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Yoga, pilates, running, hiking, food writing, cooking, recipe creation, travel, photography, reading, and flying.

Positions of Interest

  • Wellness Specialist working with a stable team to develop integrative health programs that will be distributed via teleseminars, web conferencing, books, or a proprietary web application.  Responsibilities would include support of web design and content creation for the portal or materials, marketing strategies for releases, recipe and menu development to enhance the programs, system development for client support, and training of client relationship personnel.
  • Principal involved with the development of health conscious eateries or other nutritious food concepts.  Responsibilities would include brand development, efficiency programs, system implementations, recipe and menu creation, training, public relations, and marketing strategies.


Meg Worden

As a health coach, Tina is my go-to resource for inventive recipes and food resources which support the health of my clients.  Her extensive experience with gluten-free and plant-based meal development helps me provide solutions for disease, weight loss, and even the common cold .  It is essential my clients feel nourished and supported and her work is an integral part of making that happen.

Chris Hill

I was engaged by Marketsmart LLC to act as COO. Tina was a direct report responsible for Client Relationship and Project Management. Where Tina really stood out was in her Client Relationship role. In any software service business that requires installation of a client - the ability to have just the right blend of technical and product knowledge, project planning and management, customer empathy and internal (within Marketsmart) respect of staff to 'get the job done' - is a rare quality. Tina has that and more. Her ability to stay 'on task' when things go off track is second to none. Complimenting this is a very strong work ethic. I would highly recommend Tina for a similar role and I expect that she is applying these core skills to her current business venture.

Lynne White

“I find Tina possesses a vast and deep knowledge of nutrition, a thoughtful relationship with food, and distinct methods of using food in ways that fuel you, taste great and inspire your next level of health. I hired Tina to coach me to my next level of nutrition and well-being. Having worked with nutritionists and health coaches in the past, what stood out most for me in working with Tina is her level of great care and time to understand all aspects of my well-being - my views, behaviors, and patterns. This holistic approach gives her rare insight into the source of things and allows her a unique perspective to coach in ways that you see immediate results. I felt respected, empowered, healthier, more alive and lighter, while enjoying great tasting food and actually saving on my monthly grocery bill. You can't beat that combination. I highly recommend her!”

Bo Rinaldi

Major gratitude goes to Tina Leigh for her hard work and devotion to the creation of recipes for my latest book.  Tina is a genius in the kitchen and a true leader in the field of plant based nutrition. 

I called on her expertise to make sure we had the finest balance of health and gourmet qualities for the recipes in "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Low-Fat Vegan Cooking." 

Tina is a shining light that has inspired me with her knowledge and passion. To work side by side with Tina on this book has been a joy, as we are truly aligned in our mission of sharing our personal experiences regarding the wonders of a low-fat vegan lifestyle with anyone interested in health.

Erik Hebert

Clean Eating as a lifestyle practice is a core principle of our company.  We searched nationwide to find a knowledgeable and experienced chef full of energy and enthusiasm.  It was essential they be able to 'own' menu development responsibilities and be a contributor to our strategy for helping raise awareness about eating pure food and living a healthy life. 

Tina was with us for over a year, and was entirely responsible for recipe development of our inventive and deliciously clean and unprocessed meals.  She dove right in and her nutrition expertise and ability to wear many hats helped take so much off our plate. 

And her well-balanced nutritious food, creative style, work ethic, creativity, and energy made her a critical asset in the development of our company." 


Tina is an Integrative Health expert with a diverse entrepreneurial and corporate background.  Her business acumen combined with a deep understanding of the demands for holistic health provide a unique fusion of skills that support a career in the ever evolving wellness industry.  She is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor, Certified Health Food Chef, published author, sensible entrepreneur, and captivating speaker.

Involvement in multiple start ups adds complementary experience in brand and marketing development, social media strategies, project implementations, content creation, product management, public relations, and client relationship building and support.  She is superbly organized, poised and professional, and is continuously polishing her skills and nurturing creativity.  An avid researcher, she thrives on applying knowledge of business relations and discoveries in health to each of her various projects. 

