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About Cheruvathoor Samuel Verghese

To prepare for his career in holistic medicine, Cheruvathoor Samuel Verghese earned a BS and an MS, and then received a PhD from the University of Cambridge in India. He also earned an MA from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va. He has since completed additional coursework in various fields, such as counseling and pain treatment modalities, at leading institutions including Temple University, Harvard University, and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Over the years, Cheruvathoor Samuel Verghese has also attained board certification in anti-aging medicine, pain management, stress management, and EEG biofeedback. He additionally holds licenses as a naturopathic physician and bodywork therapist.

With his extensive training and clinical experience, Verghese has been on the faculty of Liberty University, led courses at several additional college institutions, formulated nutritional supplements, and worked with numerous clinics. He currently works with the Integrative Medicine and Biofeedback Clinic in New Jersey, where he focuses on pain resolution and stress management. He utilizes a wide range of modalities at the clinic, including his “posubstitution” technique for mental rejuvenation.

To share his expertise, Verghese has conducted workshops nationally and internationally as well as authored several books. His most recent book, Brain Power: Fine Tuning Your Brain Naturally, was published in 2007 in the United States and translated into the Thai language in 2008 after Samuel Verghese led training for the top medical providers in Thailand. Along with these contributions, he has appeared across a number of media outlets and hosted the Nature’s Hospital television program.

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