Chase Alton

Chase Alton


i am a motivated graphic artist who always strives for the right design for each project. i am working on different projects all the time and always find the time to finish each one just the way i want it. i also have an eye for every single detail that goes into my work.

i am skilled in:

Adobe Photoshop cs3

Adobe illustrator cs3

Adobe Flash cs3 action script 2.0 & 3.0

Adobe Premiere cs3

video editing

video production

website development

Work experience

Work experience
Sep 2007 - Present

senior game advisor

Oct 2008 - Present

graphic design/ video production

Heretic Motorsports

Heretic motor sports is a small company my brother owns and i am doing all aspects of the marketing for him like website, advertising posters, commercials, logo's, shirt design, and anything he needs.

Jun 2009 - Aug 2009

graphic design


doing concept designs for the company's website and a concept website in Adobe Flash cs3.


Sep 2007 - Present



my work