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Work experience

May 1990Present

Author & Speaker

Cheryl Denton

As a freelance writer, I have completed the following projects:

  • Among the Ashes, Book One in the Darkfire Series Mysteries
  • The Road to Forgiveness:  Removing the Roadblocks
  • Humor for Healing Workshops
  • Hope Among the Ashes:  Blog for Survivors of Abuse & Trauma
  • Love Walks by Faith:  The Biography of Charlie Osburn
  • Contributing Editor for The Annals of Pharmacotherapy
  • Born to be Free:  A District-wide Guide for Leading At-Risk Children
  • Alphabet Cooking Cards
  • Kindergarten Games to Promote Individualized Learning
Aug 2003Dec 2003

English as a Second Language Teacher

Madeira City Schools

As a teacher for students speaking English as a second language, I:

  • conducted annual testing with individual students
  • made recommendations for the degree of intervention needed
  • visited students' homes with a translator to discuss the ESL program
  • taught small groups of students in grades K-12
  • worked with students from Mexico, China, Japan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, and Vietnam
Sep 1988Jun 1993


Garden City Public Schools

As a classroom teacher, I carried out the following projects:

  • Taught traditional students in kindergarten, first, second, fifth, and sixth grades
  • Changed classroom or building every year, learning a new set of skills for each class
  • Led the Ruff Writers, a group of students interested in creative writing
  • Implemented the Born to be Free program at Henry Ruff Elementary
  • Interned under the building principal as part of a doctorate degree program
Jan 1984Jun 1988


Orange County Public Schools

As a classroom teacher, I carried out the following projects:

  • Taught compensatory education to students who had failed the previous year's achievement tests
  • Taught kindergarten at Rolling Hills Elementary & Union Park Elementary
  • Served as a member of the site-based management team
  • Participated in team planning with peers
  • Piloted the Alphabet Cooking Cards program


Jan 1990May 1993

EdD (incomplete)

University of Michigan

As a doctorate degree candidate, I:

  • completed coursework in human resources, public school finance, and school administration
  • interned with an elementary principal
  • received certification as superintendent, central office administrator, and elementary principal

My work was interrupted by my husband's transfer out of state.

Jan 1985May 1986

Master of Education

University of Central Florida

As a student, I:

  • Incorporated my degree program into my work as a teacher
  • Learned the processes for individualizing instruction
  • Wrote a master's thesis on the effectiveness of an elementary school
Jan 1978May 1981

Bachelor of Arts

University of Michigan

As a student, I:

  • survived the pressure of rigorous academic life, where nearly 70% of freshmen drop out
  • specialized in reading instruction for elementary students
  • led a 1st/2nd grade classroom during a practicum, as well during student teaching
  • paid for my tuition and room and board by working part-time jobs as a book seller, dishwasher, accounting assistant, library assistant, and typist for doctoral students


Business Management
As the manager of my own business, I know how to: write a business plan and annual reports maintain books and pay taxes on a timely basis consult with attorneys about best legal practices stay on top of social media sites in order to build a following network with other entrepreneurs to create important business connections analyze the market and develop products at prices consumers will buy create systems for carrying out redundant tasks delegate redundant tasks to employees and contractors review progress regularly and make adjustments as needed
Public Speaking
As a public speaker, I can: make presentations to audiences of varying ages and interests about recovery from trauma and abuse teach participants of all ages in workshops how to use humor for healing through clowning, dancing, singing, and playing educate caregivers about the importance of self-care motivate people to pursue their dreams talk to high school and college students about the writing process
As a freelancer, I can write: novels, incorporating extensive knowledge of characterization, plotting, dialogue, pacing, suspense, and editing non-fiction, to include cookbooks, biographies, self-help books, and blogs for survivors of abuse & trauma marketing materials for my business, magazine articles news releases Power Point presentations for workshops and seminars


I am an author, specializing in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I write non-fiction to help readers to understand and recover from issues related to PTSD, such as depression, anxiety, poor self-esteem, bitterness, anger, hatred, and vengefulness. My mystery/suspense novels provide readers with great entertainment, and if they happen to have PTSD or care for someone who has it, they learn about how to cope through my characters' decisions.

As a public speaker, I have developed the Humor for Healing Workshops to help people in their recovery from PTSD and other life challenges. I use clowning, dancing, singing, and games to help people relax and relate to others in a positive way. I also make presentations at seminars to speak about the importance of caregiver self-care, to encourage people to follow their dreams, and to teach aspiring writers about the writing process.



I am interested in:

  • learning as much as I can about the management of PTSD
  • helping others to manage the symptoms of PTSD
  • involving religious institutions, healthcare facilities, schools, and community organizations in educating people about PTSD
  • training therapy dogs to visit with survivors of abuse and trauma
  • encouraging survivors through writing, videos, workshops, presentations, and personal visits


My mission is to encourage survivors of abuse and trauma through the written word, workshops, presentations, and personal visits.


Jul 2001Jun 2006

Certificate for Teachers & Other Professional School Personnel

Commonwealth of Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board
Jul 2001Jun 2005

Provisional Standard Teaching Certificate

State of Ohio Department of Education
May 1992Jun 1997

Administrator Certificate

State of Michigan Department of Education
Jul 1988Jun 1993

Professional Educator's Certificate

State of Florida Department of Education
Jul 1987Jun 1992

Thirty-Hour Continuing Certificate

State of Michigan Department of Education