When working with private clientele, she is compassionate, helps clients set realistic and attainable goals, and provides practical tools to support health transformation.  As a result of personalized and attentive service, a loyal clientele value her recommendations and expertise. 

Professional Skills:  Excel, Word, Project Management Applications, Wordpress, Email Marketing, Social Media Applications (Twitter, HootSuite, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest,) Content Creation, UI Design, QA, Data Analysis, Forecasting and Budgeting, CRM, IT Implementations, Vendor and Affiliate Relationship Building, Product Development, Public Relations, Menu and Recipe Development, Staff Management, Marketing Strategies, Media Relations, Group Presentations, and Kitchen Process Efficiency.


Work experience

Nutrition Book Author

Fair Winds Publishing

Was approach by Fair Winds Publishing to author a book promoting a Balanced raw lifestyle.  The book will be titled, " Balanced Raw - The New Program that Combines Raw and Cooked Foods for Optimal Health, Weight Loss, and Vitality."  Responsibilities of the agreement include:

  • Delivery of manuscript at set iterations.
  • Collaborating with editing team to ensure timely and accurate revisions.
  • Completion and delivery of a 35,000 word manuscript and 50 original recipes.
  • Research of nutrition and medical studies that support claims made in the book and inclusion of resource sitings. 
  • A 30-day program with accompanying recipes to support readers in transitioning to a Balanced Raw lifestyle.
  • Original content describing the benefits and sound reasons for adopting a this lifestyle.

Founder | Holistic Health Counselor | Natural Foods Chef | Speaker | Author

Haute Health, LLC

Tina is the founder of a technology driven wellness practice serving individuals and corporations in their pursuit of personal and corporate wellness initiatives. 

  • Brand development and support for Haute Health Cuisine and Consulting.
  • Designed and manages development and ongoing care for corporate website and blog,
  • Develops and markets wellness programs to corporations and individuals.
  • Creates content for, and presents wellness workshops both live and virtually on various health related topics.
  • Consults wellness product manufacturers and restaurateurs on the latest advancements in health and nutrition and support them in building products and services to capitalize on these discoveries.
  • Collaborates with affiliates to develop wellness initiatives for a shared clientele.
  • Develops personalized wellness coaching programs and packages for a variety of client goals and concerns.
  • Plans, creates, and manages all social and email marketing campaigns using a variety of social networking tools.
  • Creates personalized email messaging and other social media campaigns to stay in touch with prospective and loyal clients.

Co-founder | Director of Menu Development

Organiglee, LLC
  • Developed a selection of signature meals and recipes to serve the clientele of Healthy Grocery Girl in Portland, OR.
  • Co-created workshop materials and hosted wellness seminars to audiences interested in nutrition and health. These workshops included a cooking demonstration and lecture on topics such as, "The Soy Solution", "Debunking Nutrition Myths", and "The Gluten Diaries."
  • Co-developed the Organiglee brand and website layout and content.
Mar 2012Aug 2012

Director of Menu Development

Juice Bar at Las Vegas Athletic Club (LVAC)
  • Developed recipes for signature fruit and vegetable juices to be sold at six Las Vegas Athletic Club locations with a potential to reach an audience of 200,000 members.
  • Provided training to staff at each location on the health benefits of juicing, provided key selling points, and hosted on-site trainings to demonstrate how to prepare each recipe.
  • Supported juice bar owners with the creation of marketing materials for the launch of the new menu.
  • Conducted on-site sampling events to introduce LVAC members to the new juice offerings.
  • Conducted nutritional analysis of each juice and developed a database for recipe storage.
  • Continue to support the Juice Bar in their product awareness campaign through additional staff trainings and hosting wellness seminars for members of LVAC.
Jul 2012Aug 2012

Recipe Development Consultant

Ka Formulas
  • Was engaged by Ka Formulas to develop custom meal plans and supporting recipes for both 10-day and 20-day detox programs sold to their international clientele.
  • Developed recipes within the diet restrictions set forth by the founder of Ka Formulas, while still providing aesthetic, flavor, and complexity to each dish.
  • Structured the meal plans to support a daily eating protocol of (2) smoothies, (1) lunch, (1) dinner, and (2) snacks.
  • Created smoothie recipes whose texture and flavor profile blend well with the Ka Formula's supplemental powder. 
  • Worked directly with President of Ka Formulas to provide desired content defined by him and his executive team.
May 2012Jun 2012

