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Passionate, responsible and committed engineer with a get-it-done, on-time spirit and more than 4 and half years of experience designing, implementing and adapting technically sophisticated web and standalone applications using Microsoft Technologies and open source frameworks using JAVA and C#. Proficient in C# infrastructure, architecture design, language standards, object modelling technologies and application life cycle management.



B Tech (ECE)

Northern India Engineering College Singh Indraprastha University

Graduated in Electronics and Communication from Northern India Engineering College (Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi) in year 2011 with an aggregate of 73%.


Intermediate of science

St. Xavier's College

Completed Intermediate of Science from St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi (Jharkhand Academic Council) in year 2007 with an aggregate of 70%.



Jharkhand Academic Council

Scored 80% in 10th board exam in 2004 from Jharkhand Academic Council.

Work experience

Apr 2012Present

Team Lead

Nirvana Solutions

Working in the finance domain with an evolving organization to learn and apply various technologies. Current designation is senior software engineer. Got an opportunity to learn open source frameworks and successfully implemented these in existing product of Nirvana.

May 2011Oct 2011

Software engineer trainee

Aquarian InfoTech

Worked in web domain as software engineer to learn and evolve in the industry. I created a light weight news website, which uses XML to store data and settings to avoid any overhead.

May 2011Oct 2011


Valid pages

Worked as intern in industry and created movie show booking portal for the organization. I used web technologies as HTML, XML, XHTML and CSS.



C# (Proficient)
JAVA (Intermediate)
HTML/XML/XHTML (Intermediate)


ASP.NET (Proficient)
Win-Forms (Proficient)
CEP with ESPER (Proficient)
LINQ (Intermediate)
NHibernate (Intermediate)
WCF and other Microsoft Technologies (Intermediate) Data Warehousing, OLTP and OLAP, ETL (Beginner) Big Data analytics, Cassandra (Beginner)
Drools (Intermediate)
Guvnor (Intermediate)
Maven/ANT (Intermediate)


IIS (Proficient)
Apache server (Proficient)
jBoss (Intermediate)


MSSQL server (Proficient)
MYSQL (Beginner)

Development Tools:

Visual studio (2012/2010/2005) (Proficient)
Eclipse (Juno) (Proficient)
Subversion server (Proficient)
Subversion client TortoiseSVN/AnkhSVN/Subversive (Proficient)


  1. Risk: Risk parameters such as VaR, Component VaR needs to be calculated for client portfolio to help analyse their status and exposure to the market. This module was developed using R statistical library. Currently this module calculates Value at Risk and component value at risk and other parameters are calculated using other tools. As this module and framework has faster calculation speed for historical time series data, it is now going to be used for all risk related historical calculation.
    • Role: Developer
    • Technology and tools: R, MSSQL, RODBC, Performance Analytics, RQuantLib
    • Team Size: 1
    • Organization: Nirvana Financial Solutions
  2. Allocation: Allocation is heart module for any financial application. This module distributes the trades across different funds/accounts. In this module main area of work was Fair Pricing and optimization. Using fair pricing allows the traders to allocate/distribute the trades based on prices, so that no fund is preferred. In optimization, used and optimized NHibernate to handle hundred thousands of rows of complex objects.
    • Role: Developer and lead
    • Technology and tools: C#.NET, MSSQL 2005, NHibernate, WCF
    • Team Size: 5
    • Organization: Nirvana Financial Solutions
  3. Compliance: Compliance handles all client specified rules to validate pre-defined conditions. Nirvana is one of the very few of the providers of compliance. There are two parts of it: pre-trade and post-trade. This module handle real-time calculation using esper cep, real-time rule validation using drools and rules are hosted on jBoss-Guvnor. Communication done is using WCF and RabbitMQ. This was the first project in Nirvana using Java and open source tools. Maven is used for versioning and packaging.
    • Role: Developer and lead
    • Technology and tools: Java, Esper, Drools-Guvnor, Json, jBoss, RabbitMQ, OpenWebkitSharp, Maven
    • Team Size: 6
    • Organization: Nirvana Financial Solutions
  4. Patch management: As Nirvana has custom setup of its cloud hosted applications; I contributed in designing and developing custom solution for it. Later java build was also included, so used maven for this. This tool automatically builds patches and deploys to production on demand. This tool was developed with customized handling of lots of modules as well as for client specific deployment.
    • Role: Developer
    • Technology and tools: C#.NET, MSBuild, Maven
    • Team Size: 2
    • Organization: Nirvana Financial Solutions
  5. Source code server set up: Source code was initially set up for India team only. So make it accessible to everyone in organization master-slave architecture is used. Slave makes it faster reading for each team separated by geographical location, while master is used to make commits synchronized. Write through proxy is used to make slaves in sync. Two slave and a master server is set up. Read is done using local slave server in campus and write/commit is done to master located at co-location server.
    • Role: Developer
    • Technology and tools: Subversion, Apache, TortoiseSVN, AnkhSVN
    • Team Size: 1
    • Organization: Nirvana Financial Solutions
  6. Light weight news website: For using intra-organization news, this light website was created. It uses XML instead of database to store data. Although it’s capacity of handling news was not big but it can handle very fast/frequent changes. Hosting of this website was also low in terms of cost.
    • Role: Developer
    • Technology and tools: ASP.NET, C#, XML, XHTML, CSS
    • Team Size: 2
    • Organization: Aquarian InfoTech
  7. Movie ticket booking portal: While working with valid pages as intern, I got a chance to work on ASP.NET technology.
    • Role: Developer
    • Technology and tools: ASP.NET, C#.NET
    • Team Size: 5
    • Organization: Valid Page

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Selected Acheivements

  • Set up master and slave SVN code server for Nirvana Solutions.
  • Learnt basics of JAVA and implemented basics of open source CEP framework (ESPER) in less than a month.
  • Got promoted four times in three years in Nirvana solutions from software trainee to senior software engineer.
  • Helped in recruitment, training of new team members.
  • Learnt and implemented basics of WIF in windows forms within time constraints.
  • Created a very light weight news website based on XMLs instead of any databases.
  • Scored more than 85% in NCFM certification exams.
  • Ranked 1st in district in 10th board exams.

Personal Information

  • Father Name: Shashi Bhushan Choubey
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Permanent Address: New Colony Rehla, Palamu, Jharkhand – 822124