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Microsoft Proficiency & Other Skills

Advanced knowledge of Microsoft's software with oDesk/Upwork test scores falling within the Top 10-20% of all freelancers tested:

  • Word/Excel/PowerPoint ~ 2003/2007/2010
  • Time Management (Top 10%)
  • Technical Writing Skills (Top 10%)
  • US & UK English (Top 10%)
  • Typing Speed ~ 100+ wpm 
Technical Writing/Branding

Tested within oDesk/Upwork to be within the top 10% for Technical Writing proficiency.  User guides designed/developed/authored/branded throughout my career include:

  • Freedom of Information (FOI) eLearning (2014/15 ~ Network Rail)
  • FOI Process Guide - branding (2015 for Network Rail)
  • Signal Box Instructions Step-by-Step Guide (2009-11 ~ Network Rail)
  • Dangerous Goods Step-by-Step Guide (2011 ~ Network Rail)
  • Wine Making eBook (2012-13 ~ oDesk/Upwork client)
  • Divorce and My Children eBook (2011-12 ~ oDesk/Upwork client)

Intermediate~Advanced knowledge and experience and tested on oDesk/Upwork within the following areas (all of which fall in the Top 10%-20% of all freelancers tested):

  • Understanding difference in British and American English
  • UK English Basic Skills
  • UK English Proofreading Skills (Oxford Guide to Style)
  • UK English Grammar (for Writing Professionals)
  • US English Basic
  • US English Sentence Structure (for Writing Professionals)


Oct 2015Present

ODA Analyst (Observed Data Analytics), Capacity Planning

Network Rail
  • Extracting data from our cloud-based data analytics system in order to look at the movement of trains across the network and validate this information against the timetable planning rules. This analysis is completed using a range of data sources on observed train running and this is then aligned to planning values for headways, sectional running times and dwell times.
  • The project also won the UK Cloud awards in 2016 in the category of Best Public Sector Project.

Oct 2014Sep 2015

Programme Coordinator (FOI, Ethics, Transparency)

Network Rail
  • Responsibility for the coordination of Programme Board / Strategic Managers Monthly meetings and distribution of relevant packs
  • PMA administration of the RAID log and Programme Plan for the FOI Programme until Go Live
  • Designed, developed and authored the FOI Level 1 eLearning course which has been rolled out (via Connect) to all Network Rail staff
  • Full onboarding of three new managers and 16 officers for the new FOI team including all logistics for a 2-day assessment centre including timetables, assessor packs, candidate packs and venue making sure that everyone was in the right place at the right time
Oct 2012Sep 2014

Project Management Assistant

Network Rail
  • Full PMA administration the 8PP (Eight Point Plan) programme including minutes, RAID logs, meeting packs as well as maintaining the network folder structure for all required documentation
  • Full responsibility for the input and ongoing maintenance of iPAT (Network Rail’s project action tracking software) for all projects
  • Responsible for maintaining a working relationship with the super users of iPAT for each route in order to gain their buy-in and subsequent validation of their iPAT projects
  • using this knowledge to track and monitor project performance as well as producing period end reports (based on this information) in a timely manner
  • Creative responsibility for how information is presented to the team and to the wider NR world such as a map with graphs for each route and for the potential CP4 & CP5 minutes vs what has been validated and realised to date
  • Due to my knowledge and experience in a prior role, the lead was given to me in project-managing the Bridge Reclassification project in order to ensure a smooth and quick roll-out of the project with a view to gaining the majority of the delay minutes in CP4 instead of CP5 (as originally planned)
  • Branding of both the Management of Freight Performance Campaign and the Performance Planning Reform Programme
Jul 2011Present

Proofreader/Copy-editor/Technical Author


Editing / proofreading / writing roles in relation to:

  • Freelance work for various clients around the world (Belize, Argentina, Australia, Canada, USA and Hong Kong)
  • Editor and webmaster for four websites - Digital Mined, Make Tasty Wine, Southwest Restorations and Simplicate Interactive
  • Author of two books currently listed on Amazon in relation to Coeliacs Disease as well as two further books used to assist both freelancers and clients in making the most of oDesk/Upwork
Jun 2009Oct 2012

Publications Assistant

Network Rail
  • Full project management (together with design, development and issue) of the National Bridge Strike Initiative ensuring every route had their own appendix to refer to in the event of any bridge strike incidents
  • Single point of contact in relation to amendments to existing publications
  • Team leadership  in order to meet company standards 
  • Responsible for the implementation of a new, standardised set of signal box instructions (700+) whilst ensuring they remained fully compliant with Operations Manual 2-03
  • Full project management of all RSSB Rule Book changes (as each Tranche occurred) into all signal box instructions in time for each Rule Book issue
  • Production of periodic KPI dashboards for each stage of the signal box instructions process
  • Design, development and authorship of a Step-by-Step Guide for the production of signal box instructions including the responsibility of training any new staff in the process
Apr 2007May 2009

