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ChefWorld Cookware is the result of giving customers the very best in research, quality and design since 1979. ChefWorld Cookware is made of the finest grade T304S surgical stainless steel and each unit has special heat transmitting properties for fast, even heat distribution.

The ChefWorld Cooking System gives you every reason to enjoy the art of cooking. Your commercial quality cookware comes with both waterless and nutritional capability and is also induction-ready. The sturdy surgical stainless steel craftsmanship insures a durable and easy to clean surface. And all of the cookware comes with a lifetime warranty.


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ChefWorld Inc. boasts a 32-year commitment to sourcing, designing, and producing state-of-the-art cookware and dining room crystal, china, and stemware. Through its ChefWorld Health System line, the company designs cookware of professional quality for home chefs who are both value minded and health conscious. Health System cookware offers families the dietary benefits of greaseless and waterless cooking, as well as the convenience and nutrient retention of stack cooking. Vapor-sealed covers ensure that savory flavors are retained during the journey from the stove to the dining table. ChefWorld Health System cookware is available as 23-, 15-, and 8-piece sets. Jumbo premiums include a 12-quart stock pot, a grill pan with cover, a 20-quart stock pot with cover, and a jumbo skillet with dome cover. ChefWorld Inc.’s five-layer T304S surgical stainless steel makes healthy, low-heat cooking and even heat distribution available to kitchens across America.ChefWorld Inc. offers customers high-tech options for keeping their kitchen and home environments free of smoke, grease, dust, and other hazardous air particles. Its custom-designed PureAmbience air filtration system features six distinct filtration stages that deodorize, remove dust particles, add negative ions, and provide antibacterial protection. ChefWorld Inc.’s two premium models, the PureAmbience Deluxe II and the PureAmbience Compact II, provide a rate of clean air delivery nearly one-third higher than previous versions.Rather than in traditional retail settings, ChefWorld Inc. features its products in bridal magazines and through other promotional avenues. The company is proud to act as an official sponsor of the Mrs. America Pageant, the only nationally broadcast pageant for married women in the United States. ChefWorld Inc. offers gift card and bridal registry options, making its cookware and dining ware the perfect gift for newlywed couples. Visit to learn more about ChefWorld Inc.’s full line of innovative, lifetime-engineered kitchen and home products.


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