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Work experience

Feb 2013Jul 2017


U.S. Coast Guard

Basic & Advanced Seamanship, Basic Shipboard Damage Control including Shipboard Fire Fighting, Boom Operator, Towing and Safety Supervisor, Shipboard Helicopter Operations/ Lead Trainer, Head of Flight Locker & Equipment Maintenance, Radio Operator, Bridge Crew, Security Watch Stander, and Law Enforcement.        


Lab Technician

Western Emulsion

I am currently employed at an Emulsion/Asphalt Plant in White City. I take my responsibilities to this position very seriously. 



High School Diploma

Grants Pass High School


Fast Learner

 I pride myself in being able to proficiently memorize large amounts of information in a small amount of time, the military has only sharpened my drive to learn and be successful at whatever I do. 


 While in the Coast Guard I lead my team through even the simplest of projects such as cleaning the underside of ships with the same dedication as a very complex task such as refueling helicopters in flight. I was awarded for my leadership qualities(see DD-214) and keeping moral high.

Project Management

I was the lowest ranking member ever to lead a flight equipment locker and receive a 99% pass on a safety and training, I trained over 30 members in shipboard helicopter operations.     


I am a easy going guy, very level headed and fun to work with, I take pride in whatever I do and strive to constantly improve. I believe that I would be a great fit for your company!