Learning Resource Centre Coordinator

Volkswagen Group UK Ltd
  • Designed and developed Access database to incorporate all aspects of every training course within the VW Learning & Development prospectus
  • Managed and maintained Ciphr database for over 600 staff and associated training records including the transfer of all records into Ciphr at the end of each course
  • Designed, developed & delivered an Excel Beginners course for March 2009
  • Designed and developed the Management Development Centre timetables - entailing over 7,000 interdependencies to ensure right-place, right-time accuracy
  • Front-of-house service for all training courses 
  • Provided facilitative support for the Management & Graduate Development Programs and the Senior Management Assessment Development Centre
  • Designed and developed Board of Management reports entailing a detailed analysis of all course information
Jul 2006Feb 2008

Sole Proprietor

One Stop Online Shop
  • Designed and developed my own business into a successful e-commerce 
  • Negotiated rates and terms with suppliers for required products
  • Designed and maintained own databases consisting of over 2,000 orders per year and over 1,200 individual customers including keeping the product database up to date (over 4,000 items)
  • Designed and distributed promotional material
Jun 2003Aug 2006

Office Manager

Barton Carbide Tooling
  • Daily interaction with customers and suppliers including quotation preparation
  • Customer order processing (SOP, POP and Invoicing) within Sage Line50
  • Managed and maintained the company’s machinery parts database using Microsoft Access XP
  • Supported the Managing Director in all administrative functions including booking travel and accommodation where required
Feb 2001Jun 2003

Technical Author

IMS Maxims plc
  • Gathered all relevant information from the designers/programmers of the company’s healthcare software and then designed, developed and tailored the user manuals for each NHS specialty
  • User tested the company’s Electronic Patient Record system which included various specialties such as Mental Health, A&E, Lung Cancer and Therapies
May 1998Feb 2001

Full time Mother

  • After the birth of my third child, I took a 2 1/2 year break to raise the children. 
Mar 1997May 1998

Technical Author

PanCredit Systems Ltd
  • Gathered all relevant information about the financial software from the designers/programmers
  • Designed, developed and authored all software Help Text & Tool Tips
  • Compiled these files using Doc-to-Help
  • Ensured that every field and button throughout the software had the relevant text/tool tip attached

Jan 1994Mar 1997

Microsoft Office Trainer (promoted from Management Secretary)

FI Training Ltd
  • Full support for Director of Production, Infrastructure Manager and Training Manager
  • Designed and developed all course brochures and all Microsoft course manuals (Beginners to Advanced) while ensuring that quality and version control was maintained at all times
  • Updated all course manuals as and when new software versions were developed and released
  • Developed and delivered user procedures for both TNT and Yorkshire Electricity (with continual stakeholder involvement) 
  • In January 1995, promoted to the role of Microsoft Office Trainer both on and off-site (for Windows, Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
Jan 1992Jan 1994

PA to Deputy Director

Harrogate Health Care NHS Trust
  • Provided all administrative and secretarial support to the Deputy Director of Personnel
  • Designed and developed departmental brochure using Harvard Graphics
  • Maintained DataEase database for the storage of personnel information
  • Arranged appeal hearings for employees within the Trust
Sep 1988Dec 1991

Partners' Secretary

Lithgow, Perkins & Co.
  • Provided full secretarial support to the senior partner and both junior partners
  • Prepared Feasibility Studies Reports according to partners’ requirements
  • Prepared Cash Flow Forecasts according to company standards


Sep 2015Present

BSc (Hons) Mathematics

The Open University

Second year completed at Distinction level.  Third year now in progress. 


Apr 2013May 2013

Introductory Certificate in Project Management


Network Rail



Achievements @ Network Rail

Full delivery of the Bridge Reclassification Project which aimed to reclassify up to 1,000 bridges in the UK in order to drive down delay minutes and avoid regulatory fines from the ORR.

Design/creation of a user guide designed to teach new employees all they need to know to hit the ground running in the Publications role.

Led the National Bridge Strike Initiative to ensure that the industry, as a whole, had a full and detailed list of every bridge in the UK which could be at risk of being struck.

Nominated for the "You Make the Difference" awards in 2012 for my work with the National Bridge Strike Initiative.

Achievements @ Volkswagen

Design/creation/delivery of Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced Excel courses to Volkswagen employees.

Project management/transfer/ implementation of new personnel record system for over 600 employees whilst maintaining data integrity.

Design/development/facilitation of the Management Development Centre timetables for all participating staff including facilitators, trainers and delegates over 2 days - this involved the co-ordination of 7,000+
inter-dependencies to ensure the event went smoothly.

Implemented the use of Microsoft Access to streamline the course programme process for all externally trained courses by ensuring that all course delivery information was held in one central location.

Achievements @ oDesk/Upwork

Completion, writing, proofreading, copy-editing of the following eBooks:

  • Make Tasty Wine
  • Divorce and My Children

Writer / ghostwriter / editor for a wide range of eBooks for worldwide clients in topics such as:

  • Coeliacs Disease (both of which are available on Amazon)
  • Growing Roses
  • Master Any Habit NOW
  • Get Rid of Procrastination NOW
  • Holiday Tips
  • and many, many more...

Co-author of two books in utilising oDesk to its best advantage (accessed via Digital Mined):

  • 7 Steps to Making Money on oDesk
  • Get the Best - A Guide to Hiring on oDesk