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  • As a Christian, I have a passion for discipleship - seeing men grow closer in their relationship with Jesus Christ
  • My wife is my best friend and my family is a priority in my life
  • I enjoy music - (guitar & vocal)
  • I also hold a pilot's license, although I am not currently active
  • I enjoy golf, whitewater rafting and racquetball
  • I am actively coaching one of of grandsons in little league basebal



More than 35 years' of diverse experience in financial management, business management, client consulting (business and employee benefits), and strategic planning. Having served in positions including Controller, CFO, CEO, and as Consultant.


Work experience

Aug 2010Present


Wheeler Consulting Services

Freelance work as consultant and accountant to several small businesses, and consulting for client companies with self-funded health benefit plans, Flexible Spending Accounts (Sec 125) and other related services.

My work includes work for non-profit ministries.

Apr 2006Present


Alternative Insurance Resources Inc

Analytical consulting for clients with self-funded health benefit plans. Monitoring cost trends and assisting clients with management of benefit costs.

Feb 1983Apr 2006

President / C.F.O.

Wheeler Companies, Inc

Small business accounting, financial consulting and taxation (1983-1995)

Third Party Administration of Self-funded health benefit plans and FSA's (Sec 125) 1983-2006

Controller & CFO of the Company from 1983 to 1995

President and CEO from 1995 to 2006 (Business Sold)

Feb 1983Oct 1995

President & Founder

Management Accounting Services

Management Accounting Services provided small business bookkeeping services to small businesses, including individual and corporate income tax work, representation of clients before Internal Revenue Service and similar agencies, preparation of payrolls and payroll tax returns.

Types of business included restaurants, engineering firms, retail clients, contruction companies, non-profits - even a Christmas Tree farm and Emu Breeder

Jun 1982Feb 1983


Citizen's Bank of Northport

Citizen's Bank was a very small (single branch) bank located in Northport, Alabama. My title was "Controller", but I was involved in management of most of the operational facets of the business, until it was sold to a large regional bank holding company

Jun 1980Jun 1982

Controller / Internal Auditor

Union National Bank

I was originally hired to develop and implement an internal audit plan for a 75 year old bank that had no previous auditor. After implementation of the audit plan, I was asked to develop a commerical loan review and analysis plan for the bank. Subsequent bank examinations resulted in favorable results, at which time, management asked me to take the position of Controller.

Mar 1976Jun 1980


Bank of the Southeast

AT the time of my employment, the bank had gone through significant management change. As Controller, we developed a greatly improved system of internal controls and aggresively managed expenses. During my tenure, I participated in the development of a very successful stock offering prospectus, working with our local CPA firm and legal counsel.


Bachelor of Science

Kansas State University


Strategic Planning
I have developed operating pro-forma, operating budgets, and strategic plans for a number of organizations. This includes plans that have been presented to investor group, potential contributors (non-profits), banks and other lending organizations. My approach is very detailed and allows for variables when conditions change.
I have had the opportunity to present information in a number of ways, including, but not limited to: Powerpoint based presentations in front of large and small groups Web based presentations Verbal presentations to large groups of employees (from a platform and from a pile of pallets with a "bull-horn" Written booklets, marketing materials, documents, etc. Prepared and adhoc speaking in an educational forum Interactive presentations with questions and comments from the group Executive committees, top management and one-on-one presentations
Problem Resolution
I take a very ordered approach to problem resolution. Beginning with a proper assessment of the problem, challenge, or objective; followed by a careful evaluation of available resources (capital, personnel, equipment, vendors, etc.); followed by a strategy for implementation, interim evaluations, and ,mid-course corrections (Plan "A" never works).
Taxation - Personal & Corporate
Software Systems
I believe that ability to work with a software program is not as important as understanding its capabilties and deficiencies well enough to reach the desired objective. Far too many people are slaves to the software instead of relegating the software to its proper role as a "tool" for achieving an objective.   I have diverse system working with proprietary and standardized software systems. I have been involved in several major system conversions. I am advanced in my ability to use Microsoft products (Access, Excel, Word, etc) and have used several accounting software systems.   I am skilled at using the software - but I am also skilled with a pencil and paper and a proper understanding of defining the objective.
Communication at all organizational levels, whether in the Executive management team, the Board of Directors, to middle management, or to factory workers.   Most of my analytical consulting has revolved around trends, analyses, and projections of health plan costs for self-insured companies. However, I also have diverse experience working with small businesses in capital planning, asset management, receivable/payable management, income taxes, and long and short term strategic planning
Accounting & Finance
As CEO of a small company, I was directly responsible for 35 employees, division of responsibilities, development of work flow and resource allocation.
Certified Management Accountant (CMA)
I selected the CMA as an alternative to the CPA. I was working as Controller in the banking industry. The CMA is more focused on business accounting, finance, and management than in the CPA world. I could have taken a position with a small CPA firm and received the requisite two years' experience in public accounting. I was already serving on the Executive team of a $100 Million bank, as Internal Controller and as Assistant Treasurer to the holding company.


Apr 1982Present

Certified Management Accountant (CMA)

Institue of Management Accountants