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Work experience

Mar 2012Present


  • Makes one or more sortations of outgoing and/or incoming mail using the appropriate sort program or manual distribution scheme.
  • On a rotation basis, performs all of the following duties: loads mail onto automated equipment, culling out non-processable items; enters sort plan and starts equipment; monitors flow of mail to ensure continuous feed; sweeps separated mail from bins stackers; and stops equipment when distribution run or operation is completed.
  • Runs machine reports, clears jams and contacts maintenance for assistance when required.
  • Prepares work area, ensuring all necessary support equipment and materials, including labels, trays, and other containers, are in place.
  • Removes sorted mail from bins or separations and places into appropriate trays or containers for further processing or dispatch based on knowledge of operating plans and dispatch schedules, or at the instruction of supervisors or expediters; may riffle or verify mail to ensure sortation accuracy as needed.
  • In addition, may perform any of the following duties: provide service at public window for non-financial transactions; maintain records of mails; examine balances in advance deposit accounts; and record and bill mail requiring special service.
  • Follows established safe work methods, procedures and safety precautions while performing all duties.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
Feb 2012Mar 2012

Data Conversion Operator

  • Input data quickly and accurately using a variety of keying rules.
  • Assist in other areas when needed.
  • Maintain a high level of accuracy.
May 2011Mar 2012

Data Verifier

  • Verify insurance claims from home for accuracy.
  • Maintain client confidentiality.
  • Attend company training via conferencing.
Jan 2012Feb 2012


Sedgwick County Department of Corrections
May 2007Feb 2011

Data Conversion Operator

  • Input data quickly and accurately using a variety of keying rules.
  • Assist in other areas when needed.
  • Maintain a high level of accuracy.
Oct 2006Sep 2008

Independent Sales Contractor

  • Plan, organize, and execute fun and entertaining sales presentations for groups of people.
  • Obtain referrals.
  • Make product suggestions.
  • Collect money due.
  • Place customer orders in a timely manner via a computer system.
  • Maintain client confidentiality.
  • Maintain files on clients to schedule future presentations.
  • Follow through on all customer problems and requests.
  • Come up with creative solutions to situations that arose.
Mar 2007May 2007

Community Service Couselor

  • Research customer accounts.
  • Meet with families to make pre-need arrangements.
  • Make pre-need presentations.
  • Write pre-need cemetery contracts.
  • Collect money due.
  • Follow through on all customer problems and requests.
  • Obtain referrals.
  • Prospect daily.
Sep 2005Mar 2006

Home Health Aide

  • Assist adults with daily living and social skills.
  • Maintain a clean and safe living environment for the clients.
  • Plan and prepare daily meals.
  • Assist clients with planning and execution of daily activities.
  • Transport clients to and from activities and appointments as necessary.
  • Maintain client confidentiality.
  • Administer medication reminders or medicine as required by each client.
  • Monitor and assist clients with financial issues.
  • Assist clients in any other capacity as needed.
Feb 2003Jun 2005

Lead Skills Trainer

St. Vincent, New Hope
  • Teach daily living skills to developmentally disabled adults.
  • Coordinate client integration into the community.
  • Determine, write and implement client goals.
  • Maintain a clean and safe environment for the clients.
  • Plan and prepare daily nutritional meals.
  • Purchase grocery, medical, office, household, and program supplies.
  • Answer telephones and resolve family concerns.
  • Plan activities.
  • Schedule medical appointments.
  • Transport clients to and from activities/appointments.
  • Handle and file confidential client information.
  • Maintain client confidentiality.
  • Administer client medication.
  • Manage and balance client bank accounts.
  • Complete and ensure prompt payment of all client debts.
  • Assist with planning and running staff meetings.
  • Train new employees.
  • Act as stand-in for supervisor.
  • Promoted from Skills Trainer six months after date of hire.
Oct 2002Dec 2002


Sep 2001Jun 2002


REM Indiana
Oct 2000Nov 2001

Children's Sales Associate



Aug 2009Jul 2012


Aug 1998May 2003


Ball State University

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