Adjunct Professor

University of Colorado Denver
• Medical Sociology: Mostly pre-health students. Taught from a policy and clinical standpoint to create an understanding of the intersection between government, corporate, and individual needs. • MCAT review: Created curriculum for behvaioral science section of the 2015 MCAT. • Introduction to Sociology: The general tenets of sociology with an emphasis on theory and practical application (public sociology) in communities. • Race & Ethnicity: History of race realtions in the U.S. and the current climate in light of media coverage, policies, and application of sanctions. • Research Methods: Primarily qualitiative methods, data analysis, use of theory in research, ethics, crafting of research projects. Includes research techniques such as focus groups, interviewing, data coding, ethnography, and mixed methods. Emphasis on learning how to elicit the specific information needed for a project. • Qualitative researcher in area of healthcare disparities: My research is focused on how individuals navigate the healthcare system and how policies affect disparities.