Cooking Lesson Talent | Recipe Developer

Yoga Body Naturals
  • Engaged by Yoga Body Naturals to film 10 cooking lessons demonstrating how to prepare raw and vegan cuisine for their membership portal.
  • Developed 10 scratch recipes in the categories of appetizers, desserts, main dishes, beverages, and salads.
  • Was filmed by a professional videographer in order to provide enough content to YBN's creative team for editing.
  • Ensured all recipes were unique in content and presentation.
  • Prepared ingredient list, equipment list, and preparation instructions for each recipe to accompany the delivery of video content.
Aug 2011May 2012

Director of Menu Development

Fixt Foods
  • Conducted competitive research and studied trends and demands of the market in order to develop a menu and meals that would be well received both locally and nationally.
  • Developed 65 diabetic and allergen-friendly, low-glycemic, vegan, and gluten-free recipes.
  • Prepared meals and hosted tastings for sampling and feedback.
  • Built an ingredient identity list to support the team in sourcing approved ingredients and worked directly with COO to secure adequate wholesale pricing.
  • Analyzed and defined nutrition data for all recipes and built a database for recipe storage.
  • Worked directly with CEO and VP on brand development and the marketing strategy to ensure the marketing plan and launch of Fixt was succinct with the cuisine and Brand.
  • Supported COO and CFO with recipe costing activities.
  • Prepared batch recipes with weight/volume yields to accurately define measurements and ensure consistency of each dish.
  • Conducted all recipe revisions and adhered to standard USDA guidelines.
Mar 2012Apr 2012

Health Counselor

NJ Corporation

Was engaged by founders of NJ Corporation to extend customized health counseling to their team of associates via a 30-day intensive program.  The group's goals included enhanced work performance, reduced illness, weight loss, reduced fatigue, and elimination of caffeine addiction.  Individuals of the group sought relief from digestive disorders, heartburn, insomnia, and irritability.  Elements of the program included:

  • Bi-monthly remote health counseling 
  • Weight loss challenges
  • A natural herbal supplement protocol
  • Fitness recommendations
  • Recipe develop to support their new eating habits
  • Review of medical labs in order to provide effective solutions for reduction of chronic discomfort
  • Grocery store tours and nutrition label education
  • Meal plans and meal tracking solutions

The results were astounding.  Not only did they all experience desired weight loss, hormone levels were balanced, anxiety was relieved, the moods of each individual were enhanced, digestive disorders and heart burn were completely dissolved, insomnia and fatigue were reduced in some and eliminated in others, and their eating and lifestyle habits for both them and their families were completely transformed.


Contributing Author | Recipe Developer

Complete Idiot's Guide Cookbook Series
  • Responsible for recipe development and content creation for a Penguin Publishing Group cookbook released this Summer, titled "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Low-Fat Vegan Cooking." 
  • It was an honor to collaborate with renowned Vegan author, Bo Rinaldi for several months during the project.  Creation of the book required 350 hours of writing and testing of low-fat vegan recipes in the categories of appetizers, salads, soups, dressings, juices, smoothies, desserts, entrèes, side dishes, wraps, and breakfast.

Cooking Lesson Talent | Recipe Developer

Cooking Healthy Lessons
  • Engaged by Cooking Healthy Lessons to be a guest chef on their membership site. 
  • Developed 2 raw-vegan dishes to be professionally filmed and edited by their production crew.
  • Was filmed by a professional videographer in order to provide enough content to CHL's creative team for editing.
  • Ensured all recipes were unique in content and committed to them only being used on the Cooking Healthy Lessons site.
  • Prepared ingredient list, equipment list, and preparation instructions for each recipe to accompany the delivery of video content.

