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Over the past nine years, I've found an incredible, personal pull toward startup culture and the grittiness, excitement, competitiveness, and risk that make it unique.

My experience in startups has surfaced a few patterns in many companies (including my own) of excess and un-required work. The agony of reverting features, and the victorious feeling of making one small change transforming you into a hero with customers drew me to folks like Eric Ries, Steve Blank, Ash Maura and Derek Silvers.  I now aim to help be a team's voice of "why" aiming to drive early stage success with calculated, high-impact moves.


Work experience

Oct 2013Present

Product Manager

GroupVitals, GroupForms

• Took a multi six-figure budget and complex feature set from ideation to product-market fit.

• Implemented a customer experience that  has resulted in less than 7% churn MoM.

• Actively lead a remote team of developers and designers in multiple timezones using lean-focused, agile methodologies like SCRUM and kanban through weekly sprints on Trello and

• Work in conjunction with CEO on customer development strategies through surveying and conversations on phone and intercom to help drive our quarterly roadmap.

• Manage small QA department, emphasizing front-end usability through persona-driven testing, and handling the workflow of cards.

• Responsible for the creation of numerous mocks and wireframes guiding UX and design implementation that has been repeatedly referred to as best-in-market by customers.

• Maintain a very rigorous "lean" focus to keep extending runway as we approach breakeven. 

Aug 2014Present

Product Manager

• Facilitated sole creation of SaaS product creating one-click surveys which increased response rates an average of 120% .

• Opened to a successful launch on Beta List, Hacker News, and Product Hunt.

• Use agile and lean methodologies to strategize MVP and create customer-driven roadmap.

• Remotely manage team of developers on Laravel platform through weekly sprints.

• Manage project utilizing kanban techniques on Trello through our customer-driven roadmap.

Apr 2008Present

Web Development  & Branding

Chelsey Siltanen, LLC (Self-Employed)

• Developed an ad-hoc web development and branding agency to serve the technical and aesthetic goals of small businesses throughout the west coast.

• Created fitting branding strategies for numerous small businesses throughout Los Angeles from bands to dance studios to professional services to improve aesthetic, resonance and achievement of sales goals.

• Managed and creative-directed a comprehensive web presence for a number of small-medium sized businesses including website and logo design using WordPress platform.

• Assured overall product goals were reached by streamlining and simplifying design ambitions and used multi-bid freelance outsourcing for a number of key roles.

• Provided guidance in introducing small businesses to new, practical technological solutions from training to implementation.

Aug 2006May 2007

Account Management (Chevrolet, General Motors, Saturn)

Deutsch, Inc

• Helped team manage multi-million dollar budgets to track outgoing spending.

• Assisted in the handling of print ad distribution for release to major newspapers and magazines (e.g. USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Autoweek).

• Worked as a liaison between creative department and clients for the timely completion of print projects.

• Constructed, updated, and distributed weekly status reports and competitive analysis to maximize team effectiveness and improve communication for clients and team.