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Personal Summary

I am an enthusiastic media professional looking to further my career within the industry. Having already spent time working for the likes of Thomson Reuters,  I am endowed with the experience and aptitude to work confidently and proficiently within the most demanding media environments. I have an excellent knowledge of the digital media landscape and an advanced, yet broad, practical media skillset (as shown below).

Media Work Experience

Sep 2015Present

Online Content Executive


Duties include: 

  • Writing informative and engaging reviews of 'nightlife' venues. 
  • Creating online marketing campaigns for DesignMyNight content. 
  • Optimising all content for search engines.
  • Using Google Analytics to identify consumer trends, and furthermore,  catering future content in accordance to these identified audience behaviours/trends. 
  • Researching and writing news articles.
Nov 2014Feb 2015

Online News and Content Editor


Duties included: 

  • Commissioning articles from freelance and in-house writers, ensuring they met company standards for relevance and style. 
  • Providing timely feedback and recommendations to writers,  ensuring content met the required quality for publishing. 
  • Generating feature content ideas for writing staff when necessary. 
  • Fact-checking and sub-editing articles before publication. 
  • Analysing content consumption trends (via analytics tools) and developing a strategic publishing schedule - maximising the audience reach of all content.
  • Ensuring  all sections of the website maintained a consistent flow of new, high-quality content. 
  • Ensuring all content was optimised for search engines.
  • Researching and writing long-form feature articles.
  • Managing social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Youtube) -- During my tenure, the '@hrreview' Twitter account saw saw a sharp rise in followers, from ~8,700 to ~16,000. 
  • Creating and distributing a bi-weekly digital newsletter (which adhered to an extremely strict schedule).
Jul 2014Jan 2015

Assistant Social Media Editor

People’s Park Tavern

Duties included: 

  • Managing social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) - creating and publishing engaging content on social media channels, generating discussion and increasing the company's social reach. 
  • Audience engagement - using social media channels as a platform to interact with customers, asking them for recommendations on new products/menus.
  • Promoting deals and events.
Sep 2014Dec 2014

Culture Editor

Westminster News Online (WNOL)

Duties included: 

  • Developing stories and content ideas with consideration of target demographic and audience appeal.
  • Sourcing, scheduling and publishing news stories.
  • Researching and writing articles.
  • Fact-checking and sub-editing articles before  publication.
  • Organising and conducting interviews - interviewees included:  Patrick Swaffer (President of the  British Board of Film Classification - BBFC);  Patrick Klepek (Senior Reporter at Kotaku);  Arthur Gies (Reviews Editor at Polygon); Logan Decker (Former Editor-in-Chief at PC GAMER ) and many more. 
May 2014Jul 2014

Journalist/Researcher (Intern)

Thomson Reuters

Duties included:

  • Investigating, researching and writing articles for the commodities section (oil desk).
  • Analysing newly-released, complex data and producing digestible, engaging articles and infographics (oil desk)
  • Video-editing for online publication (tech video desk).
  • Organising and conducting interviews - interviewees included:  Jamie Oliver (TV Chef) and Kris Van Broekhoven (Global Head of Commodity Trade Finance, CitiGroup)

Text section

Other Work Experience

Student Ambassador

University of Westminster

Sep 2014 – July 2015

Duties included:

  • ‘The face of the University of Westminster’.
  • Delivering seminars and lectures to prospective students on open days.
  • Supporting the University of Westminster in student recruitment.
  • Ensuring an excellent visitor experience when showing visitors around campus and answering questions on student life.


People’s Park Tavern

May 2014 – Jan 2015

Duties included:

  • Coaching individual team members - developing their skills and maximising the performance of the workforce.
  • Delegating and managing the distribution of the workload effectively.
  • Responsible for ensuring that weekly and monthly sales targets were met. 
  • Implementing new strategies to maximise customer satisfaction and profitability.
  • Handling complaints.

Junior Management - London 2012 Olympics

Amadeus Food

May 2012 - Sep 2012

Duties included:

  • Delegating tasks to members of staff in alignment with their strengths and the demands of the company.
  • Providing a link between the workforce and senior management.
  • Assisting in staff recruitment. 
  • Ensuring that company policies and procedures were adhered to. 
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction.

Junior IT Support Team

HSBC Stockbrokers

Feb – May 2011

 Duties included:

  • Providing critical day-to-day technical and operational support to the IT team.
  • Analysing system inefficiencies and suggesting
    strategies for solutions.
  • Improving ‘data recovery’ techniques.
  • Maintaining a log of any software or hardware problems detected.


Sep 2012Jul 2015

Degree: Journalism (Upper First-Class Honours)

University of Westminster
  • I received an ‘achievement award’ in 2014 for  “excellent marks throughout the academic year."  (This award was given to just 200 students from a pool of over 20,000 – my grades were within the top 1% across the whole university).
  • Produced an upper First-Class 13,500-word dissertation, entitled: "An investigation into ‘Transmedia Storytelling’: How is ‘media convergence’ impacting the production and consumption of narrative media content?"
  • The University of Westminster is ranked in the ‘Top 5 best Universities for Journalism’ by  The Guardian.

Sep 2004Jul 2011

A - Level and GCSE

Cardinal Pole RC Sixth Form / Cardinal Pole RC Secondary School 

A Levels: 

English Literature - B

History - B  

I.C.T. - B                                                                      


11x A*- B grade GCSEs

(including English, Maths and Sciences). 



  • Excellent written communication skills -  I am an adept writer with a natural
    flair for storytelling. I can comfortably produce engaging content for a diverse
    range of platforms and audiences - I have written highly-formal articles for an
    audience of 'affluent business decision makers' at Thomson Reuters as well as
    writing humorous, long-form gaming reviews for student-based blog,  WNOL.

  • Excellent oral communication skills -  My experiences, both in the media
    industry and in my managerial roles, have bolstered my strong interpersonal
    skills. I am great at listening to colleagues and clients; asking the right questions;
    and explaining things clearly and concisely - an essential skill when working cross-functionally.

  • Working to deadlines/Dependable with high-responsibility tasks - My time
    spent working as an editor at  HRreview has prepared me to work comfortably
    in a fast-paced working environment. In this role, I always ensured that strict publication
    deadlines were met, and additionally, that newsletters were created, uploaded and scheduled for dissemination the night before they were due to 'go live'.

  • Well-accomplished with interviews - My experience at WNOL and Thomson
    Reuters (mentioned above) exhibit my proficiency at organising, preparing/researching,
    and conducting interviews with interviewees from a wide spectrum of backgrounds.

  • Excellent knowledge/analytical understanding of the digital media
    environment -
    including: an excellent grasp of the practices involved in online
    content publication; an excellent analytical understanding of the changing trends
    in media content consumption (and an understanding of how media content
    needs to be produced and disseminated to successfully react to these changes);
    an excellent understanding of the extensive capabilities of new media platforms
    (and the knowledge of how to take advantage of this).   Related University modules: 'Network,
    Media & Society', 'Multimedia Journalism', 'Advanced Online Journalism' and
    'Cultural Industries and Media Markets' --
    Received a 'First' in all modules. 

  • Excellent grasp of media laws and journalistic codes of conduct  -   including: Copyright
    laws, Database rights, Data Protection Act etc.

Software Experience:

(Microsoft Word):

Content Management Systems


(Final Cut Pro):

Image-editing (Photoshop): ●●●●●●●

Desktop publishing software