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Work experience

Feb 2009Aug 2009

Design and Research Institute of Wuhan University of Technology

I did some projects of residential and public architecture designs at this company.


Sep 2009Mar 2012

Master of Engineering

Shenyang Jianzhu University


05.2010: First prize in English Speech Competition of “World Architectural Wonders” (SJZU)

 10.2010: “Advanced Individual” in Campus Culture Activities (Shenyang Jianzhu University)


1. Han Xiaolin. Research on Techniques of Translocation Conservation and Rejuvenation of Folk Houses in North Zhongjie Street, Shenyang. (The 13th Academic Biennial Conference of Chinese Modern Architectural History. 2012.)

2. 韩晓霖.以沈阳建筑大学龙潭广场为例论城市设计中节点空间的完善.城市建设理论研究.

CN 11-9313/TU.ISSN 2095-2104. 2011.11 下旬.第119期

Han Xiaolin. Discuss on Nodal Space Improvement in Urban Design——Taking the”Long Tan” Square of Shenyang Jianzhu University as an Example. (Urban Construction and Theory Research. CN 11-9313/TU.ISSN 2095-2104. 11.2011. The 119th issue)

3. 韩晓霖.图书馆建筑设计构想方法.城市建设理论研究. CN 11-9313/TU.ISSN 2095-2104. 2011.10上旬. 第114期

Han Xiaolin. Conceptual Design Methods for Library Architecture. (Urban Construction and Theory Research. CN 11-9313/TU.ISSN 2095-2104. 10.2011. The 114th issue)