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How To Improve a Lawn With Simple Landscaping Tips

Charles Saulson is an experienced construction consultant who has overseen the building of two of New York City’s most renowned hotels. In addition to renovation and construction work, Charles Saulson also performs landscaping and gardening.There are a few ways homeowners can improve their lawns and yards without spending thousands of dollars. Aerating the lawn can be an attractive project for homeowners who have children and/or pets. The more frequently people walk over an area of grass, the more compacted the soil becomes. This prevents air and nutrients from reaching the grass, and eventually the quality of a lawn suffers. Homeowners can loosen soil with a simple pair of aerator sandals, which have special spikes that create air and nutrient passages in the soil.Fertilizing and mowing are the two most basic landscaping duties that homeowners perform, but they are no less important than the more expensive projects. Slow-release organic fertilizers are recommended for most lawns, as they encourage additional biological activity in the soil, which allows grass roots to grow deeper than normal. When it comes to mowing, experts suggest going high. Leaving the lawn between two and three inches high will help prevent damage during extended periods of drought.

Increasing Property Value Through Home Gardening

Charles Saulson studied art and literature at Bard College, where he was selected as captain of the soccer team. He helps fund The Retreat, and in his spare time enjoys sculpting and designing utilitarian products. Saulson also has overseen landscaping on three properties in theHamptons, including the complete installation of gardens. A study last summer revealed that installing and maintaining a personal garden can help increase the overall value of a home by up to seven percent. Not only does a quality garden add value, but it can help save homeowners more than $500 every year. The number of home-grown food gardens in the United States has been growing annually, though at the moment Americans still spend more than $40 billion every year on decorative landscaping but only $2.5 billion on food-producing gardens. To compare, the average kitchen remodel costs $14,917, while adding roughly $14,645 to the retail value. That is a loss of about two percent. Gardens, on the other hand, require about $70 in annual upkeep while producing up to $600 in revenue for a yearly profit.



In 1987, Charles Saulson founded Molten Metals, a steel fabrication shop located in New York City. During the 18 years he owned the company, Mr. Saulson successfully transformed his business from a one-man operation when it initially opened, to having 90 employees when he eventually sold the company in 2006. Despite the demands owning such a successful enterprise placed on Mr. Saulson’s time, the needs of his son always remained his number one priority, and much of Mr. Saulson’s career was shaped by decisions that revolved around what was in the best interests of his son’s health.In addition to serving as president of Molten Metals, Charles Saulson also formed Molten Development to spearhead a project to completely renovate a three-story building that had once been the Bowery Hotel. Drawing from his experience working with developers, Mr. Saulson decided to transform the building into a six-story condominium and began hiring architects, attorneys, and real estate agents to assist with the construction and selling of the new condos. Once he had completed the project, Mr. Saulson took on a partner to form Bowery Boyz LLC., and began work on the renovation of a much larger 16-story condominium also located on Bowery Street, a project that took four years to finish. After selling Molten Metal, Charles Saulson formed Six East First Street LLC. to undertake the renovation of a tenement building he purchased from the city. As part of his acquisition agreement with the city, Mr. Saulson provided the building’s existing tenants with finished condo spaces, which allowed him to take possession of the condominium’s top two floors where he built a glass penthouse. Recently Mr. Saulson has undertaken the redevelopment of two adjacent lots located on the Lower East Side.

Work experience

Jan 2006Jan 2011

Managing Member

6 East First Street, LLC
This was an LLC formed to fix the Building. Hired people to redo the building. Hiired architect to design it and financed the building, and he sold the building.
Jan 2002Jan 2006


Bowery Boyz LLC
Partner that helped build 195 Bowery in NewYork
Jan 1988Jan 2005


Molten Metal Inc
It was a 1 man shows. I would do the steel work. buy steele, fabricate it, then install it. I eventually hired a Manager, Detailers I was the main person to get jobs for the company. Billing and collecting money, Hiring people, Going over the plans on what to do, By 2005 had over 90 employees. 1998 bought my first building. Eventually hired a manager, detailer, bookeeper to help run the business Built Rivington Hotel in New York. He did the structure work and decorative work. Did the structural work for Mercer Hotel in New York


Institute of Architecture and Urban Studies

Went for 1 year

Jan 1970Jan 1974


Bard College

Captain of the Soccer