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Chase D. Renninger

Sustainable Agriculture Consultant, Educator


Aug 2009May 2015

Environmental Studies: Agroecology and Sustainable  Community Development

Prescott College: Attended both full and part-time 

-Developed on campus edible school gardens

-Created an 1/4 acre urban homestead; meat, milk , vegetable and fruit. 

-Interned at school farm

-Agroecology Summer Semester Masters Program

Aug 2010Dec 2010

Conservation Biology

SUNY: Environmental and Forestry College


Feb 2012Feb 2012

Permaculture Design Certification 200hr

Prescott College: Barnabas Kane L.A.

This was a month long intensive course on permaculture design which involved sustainable landscape design, ecological building and retrofitting.


Lead Piping Removal and Disposal


Nutritional Therapist

Health Sciences Academy

Currently enrolled in an online certification class to become a nutritional therapist.

Work History


Permaculture and Ag Consulting


During my free time I work with individual land owner to transform their properties into functioning food systems.  I do mostly remote consulting and some onsite consulting.


Assistant Carpenter 

Four Brothers Carpentry: Design and Build

Currently I am employed doing higher end carpentry in Washington D.C. This was an opportunity for me to expand on my knowledge of carpentry to further my ability to Manage and Consult for Farms.

May 2014July 2015

Farm Consultant and Irrigation Contractor. 

Self Employed

I worked for two farms in South Carolina over the course of the summer and fall of 2014; consisting of machinery operation and irrigation system installation. I relocated to south carolina to explore properties to start my own farm and consulting company. I was the temporary head of maintenance for Bella Vista Farm/ Animal Sanctuary. The other farm was my families horse and hay farm, where I had obligations to help with irrigation troubles and animal care. Soon after this, I was granted the opportunity to move to Hawaii to finish my final college research and consulted for a farm: Kauai Island Organics. 

Aug 2012Mar 2014

Farm Manager 

Hassayampa Farm and Vineyard

I managed a 160 acre farm consisting of; 12 acres of vineyards, 2 acre organic garden, 1 acre orchard, 200 egg layer chickens, 3 milking cows. I lead a team of 4 employees  in addition to a mentorship of one intern.  

Jan 2011Aug 2011

Chase's Farm

I took a semester off of school during the spring and summer of 2011, renting 12 acres of property where I taught myself how to farm and live off of the land. I bought, sold and raised rotationally grazed livestock consisting of; sheep, pigs, ducks, geese and chickens. I sustained myself off this piece of land through growing vegetables, eggs and raising/slaughtering my own meat. 


Farm Operation and Management

I have a wide array of skills that allow me to operate a farm. I have been developing skills in this field for the past 10 years from working as a ranch hand and landscaper in high school to managing a farm in college. Some of these skills include; operating machinery, irrigation installation, carpentry pasture system management, fencing, animal husbandry,integrated pest management, soil conservation and rehabilitation, composting,  budget and risk assessment, managing contractors, long-term sustainability planning, organic certification planning., community outreach and market development, etc. 

Environmental Sciences; Ecology, Conservation Biology

I have an education background and passion for the environment. My specific interests during my education included conservation biology issues through agricultural practices and how to prevent those issues. Water Pollution, Habitat Corridor Loss, Environmental Policy, and Environmental Justice were my main concentrations. 

Team Leadership/Management

Working with a team and team building are a strong suit. I thrive in a social settings and would describe myself as an extrovert. For me working with a team involves a hands-on approach, and I consistently illicit feedback and input from my co-workers.  

Sustainable and Off-grid Development

I have lived off of the grid for a total of 2 years, where I had to teach myself and develop systems that allowed me to thrive in wilderness environments. Some of these specific skills include; building ecological dwellings, human waste composting, using solar technologies, water purification, hunting and trapping, timber harvesting, cooking, wild foraging and natural medicine. 

Social Justice

My interest in environmental sciences and social issues has lead me to create moral and ethical constructions to the way I live my life. Through my education and life experiences I have developed a code of equality and ethical understanding of the world. This background has allowed me to help others understand how to blend the social, economic and environmental spheres of the world together in a ethically just manor. 


I have been giving and practicing presentation skills and lectures for the past six years.  During my college career I have given over 100 oral / computer facilitated presentations.  I have a knack for accurately conveying my research regardless of the subject in a passionate and captivating way. I also taught a 5th grade environmental science class during my last semester of college. 

Creative Writing 

I am skilled in creative writing, specifically in writing pieces that cover a research topic. I write in a way that allows me to present information in an analytical yet creative and readable format, making it exciting for the reader.