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Work experience

Feb 2013Jul 2017


U.S. Coast Guard

Basic & Advanced Seamanship, Basic Shipboard Damage Control including Shipboard Fire Fighting, Boom Operator, Towing and Safety Supervisor, Shipboard Helicopter Operations/ Lead Trainer, Head of Flight Locker & Equipment Maintenance, Radio Operator, Bridge Crew, Security Watch Stander, and Law Enforcement.        


Lab Technician

Western Emulsion

I'm currently employed at an Emulsion/Asphalt Plant in White City. I work as the lead Quality Control Tech. I follow ATSM & AASHTO (State and Fedral level testing) standards for a wide variety if product. My secondary responsibility is for chemicals used in the production process and  the data sheets and inventory of said chemicals. When the plant is not actively producing, my job then changes to construction projects, in and around the plant. I'm certified to operate, forklifts, front loaders, mini tractors, and boom reaches.  



High School Diploma

Grants Pass High School


Fast Learner

 I pride myself in being able to proficiently memorize large amounts of information in a small amount of time, the military had provided me with plenty of practice to do so. 


 While in the Coast Guard I lead my team through even the simplest of projects such as cleaning the underside of ships with the same dedication as a very complex task such as refueling helicopters in flight. I was awarded for my leadership qualities(see DD-214) and supporting moral.

Project Management

I was the lowest ranking member ever to lead a flight equipment locker and receive a 99% pass on a safety and training, I successfully trained over 30 members in shipboard helicopter operations.     

Technical Knowledge 

Asphalt and Chemical Testing

Distillation, Settelment and Storage Stability, Sieve Tests, Residue, Absolute Viscosity, Saybolt Furol Viscosity, Torsional Recovery, Particle Charge, Elastic Recovery, Demulsibility, Ductility, and Cement Mixing.


I enjoy working on and restoring older vehicles 

I'm an avid swimmer 

I have been making an attempt at gardening 


I'm easy going, level headed, and I take pride in whatever I do and strive to constantly improve. I have experience and the dedication to constantly provide high quality work.