Chef Kimmy Tang, the owner of 9021Pho in Beverly Hills, California, had an interest in cooking from a very young age. A native of Saigon, Vietnam, she credits the family cook for inspiring her early fascination with the culinary arts. As a young girl, Ms. Tang would spend hours watching the family cook prepare lavish meals for her parents. Before long, she grew confident enough in her cooking abilities to begin preparing her own dishes, most of which were traditional Vietnamese meals. Chef Kimmy Tang moved to the United States in 1988, settling in California’s Central Valley and taking night classes to improve her English while working in a Chinese restaurant. When she moved to Los Angeles, Ms. Tang expanded her skills at a popular Japanese restaurant, where she began to explore new and exciting ways to prepare traditional Asian food. Eventually Ms. Tang opened her own restaurant, Michelia Asian Bistro, which was an instant hit with diners and praised by several of Los Angeles’ esteemed food critics.Following the massive success of Michelia, Chef Kimmy Tang opened 9021Pho in 2009. The restaurant features a variety of health conscious menu options inspired by cuisine from Vietnam, France, and California. She opened a second location in the Westlake Village neighborhood of Los Angeles a year later. Aside from her involvement in her restaurants, Ms. Tang is also active in several charitable organizations, including Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, Healing Arts Reaching Kids, and the Boys and Girls Club of Los Angeles.

Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2009 - Present