Based in Miami, Florida, Charlene Ugent's Suyaki Siamese Cattery provides purebred Siamese kittens to loving homes across the United States. Originally a schoolteacher, she started her cattery in 1996, after acquiring a seal point show kitten. Ms. Ugent now offers all four colors of purebred Siamese kittens, and has won awards for the cats she breeds.

Ms. Ugent registers all of her kittens with The Cat Fanciers’ Association, a professional organization that rewards breeders who respect the highest breeding standards in accordance with community, state, and federal regulations. In addition, Charlene Ugent continues to earn “Cattery of Excellence” status through the association every year.

Ms. Ugent raises her kittens underfoot to bring out outgoing and friendly personalities. She feeds the cats Royal Canin and Pro Plan Dry food supplemented with premium canned moist food and treats such as shredded deli turkey. The kittens at Ms. Ugent’s Suyaki Siamese Cattery also have plenty of room to relax and play, as stress often affects the kittens’ overall physiological health. To monitor their health, Charlene Ugent makes regular appointments with a trusted veterinarian. When purchasing a kitten, the new owners receive a certificate verifying the kitten’s health, as well as a guarantee.

Work experience

Work experience
1996 - Present


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