Work experience

Work experience

OYAP Trust

2012 - Present

Associate Artist / Trainer / Mentor

I have worked on numerous projects with OYAP leading their Kick Arts Flexi-school program, training the Young Leaders in faciilitation skills and Mentoring young artists through their early careers in the arts worlds.


2002 - Present

Freelance Arts Facilitator

I have been commissed to make work, designed and delivered learning projects, created installations and performances, interactive workshops and skills based projects for a range of clients including the National Trust, Crisis Skylight, The Tate Gallery, The Pitt Rivers Museuem, OCM, OYAP Trust, The Story Museum, Oxford University Education Department, Mousetrap Theatre Projects, M-Shed, The Arnofini, Wordquest, Lemos & Crane and many more.

D'Overbroecks College

2015 - Present

School Counsellor

Providing students and staff with a safe, supportive space to reflect on difficulties and comtemplate alternative ways of being. I incorporate the arts in the work I do, responding to the needs and the interest of each person I work with.

The Codpast

2015 - Present

Editor / Codpast

Working with Sean Douglass to edit some of the programs on his website for adults with Dyslexia.

Grove FM

2006 - 2015

Radio Station Coordinator / Podcast Producer

Creating innovative and playful podcasts and radio programs with children, teachers and parents. I co-produced songs with the children and created some award winning films, songs and animations (Amnesty Internation and BFI)

British Council Comelius

2013 - 2015

Lead Trainer / Facilitator - Schools Radio for Learning

Training 6 schools in Southwark and 5 in the Algarve Portugal to edit sound and use Radio as a pedagogical tool for working with students with barriers to their learning (with splds or Easl.)



Arts Awards

2012 - Present

Explore & Discover and Gold & Silver

I am a trained Arts Award Advisor.

Middlesex University 

2012 - 2015

Integrative Child and Adolescent Counselling and Psychotherapy - Terapia Institute

Post Graduate Diploma in working with children and adolescents working with

Middlesex Univerity

2013 - 2013

Foundation Studies in Adult Counselling

A basic training in counselling skills and the different theorectical schools in psychotherapy.


2010 - 2012

Level 1 & 2 Philospophy for Children

Developing children's reflective thinking skills using philosophical questioning.



Brussels, Physical Theatre Post Graduate Diploma

Trained in the Lecoq Pedagogy - devising theatre, learning aspects of mime, pantomime, clowning, Bouffon, commedia del arte, chorus and ensemble work as well as

Brighton University

2001 - 2004

B.A Hons

Theatre and Visual Art. Devising Theatre, creating sound installations, studying photography,



Digital Media

I edit using Logic, Garage Band, Sound-Forge, Final Cut, I-movie, i-stop motion. I  create simple, stylish websites using wordpress, moonfruit, band camp.
I am a quick learner and am confident with technology.

Writing / Devising

Whether it's poetry, theatre, films, stories, songs or reviews I have a repertoire of creative tasks and activities which I use to structure my workshops and ensure that participants produce high quality work.

Music / Singing

I play the Ukulele, cello, musical saw, accordion. Using a loop pedal I sing and write my own songs, as well as playing in music sessions. I am also working on a project which using three-part harmonies to explore the stories and songs of the Oxford Canal.


I am able to respond quickly to project briefs and can tailor make project to fit with parnters aims and objectives. My creativity is also very useful when I am faciliating projects because I am able to respond to the participants interests and channel their passions into concrete project using my portfolio of creative exercises and games.

Improvisation / performance

My  clowning training allows me to thrive in the land of the unknown, I relish the experience of working with 'disadvanted' or 'disengaged' people and using humor, spontaneity to build connections and make relationships stronger.