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Volunteer Work

March 2008

Palm Beach Fashion Week

Donald Trump Mira-Lago

Stuff gift bags,greet guests,and dress models

March 2008

Palm Beach Fashion Week

Diana Dorozhkina at the Ritz Carlton

Dress models

March 2008

Miami Fashion Week

Wynwood Art District

Collections from various designers around the world

Seat guests,and dress models

April 2008

L.A Fashion Week

Jarred Gold

Seat guests,and dress models


  My objective is to become more exposed to the fashion world by expanding my experiences. In my freshman year of college, I recived extra credit to volunteer time at several different fashion shows. Also, in my second semester I was selected to travel to L.A to help out another show. While working these shows, I realized how much time and effort designer put in to show case their pieces. Some of the duties included, seating guests, dressing models, and stuffing gift bags.The shows were fast-paced and everything had to be perfect. My favorite part is the energy behind the scenes. From outfit to outfit, it seemed as though it would never stop. I am proud that I volunteered at these shows. Most people don't understand what goes on behind the curtain. I would love to be apart of your team, and I believe that I can handle the fast-paced community.

Work experience

Oct 2009Present


Bobby Byrnes Pub
Apr 2009Oct 2010


Spanky's Clam Shack
Jan 2006Aug 2007


Hollister Co.


Jan 2011Present


Cape Cod Community College
Aug 2007May 2008


Lynn University
Sep 2003Jun 2007


Barnstable High School


Heidi Hawkins

Martha Anderson

David Grady