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Work experience

OYAP Trust


Associate Artist / Trainer / Mentor

I have worked on numerous projects with OYAP leading their Kick Arts Flexi-school program, training the Young Leaders in faciilitation skills and Mentoring young artists through their early careers in the arts worlds.



Freelance Arts Facilitator

I have been commissed to make work, designed and delivered learning projects, created installations and performances, interactive workshops and skills based projects for a range of clients including the National Trust, Crisis Skylight, The Tate Gallery, The Pitt Rivers Museuem, OCM, OYAP Trust, The Story Museum, Oxford University Education Department, Mousetrap Theatre Projects, M-Shed, The Arnofini, Wordquest, Lemos & Crane and many more.

D'Overbroecks College


School Counsellor

Providing students and staff with a safe, supportive space to reflect on difficulties and comtemplate alternative ways of being. I incorporate the arts in the work I do, responding to the needs and the interest of each person I work with.

The Codpast


Editor / Codpast

Working with Sean Douglass to edit some of the programs on his website for adults with Dyslexia.

Grove FM


Radio Station Coordinator / Podcast Producer

Creating innovative and playful podcasts and radio programs with children, teachers and parents. I co-produced songs with the children and created some award winning films, songs and animations (Amnesty Internation and BFI)

British Council Comelius


Lead Trainer / Facilitator - Schools Radio for Learning

Training 6 schools in Southwark and 5 in the Algarve Portugal to edit sound and use Radio as a pedagogical tool for working with students with barriers to their learning (with splds or Easl.)


Arts Awards


Explore & Discover and Gold & Silver

I am a trained Arts Award Advisor.

Middlesex University 


Integrative Child and Adolescent Counselling and Psychotherapy - Terapia Institute

Post Graduate Diploma in working with children and adolescents working with

Middlesex Univerity


Foundation Studies in Adult Counselling

A basic training in counselling skills and the different theorectical schools in psychotherapy.



Level 1 & 2 Philospophy for Children

Developing children's reflective thinking skills using philosophical questioning.



Brussels, Physical Theatre Post Graduate Diploma

Trained in the Lecoq Pedagogy - devising theatre, learning aspects of mime, pantomime, clowning, Bouffon, commedia del arte, chorus and ensemble work as well as

Brighton University


B.A Hons

Theatre and Visual Art. Devising Theatre, creating sound installations, studying photography,


Digital Media

I edit using Logic, Garage Band, Sound-Forge, Final Cut, I-movie, i-stop motion. I  create simple, stylish websites using wordpress, moonfruit, band camp.
I am a quick learner and am confident with technology.

Writing / Devising

Whether it's poetry, theatre, films, stories, songs or reviews I have a repertoire of creative tasks and activities which I use to structure my workshops and ensure that participants produce high quality work.

Music / Singing

I play the Ukulele, cello, musical saw, accordion. Using a loop pedal I sing and write my own songs, as well as playing in music sessions. I am also working on a project which using three-part harmonies to explore the stories and songs of the Oxford Canal.


I am able to respond quickly to project briefs and can tailor make project to fit with parnters aims and objectives. My creativity is also very useful when I am faciliating projects because I am able to respond to the participants interests and channel their passions into concrete project using my portfolio of creative exercises and games.

Improvisation / performance

My  clowning training allows me to thrive in the land of the unknown, I relish the experience of working with 'disadvanted' or 'disengaged' people and using humor, spontaneity to build connections and make relationships stronger.