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 Work History

Jun 2013Present

Technician II/ Technical Operator I

Nutek Disposables Inc.

From 2013 to 2014 I was a Technician II on the Production Floor of the building. I would be assigned to one area of the floor and was required to do a certain amount of tasks during my shift in order to keep the machine running at all times. This including prepping various items to either create, seal, and pack the various wipes products that the company makes. 

From 2014 to Present I am a Technical Operator I in the Non Woven section of the building. My job includes maintaining and running several machines to ensure we make non woven rolls for the Production Floor to use. 

Jun 2007Jun 2013

Sales Associate/Department Manager/Support Manager

Wal-Mart Inc.

From 2007 to 2009 I was a Sales Associate in the Electronics department of the store. My duties included helping the customers as much  as possible, keeping the shelves stocked with merchandise, and making sure the department was neat and tidy at all times.

From 2009 to 2012 I was Department Manager over the Toys department. My duties included maintaining modular integrity of the merchandise, making sure all prices were up to date for the merchandise, keeping merchandise stocked as much as possible, and making sure the department was neat and tidy at all times.

From 2012 to 2013 I was the Support Manager over the Tire Lube Express garage at my store. My duties were the same as my duties as a department manager, but it also had to make sure that the garage was stocked, staffed, and running at all business hours. I would also perform various audits after a  vehicle was completed to make sure it was worked on correctly.


Aug 2002Jun 2006

High School Diploma

Central Mountain High School 

Standard High School Diploma


PLE Trained

I have been trained, at both Nutek and Wal-Mart, on various Power Lifting Equipment. This includes scissor lift, electronic floor jack, electronic floor lift, and fork truck. 

Computer Programs

I know how to use the basic functions of several commonly used programs like Word, Excel, Outlook, Adobe Photoshop, and various web browsers like Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, etc. I also know a little about using command lines and most of the inner workings of an operating system. 

Machine Operation

Due to my time in a factory I have learned the basics of machine operations and can figured out many complex machines in a matter of hours of trained properly. 

Basic Computer Skills

I know all the basic computer skills one can know and some advanced options as well. While I don't use a Mac I am familiar with them enough to know the basics for them as well.

Various Retail Skills

I know various retail environment skills including, but not limited to, operating a cash register, operating a handheld unit like a Telxon or Gemini scanner, doing various tasks like zoning, cleaning, setting mods, doing price changes, etc. 

Misc. Information

  • I did attend South Hills School of Business and Technology from 2006 to 2007, but had to leave due to personal reasons beyond my control. I am actually enrolled in the school again and will be starting back up in the fall of 2015.