapy medication Dispensation: Learning how dispensing room working. Dispensing basic chemo drugs under the supervising of pharmacist.
  3. TPN Dispensation:Learning how dispensing room working. Dispensing basic TPN formula under the supervising of pharmacist.
  4. Inpatient and Outpatient Dispensation: Dispensing patient's prescriptions under the supervising of pharmacist.
  5. Therapeutic Drug Monitor: Calculate the proper drug or electrolytes for patients


Aug 2013Present

Pharmacist License

Ministry of Health and Welfare in Taiwan(R.O.C)

With this license, I can be a pharmacist in Taiwan.

Jul 2015Present

Pharmacy Intern permit in New York State

New York State Board of Pharmacy
Sep 2014Sep 2016

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation(CPR)

American Red Cross

License number: GQUOOJ

Jan 2013May 2013

Practicum Certificate

Taipei Veterans General Hospital

I participated training program such as Medication Storage and Management, Chemotherapy Medication Dispensation, TPN Dispensation, In-patient and out-patient Dispensation and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring



I am a native speaker. I want to become a bilingual pharmacist in the future to offer language service to Non-English speakers.

Extracurricular activities

  • Sep.2011 – Jun.2012                                                   Student Association of School of Pharmacy                                                                                                     Vice president   Taipei Medical University 
  1.  Participated in department affair meeting of School of Pharmacy
  2. Took part in General Affairs Meeting
  3. Participated in Admission Committee
  4. Guided other team members to organize a variety of events and activities
  • Sep.2010 – Jun.2011                                                     Student Association of School of Pharmacy                                                                                                     Activity Officer   Taipei Medical University
  1. Organized ne students orientation affair
  2. Helped to organized haunted house event on Halloween
  3. Held the Love Delivery of Malt Sugar event
  4. Hosted a signing competition for department of pharmacy  
  • Jul.2010 – Sep.2010                                                                 Welcome Party of School of Pharmacy

                                                                                                                        Sponsor  Taipei Medical University

  1. Hosted the welcome party for new students
  2. Learnt to be more independent and cultivated the ability of critical thinking
  3. Toured new student around and introduced living environment to them
  4. Assisted new students to be more familiar with the department of pharmacy and more confident in having clear goals