Chaunna Steen

Chaunna Steen


Certification Exams

PASS              Oklahoma General Education Test (OGET)

PASS              Oklahoma Subject Area Test (OSAT)

                                    Biological Science

                                    Physical Science

PASS              Oklahoma Professional Teaching Examination (OPTE)

                                    Secondary Education



Courses Taught

Aug. 2007- Dec. 2010Integrated Biology  

Aug. 2007- Dec. 2010On-Level Biology

Aug. 2009- Dec. 20010 Pre-Advanced Placement Biology

Aug. 2012- PresentKindergarten Aide 


2013 - Present       M.S. in Curriculum Development and Instructional Technology

                                   SUNY at Albany

2005 -2007            B.S. in Science Education Emphasis in Biology

                                 Northeastern State University, Oklahoma

2004-2005             Associates of Arts

                                Tulsa Community College, Oklahoma

2004                       Completed a Project Wild

                                Tulsa Community College, Oklahoma

2002-2004            68 credits at Jamestown College

                                Jamestown, North Dakota

2002                    Graduated from Homer High School

                              Homer, Alaska

Scientific Method Using Mythbust