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About Me

  • My Background

I am 22 years old who with an extreme international background. I have lived in China, Venezuela, Australia, United States, Dubai (UAE) and currently living in Denmark.

I graduated high school with an International Baccalaureate Diploma where I studied multiple areas in Business and Management in university level. I obtained a Bachelor of Art degree in Information Management from Copenhagen Business School in 2017. Currently I am continuing my study in Copenhagen Business School studying Master of Science Business Administration and Information Systems. The master program has been named as the best MIS master program in the Western Europe.

The fast evolving Internet society requires people like me to not only know the functions and the infrastructures of technology but also to be able to correctly implement them. Furthermore, the study gives me the opportunity to understand the importance of 'delivering the right message to the right person through the right channel at the right place and at the right time'. Furthermore, my previous jobs gave me the advantage of utilizing my academic knowledge in real life working experience. Thus, giving me an deeper understanding of how IT infrastructure can influence, impact and evolve a business.

My university GPA demonstrates that I am a top 5% student in my study program

  • Personalities and Characteristics

I am a very active person and one who do not procrastinate. I always try to achieve my tasks with my very best abilities, attitude, discipline and efficiency. I do not shy away from questions, and also make my best effort to tackle obstacles.  I am also a fast learner who can adapt well in new environment. 


Dec 2016Present

Technology Business Management Analyst (TBMA)

Mærsk Oil & Gas

One of Maersk Oil Information Solution Department's new strategic initiatives is to run IT as a Business partner, and to strive for Cost Transparency for IS. The initiative aims to bring a greater degree of granularity and transparency to the IT cost base together with utilization of operational metrics this will enable IT to uncover the cost drivers and thus identify efficiency and enable fact based decisions. In addition, the ability to integrate the IT asset information will enable clarity on the total cost of applications and services delivered and consumed by the business.

Technology Business Management (TBM) promotes collaboration and trust between IS and business partners by providing a data-driven framework for measuring, managing and communicating the budget, cost, consumption, and value of IT. 

As a TBM Business Analyst, my key responsibility includes but not limited to:

  • Act as a single point of contact for Business Information Officers and other IT Executives.
  • Translate CIO's and OICO's executive visions into technical requirements and subsequent project deliverables by utilizing SaaS based Apptio.
  • Gather functional and business requirements and rapidly translate that information into a working set of operational and financial models, dashboards, and management reports.
  • Support TBM Director, CIO, and TBM committee to make data-driven strategic decision based on reports I produce.
  • Collaborate with IT Executives and Finance on IT Total Cost of Ownership, financial metrics, and cost transparency initiatives.
  • Import, transform, and rationalize data from systems of record such as General Ledger, Fixed Assets, Clarity, HP Service Manager, Centralized Application Repository, Asset Manager, etc.
  • Operationalize data monthly by loading, validating, and reviewing on timely basis.
  • Received training from Apptio University and received Recognized TBMA Certificate
  • Received training from Apptio University and received Elite TBMA Certificate
May 2016Present

Student Assistant in Architecture Innovation under IS

Mærsk Oil & Gas

Key Responsibilities

  • Update and maintenance of the global Architecture Inventory (global inventory of applications, information objects, Technology, capabilities).
  • Update and maintenance of Technology and Capability Roadmaps – short and long term depictions of how a given domain plans to develop.
  • Reports and dashboards for key Enterprise Architecture metrics (automation, defining and maintaining reports/dashboards)
  • Maintenance of EA knowledge base
  • Communication channel and material – produce, refine, communicate, and share.

Key Projects and Tasks

  • Build a repository database on Focal Point and PowerSteering for global Information Solution projects globally for MOG
  • Help Data analyst to manipulate global HR contractor data, rationalize, consolidate, analyse and present the data visually through diagrams and charts
  • Build the IS roadmap for forecasting purpose based on the repository system my colleague and I built.
  • Set up the IS global Digitalization workshop for VP, CIO and other executives
  • Helping to construct an Application Portfolio Management repository for MOG globally based on current CMDB and SAP database
  • Deep dive analysis on MOG’s APM, with the purpose of cost reduction, application standardization and value determination of applications.
  • Create, manage and handle service orders in SAP, attach service order attachments to each service order
  • Handling of travel requests in SAP
  • Ownership of all Copenhagen SAP distribution lists and constantly update the changes within the organization in SAP
  • Understanding the new Project Management Framework, knowing how to create, manage and monitor a proposed and ongoing opportunities/projects.
  • Using the new PMF to extract accurate information for MOG's Master Planning portfolio.
Aug 2015Sep 2015