Client Relationship | Project Manager

MarketSmart, LLC

Product & Client Manager for a SaaS based CRM/Marketing Automation software platform servicing clients in a variety of retail industries (automotive, building materials, franchise, etc.).  Responsible for managing and maintaining Product Road-Maps, client requirements, documentation, QA and implementation oversight.

  • Participated in sales meetings to extract client requirements to develop client specific sales proposals.
  • Post engagement, worked with clients to extract requirements and draft BRD/MRD documentation for Engineering and Implementation teams.
  • Conducted kick-off meetings with internal and external stakeholders (clients, sales, marketing and support teams) in support of product launches.
  • Conducted complex data discovery to determine implementation options.
  • Developed and managed project budgets, timelines and milestones.
  • Conducted regular review sessions with clients and internal teams to review progress and compliance/deviations to budget, timeline, scope, etc.
  • Collaborated with sales and marketing representatives to develop campaigns for new business and second sale opportunities with existing customers.
  • Interfaced with vendors when action was required or to explore new product ideas.

Founder | Executive Health Chef

Urban Cuisine, LLC

In 1999, Chef Tina Leigh founded Urban Cuisine in Salt Lake City, Utah.  At that time, there was limited access to fresh and convenient meals, and being an athlete and busy professional, Tina was frustrated with the scant selections.  Having worked in restaurants for the prior six years, she had a strong foundation from which to build her business and decided to launch Urban Cuisine.  As a side job, she began making meals and snacks in her home and delivered them to local businesses and residents twice weekly.  Her business rapidly grew from being a part-time gig to a full service catering and meal delivery service.  After only two years in operation, Tina needed assistance and requested the support of her brother, Garth Washburn, a seasoned, Five Star Executive Chef with 18 years experience at that time.  

In an effort to expand their market and cater to a thriving metropolis, both Tina and Garth relocated their business to southern California in 2003.

In 2009, Tina shifted her career to be more deeply rooted in providing Health and Nutrition counseling and turned Urban Cuisine over to Garth.


Design Specialist | Product Manager

On The Menu

Oversaw Product Development / Management and Operations for a technology startup offering restaurant profiles and menus online. Directed all aspects of channel development initiatives, including sales representative recruitment and training, sales and marketing program development.

  • Conducted market research by engaging with 300 high-end restaurants in 9 major US cities in order to define product requirements.
  • Held planning sessions with clients to scope representation of their brand including assistance in content writing, profile layout, image selection and link building. 
  • Managed an offshore (India) team of three developers and one UI/UX designer in support of the company's product offering, mobile applications, and all admin and support tools.
  • Consistently executed on timely release cycles to present iterations of the application to prospective and active restaurant clients and investment partners.
  • Organized and conducted kick-off meetings with clients and sales representatives to launch each new restaurant profile.
  • Developed schedules and managed new client implementations.
  • Hired, trained and managed 17 independent national sales reps.
  • Developed product brand identity and product launch strategy.

Executive Assistant

The Commandos Group, Inc.

Developed and managed Operations for a specialty women's product retailer offering a CPG product through brick and mortar and online retailers nationwide.

  • Built national sales and marketing strategy and grew active retail accounts to over sixty US and Canada locations.
  • Assisted the CEO in the development of brand and product identity and IP documentation preparation (patent applications, trademarks, etc.)
  • Oversaw the design, development and operations of the eCommerce website,
  • Managed all in-house public relations activities, including the development and distribution of press kits and cold calls to prospective editors and media personalities.

Group Sales Coordinator/Executive Assistant

The Metropolitan

Director of Operations

Studio Salon


Dixie College

Certified Holistic Health Counselor

Institute for Integrative Nutrition


Nov 2011Present

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

American Association of Drugless Practitioners

Certified Holistic Health Counselor

Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Certified Personal Chef

United States Personal Chef Association

Certified Health Chef

Spencer Institute

Certified Theta Practitioner

Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge

Officer of the Commemorative Air Force

Commemorative Airforce
Apr 2012Apr 2017

ServSafe Certified

National Restaurant Association
Mar 2011Mar 2014

Food Handler's Certified

Multnomah County Health Department