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Personal Statement

Life is too short to hate people and worry about the people who don't support you in life. Be around the people who will stand up for you and love you no matter what. Those people are the ones you actually want to be with and care about in life altogether. 

Work experience


Frier and Cash register 


I take orders and I also help out on fry station. 



Core 40

Columbia City High School

I have been in high school for 3 years now heading into my senior year next year. I have great friends and can't wait to go to college so then I can get out and start what I love to do.



I have been a part of FCCLA for 2 years but I wanted to try something different so I decided to go to FFA to participate so I've been busy balancing out Relay for Life and FFA.
I have volunteered with Relay for Life for 3 years now and I have enjoyed it very much. My job is to interact with the children and keep them entertained while the event is going on. 
Basic Photoshop Skills
Know how to take photos and take them through Photoshop to make them look better.
Communication Skills
I know how to interact with people and know how to get a hold of companies. I also know how to act in front of certain people and speak up if necessary.

Fun Fact

Something most people don't know about me is that I have 2 blood related brothers. One of them lives with me and the other one lives with his mom and step dad. All of us siblings have one dad but different moms.