CBS Student

I was working as a tutor for CBS Student in August. My main task was to organize event, cabin trips and presentations for the new coming students to CBS BAIM program. My goal was to show the new students the CBS student life and to present them a brief introduction of the study course. I organized numerous presentations and events, including presentations made by CBS professors and external guests. Furthermore, my team and I organized an one-week cabin trip, where we took the new students Kalundborg for further bonding.

May 2015Aug 2015

IT Internship in General Service

PetroChina Halfaya

My role:

Formulate administration managerial system of the company including provisions, procedures, template and forms as well as working flow charts. Set up and manage the correspondences archiving & filing system of the company gear to the industrial standard of the field.

Task and Duties:

  • Formulate Administration Managerial system of the post, and write the procedures, templates, forms, and Flow Charts. Ensuring that all forms and templates are compatible with the company policies and procedures and follows the international standards.
  • Manage the company Archiving System and build up a complete filing system by providing necessary tools and equipment’s i.e. IT equipment’s, necessary software. Also to create and manage the company archiving, procedures, rules, standardization forms, Flow Chars to ensure all the historical events and papers being professedly archived based on the industry standard.
  • Manage the utilization of the E-Doc system of the company and ensure proper standardization process is being followed.
  • Manage and provide access to the company archives on daily, quarterly and annually basis by following the proper procedures to complete the requirements.
  • Prepare annual summary report on Filing Management system for the company.
  • Manage and arrange all the related works to Archiving and Filing systems.
  • Work with IT to develop and improve company programs.


Sep 2017Jun 2019

MSc in Business Administration and Information Systems (Cand. merc. IT)

Copenhagen Business School

Ranked as the best Management Information System (MIS) Master program in the Western Europe

Sep 2014Jun 2017

BA in Information Management

Copenhagen Business School

In the digitally connected business world, companies need tools and capabilities to understand and process enormous amounts of digital information. Data is gathered and analysed in a structured way in order to create knowledge that can be used to reduce risks and take calculated business decisions.
BAIM teaches me to reflect the different areas I have to understand and the different ways I can combine these areas in order to help companies adapt to the constantly changing digital challenges.

I developed a wide range of competencies within organisation theory, information science and communication studies that helped me understand how companies can and must adapt to a wide range of existing as well as developing information platforms covering everything from large, formal information and communications systems to social media. I learned how different types of information needs affect how the company has to plan and develop its communication strategies both internally and externally.

Jun 2010May 2014

International Baccalaureate Diploma

Dubai International Academy

Trilingual Diploma (Chinese, English, Spanish); Business and Management course at university level; Advanced Mathematic; Environmental Systems Science


  • Quadric Branding Consulting Analyst Level 1
  • Recognized Technology Business Management Analyst (Apptio)
  • Elite Technology Business Management Analyst (Apptio)


  • Copenhagen Business School
    • Fundamental of Communication
    • Fundamental of Information System
    • Organizational Theory
    • Introduction of Organization Communication
    • Interdisciplinary Researching Method
    • Business and Administration
    • Corporate Communication
    • Information in Context
    • Computer Mediated Communication and Collaboration
    • Project Management
    • Organization Innovation & System Design
    • Information Organization in Practice
    • Information Management and Organization Change
    • Principles of Financial Accountings
    • The Next Uber: Economics, Strategy, Technology and Entrepreneurship in the Sharing Economy
  • Maersk Oil & Gas
    • Project Management Framework
    • Technology Business Management Analyst (TBMA)
    • Elite Technology Business Management Analyst (eTBMA)











Apptio Cost Transparency Analysis

Data driven decision making, Relational Database management, Standardized Cost model for SMEs and large organization



Windows & OS X

Extremely proficient

Advanced Microsoft Excel

Extremely proficient

Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint

Extremely proficient

Microsoft Visio 

Can produce well designed figures using the tool

Adobe Photoshop 

Decent level of image editing and optimization skill