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My name is Charlie Youds, and I have three passions:

software, statistics, and game design.

Work experience

Next Level Media Inc.


Full-Stack Developer

Current developing an enterprise-level statistical data software application in R and JavaScript, predicting trends based on decades of data. Previously developed back-end and front-end systems for, a leading e-sports team's web site, as well as a Fraser Valley real-estate hub I lead a small team of developers to complete these goals.

Independent Game Design


Lead Programmer

I am currently developing a role-playing game programmed entirely in HaXe, composed with the frameworks OpenFL and Lime, as well as the HaxeFlixel library. My three-person team hopes to finish in 2017 and release a free, polished product that, with any luck, inspires others to attempt game design. I moderate a Discord channel in my down-time from this, in which I answer questions regarding this language as well as the HaXeFlixel game-design framework.

360 Media Inc.


Front-End Web Developer

Designed and developed a commercial website for a 360 Media project. I worked with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, MongoDB, and Node.js. I grew an understanding of what is necessary to create modern, approachable designs for the current customer.

Gore Brothers New Homes Inc.


IT Administrator

Performed system administration tasks including, but not limited to: server integration, backup automation, web maintenance and programming, technical support, web sales, and graphic design. Automated and increased the ease-of-use of our in-office systems.

Stream Global Services


Technical Support

Ensured a positive client experience through technical support. Answered questions regarding products as well as general inquiries and issues. Completed calls enthusiastically, as well as in an efficient and effective manner.

Talent Tree









Assembly (x86)


University of the Fraser Valley


Bachelor of Computer Information Systems (Conc. Software Engineering)

Graduated with a four-year degree in Computer Information Systems.

Concentrated studies in the field of Software Engineering.

Placed on the Dean’s List for Academic Achievement.

University of the Fraser Valley


Bachelor of Arts

Completed two years in the study of academic writing.


• Adept with numerous IDEs such as Eclipse, NetBeans, Visual Studio, FlashDevelop, HaXeDevelop, and more

• Experienced across many game engines/frameworks such as Unity,  Flixel, and XNA

• Strong skills across various platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS

• Knowledgeable in databases like SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL

• Have tested, designed, and implemented project management resources to complete tasks, such as UML documentation, Gantt charts, use case scenarios, data-flow diagrams, and adherence to the Software Development Life Cycle

• Dealt in systems networking relating to complex routing, system-level configuration, and IP addressing

• Trained in machine learning and data structure algorithms, as well as accompanying software such as R

• Proficient in both mathematics and statistics

• Experienced in back-end environments such as Node.js and frameworks such as AngularJS

• Familiar with both Gulp and Grunt task runners

• Several years hands-on experience with Angular Material and Bootstrap

• Countless hours of NPM and Bower experience


At the end of the day, my top priority is to be working in either of my three passionate fields. On the software end of the spectrum, I am able to program and design tools to help others. On the statistical, big-data end of the spectrum, I am able to harness the raw power of facts, calculations, and formulae to problem-solve. Game design sits in the middle of my two other passions, as it utilizes both the programming and design elements of software, with the calculated precision of mathematics.

Echo Reborn

This JRPG is the result of a great deal of work, some study of design, and a bunch of passionate people all collaborating together. We hope to release it in 2017 as a free product and a means of inspiring others to pursue their passions.


I've worked on websites/applications from real-estate to gaming (even a Hearthstone deck-builder and tracker application), and now in the field of statistical analysis, with no signs of stopping any time soon.