Charmaine Goh

Charmaine Goh

{ traveller's creed }

To look at things differently.

To look at beauty in imperfections.

To look at beauty in the ordinary.

To look through the eyes of a tourist.

To be a stranger on a strange land.

To bring all these to the creative industry.

{ places of interests }

Creative boutique (as a Art Director)

{ interests }

Definitely travelling!

Across countries or even within the city,

I just love to explore and be amazed.

{ traveller's tale }

Everyone loves to travel.The world suddenly turns so fascinating when we travel. Only as we look through the eyes of a tourist will we realise how beautiful the world actually is. With the four years of preparation all packed in my baggage, I’m all set and ready to make full use of my time enjoying every single bit of my next destination.

Advertising should be the same. It's the art of finding

beauty out of something ordinary and then sell it - big!

Work experience

Work experience
Apr 2009 - Jun 2009

Part-Timer (Administration)

Wallem Shipping International

A job I found before I came to Melbourne.

Indeed, it introduced me to many many more places in the world.

From this short duration of three months, I developed better people skills

as I had to communicate with with people from different departments.

Although it is not a job related to design or advertising, it had definitely 

strengthened my personality.

Feb 2008 - Apr 2008

Graphic Designer (Intern)

Avant Garden Studios

Did a three-month stint at Avant Garden Studios in sunny Singapore.

I conceptualized and designed websites, e-newletters and Flash games.

That's where I learnt the importance of human-centred design and

how it can never be underestimated.


Jul 2009 - Present

Bachelor in Applied Communications


Just came not too long ago and I'm definitely enjoying it!

Apr 2006 - Apr 2009

Diploma in Creative Media Design

Singapore Polytechnic

Probably the best three years in my life!

Jan 2002 - Dec 2005

Jurong Secondary School
Jan 1996 - Dec 2001

Pioneer Primary School



Adobe InDesign

3D Maya

Final Cut Pro

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Flash

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

{ passport }