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Business & Career Specialty
  Create efficient and workable strategies based on client's career and job search objectives. Strategize, implement and manage successful job search campaigns building clients confidence. Effectively create and utilize job search tools positioning clients to obtain suitable employment. Create and design attention-grabbing resumes that represent clients' strengths, experience and personality. Clearly articulate clients' vision in a professional business plans to increase their chances of obtaining financing from investors, and other lending institutions. Professional mentoring through the business planning process to effectively position clients' to achieve personal results. Create effectual personal marketing campaign - Me 2.0 Prepare clients' to build effective interviewing skills

Work experience



  • Own and operate a professional business and career planning strategy firm, that services local and nation wide clientele. Create captivating and well written business plans and other career related tools such as resumes, portfolios, etc. Objectively and supportively mentor clients in business start ups initiatives; maintain a high level of confidentiality. Present workshops, seminars and other interactive platforms. Successfully operate a revenue generating company.

Feb 2010Present



Manage operations of the lending arm of Chelsea Johnson & Associates that provides lending to small business start-ups $5,000-$20,000. We train our clients on boot-strapping their business to lessen the learning curve for growth.



Florida Department of Education
  • Completion with top acheivements,
  • Received Training in the areas of Computer Technician Support, Business administration.
  • Computers Skills in Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Use of technology to enhance effectiveness of communications,
  • Develop awareness of management functions,
  • Design business plans, systems and strategies, demonstrated human relations/ interpersonal skills Demonstrate proficiency using system software and application software


Enisca Jones

The Art of A Start presented by Chelsea Johnson Global Entrepreneur and Mega Business Woman was awesome, inspiring, insightful and informative. The seminar really got the mind thinking of all the endless possibilities out there to create wealth and with the information and direction given it is easy to follow and plot your course for the future. I would reccomend this seminar to anyone because what you gain is a wealth of knowledge and the only hinderance to you achieving your goals is you. The Artt of A Start gives you a road map and a jump start in to your future...

Mona Collins

Chelsea has been a driving force for change in my life. I have found myself in a job and a career that I really do not like. As I struggled to find a new job, she has created resumes displaying my most powerful strengths and highlighting my best moments as an employee. She coaches me daily on interview material as I seek to find the best fit for me at this time in my life. Ms. Johnson has taught me that we are not all worker bees and that it is never too late to acknowledge one’s potential and to go after your dreams! Ms. Johnson is an excellent example of when people tell you NO! You continue to say Yes! -

Jeanine Balliou

"...when you talk about business savvy, articulate and knowledgeable, Chelsea Johnson comes to mind right away.  Always professional, with good ideas for success in business planning and most of all determination to see any project or task through.  She definitely has the right ingredients and elements and a high achiever. Mega kuddos!"- 

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Innovative - Resourceful - Inspirational - Diligent - Entreprenurial

"Finding Solutions that Brings Results"


Innovative and Entrepreneurial Spirited professional with a broad range of business, career and training expertise; providing clients with customize support moving their ideas from their heart to a clear, articulated and well put together blueprint.

Chelsea Johnson is a young professional that motivates and equips professionals in finding their unique position in the marketplace based on their passion and purpose. As a Recruiter she saw a unique need for professionals in articulating who they were and what it was they had to offer in planning their careers and businesses.Chelsea talents and gifts are in planning, organization, problem solving, creative ideas and leadership. She has a genuine love for people. You can always find her assisting where ever she can. Her bold and spirited approach is one that is respected among her peers. She is not afraid to tell it like it is, in love. Chelsea is a born motivator, inspiring her family and friends encouraging them to work their potential. During her employment she said, "I remained teachable, participated and created a voice for myself". All of this in her early and mid 20's which created a positive brand for her as a young professional herself.


Business Plans

Venture Capital Connection

Start-Up Strategy & Planning

Business Plans Review/Redo

Strategic Planning

Pitch Presentation Coaching

Restructuring & Reengineering for Small Businesses in Crisis

Job Search Consultancy

Personal Marketing Campaign

Career Development Courses