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All-Star Cheerleading Director and Instructor who leverages experience with a diverse client base to meet each athlete's unique needs, seeking a position in the All-Star Cheerleading industry. Comfortable working with wide age range in a healthy, fun environment. Ability to speak clearly in an organized and entertaining fashion. Available to work hours with variable schedule to include weekends and travel. Lifelong passion for All-Star Cheerleading with experience in private instruction, All-Star/Prep coaching, directing and camp settings.

Work experience

May 2015Apr 2016

Gym Director

All That Cheer 

Managing 80+ athletes between the class, and cheer programs. Responsibilities included communication with parents, class scheduling, team member  management and staff scheduling. Within the year of directing All That Cheer, program numbers nearly doubled for athletes enrolled. Yielding a extra $6,000 per month. 

Sep 2014May 2015


Cheer 808 

While employed with Cheer 808  responsibilities included coaching cheer teams and directing the tumbling program.

May 2013Aug 2014

All-Star Prep Director, Team Coach, Private Instructor

Cheer Athletics Austin

Managing multiple responsibilities while employed at Cheer Athletics, Austin.  Responsibilities included All-Star team Coach, Private lesson Instructor, and Director of the All-Star Prep Program.

Coached All-Star teams at levels one through five. (Jr 1, Yth 2, Jr 3, Jr 4, Jr 5).   The responsibility of a team coach at Cheer Athletics Austin includes many responsibilities, such as team selections, summer training, composing all teams' choreography by a set date and running bi-weekly practices throughout the season, including providing athletes consistent feedback on their performance.   Each team was analyzed monthly on their performance.  Each coach was held to a standard of each routine which consisted of not only hitting the score sheet, but having zero deduction routines across the board as well.

Held the position as the first Director of the All-Star Prep program at the Austin location and was in charge of the entirety of the program.  Responsibilities included creating the tryout process, promoting the program, hiring a staff, creating the competition schedule and all administration work for the program.  Additional responsibilities included staff oversight, creating scheduling deadlines for staff, and creating the choreography for the teams. The program brought in 50 new athletes which comprised of three teams and yielded over $7,000 per month into the program. The ASP season lasted from November 2013 to April 2014. The program's success was compiled of three first-place awards, four second-place awards, and two third-place finishes.

Spent over 35 hours per week as a private lesson Instructor. Managed scheduling and pricing for 25-35 clients at any one time.  Held the highest number of private lessons for athletes within the Cheer Athletics staff.

Aug 2012May 2013

Team Coach, Class Instructor

Woodlands Elite

Responsibilities included providing private lessons, instructor for classes (beginner-elite), camps, Basic Training, and team coaching.

Team coach of Junior 2, Youth 2 and Junior 4. Team coaches met weekly to discuss the success of each team in the gym.  Provided feedback regarding athletes on each team, as well as stunts, choreography and overall performance, to ensure that each routine was being executed and hitting the score sheet properly.

As an instructor for the Basic Training program at the Magnolia location, prepared athletes in the introductory classes to move up to the All-Star program.  Responsible for creating mini routines and teaching all basic fundamentals of cheer.

Feb 2008Aug 2011

Team Coach, Class Instructor

Matrix All-Stars

Began cheerleading career at the Matrix All-Star program.   With a passion for cheer, coaching teams and working with local high school cheer teams was an obvious fit.  Coached levels one, two, and four. Working every day for three years with a variety of cheer teams and levels, along with performing with the 2009-2010semi-limited team, and the 2010-2011 International team. From the Matrix All-Stars, moved to Texas to perform on the World- renowned Cheer Athletics Wildcats team, 2011-2012 season. 


Scott Neff (Co-Worker, Matrix All-Stars, Music Producer)

(614) 551-5472

Anne Jolly (Team Mom, Local Preist)

(864) 787-7308

Richey Peppers (Owner, The Matrix All-Stars)

(614) 634-6448

Laney Fisher (Mother, Cheer Athletics Austin)

(512) 791-8090

Geno Escobedo (Co-worker, Cheer Athletics Austin)

(512) 573-0275

Tye Hill (Team Coach, Cheer Athletics Charlotte)

(405) 334-8732

Kristina Leblanc ( Co- Director, Cheer Athletics Austin 

(469) 223-4200

Devin Carrol (Director, Woodlands Elite Magnolia)

(361) 772-5339


Graduated 2009

Sylvania Northview

Cheer For A Change

2103-2014 Board of Director for the non-profit organization, Cheer For A Change.  CFAC put on many different events raising money to help pay for athletes that can not afford the sport of All-Star cheerleading. June 2014 Cheer For A Change set out and organized a mission trip to the third world country of Haiti! This journey consisted of 11 people from the ages of 11-23 years old.This experience was a life changing event where each individual involved spent one week helping in the villages and attending Haitian church services.


CPR/First Aid Certified

USASF Certified Tumbling & Stunting levels 1-5

United States All-Star Federation