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Be a good leader, team player

Solid foundation in Math and basic technical ability in IT

Working with careful and responsible, bearing hardships and hard work


Sep 2014Apr 2017

Master of Computer Science and Technology

Tongji University(985)
Sep 2010Jun 2014

Bachelor of Information and Computing Science

Yangzhou University


Jun. 2016Sept. 2016

SAP Intern

Work as a C++ developer in SME.In charge of some Bug fix work and DRQ develop work

Sept. 2014Now

Study Work

Study  on the theory of randomized matrix algorithms as well as the application of those ideas to the solution of practical problems in large-scaled data analysis.

Feb. 2016Mar. 2016

Air Quality Index ( AQI ) Analysis

Show air quality index in a webpage, including data of different days and cities. Also make comparison between cities and prediction of  AQI in the coming days.  

Jun. 2014Jun. 2015

Alljoyn (Qualcomm) Applied in Android

The central theme of this project is based on the technology of AllJoyn for playing the classic game five-in-a-row.Cooperated and intercommunicated with teammates to ensure quality.

Awards & Certifications

National Postgraduate Mathematic Contest in Modeling

China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Development Center

National Encouragement Scholarship

 Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China

Zhu Jingwen Scholarship

The Principal First-Class Scholarship

Written Test of the Intermediate Interpreting

CET-6   (547)