Charlene Pierce

Work History

Work History

Banking Professional

Aug 2006 - Oct 2014
Bank of America


 Roles & Promotions During Tenure :  *Senior Loan Processor Direct Lending Auto Boat/Yachts Recreational Vehicles Commercial Planes, * Sales & Service Banker Professional, * Estate Account Manager,  * Sr. Collections Analyst 30 days of Delinquency thru Charge Off

Emphasis - Customer Service, Collections, Estate Department, Banking Center, Financial Products & Sales & Service Specialist , Sr. Loan Processor, Direct Lending Merrill Lynch

Worked in Direct Lending : Financing Loan  Contracts for Automobiles , Recreational Vehicles, Boat Loans , Commercial Planes.

Worked on Portfolio Management of Estate Department assisting Customers on Process & Solutions for acting in role of Executor of the Estate and all what that required on financial side.

Worked in Collections Managing Bank Portfolio in Card Division & handled Affinity Products from 30 days of delinquency to Charge Off utilizing Fdcpa and additional collection policies & procedures.

Worked performing Account Audits on Military Accounts ( SCRA Benefits  )  & Handle Reimbursement Claims.

High Traffic face to face Customer Interactions & Phone Interactions

Entrepreneurial, Can Do Attitude, Happy Positive Upbeat Personality work well with Public & Peers. Policies

& Procedures on Handling Customer Financial Information & Privacy & Confidentiality for Customer Security


Leadership Experience, Managing Teams: handling Training, Interviewing, Team Productivity, Timekeeping,

Vacation Scheduling, Administrative Reports, Performance Development Plans, Developing Training Sessions

to Improve Best Practices on Providing Excellent Customer Service & Operational Functions, One Team Sales

Effectiveness Training.

Accuracy & Attention to Detail, Working with Minimal Supervision, Ability to Lift up to 50 lbs, standing,

walking, daily moving back and forth from Office Task to Team Events that require Hands on Decoration, or


Ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions, and

procedural manuals

Administrative Generalist Over Night Shift

Feb 2003 - Jul 2006
Florida Power & Light

Responsibilities :

Work Overnight - Handling Police & Fire Calls, Customer Outage Situations, Handle Sending Crews to

Area's in Lieu of Hurricanes, Police & Fire Traffic Emergencies. Handled Administrative Duties such as Billing

Inquiries, Disconnection and Restoration of Service. New Account Set Up , Payments, Billing Invoices, etc.


5 awards for - Customer Service, Hurricane Readiness Unit, Productivity Achievement, Employee of the Month,

Error Free Achievement.

Skills Used

maintains records of business transactions and office activities of establishment, performing variety of following

or similar clerical duties and utilizing knowledge of systems or procedures: Copies data and compiles records

and reports.

Prepares, issues, and sends out receipts, bills, policies, invoices, statements, and checks.

Ability to work fast under pressure, time - management attention to detail

cash handling

ability to use computer - Email lotus notes, office software, file, handle paperwork

Typing 60- WPM

Supervisor Card Services Call Center Concierge ( Black Card )

Mar 2000 - Jan 2003
American Express

Responsibilities : Supervise Team of 10 Associates

Call Forecasting , what factors influence it and how staffing is affected by various factors.

Training and Assessment: Effectively assess new and existing staff skills, identify gaps and recommend

necessary training.

Staff Retention:

Implement Strategies that lead to staff Retention, and monitor turnover ratio, and how I can contribute to

improved retentions.

Setting Performance Standards: Create and update qualitative standards that are measurable, objective and

that can be used to track employees’ performance.

Coaching, Monitoring and Counseling:

Implementing a Strategy to understand my teams capabilities and apply proven principles of coaching and

counseling and monitoring for call-center issues.

Motivation Techniques:

Using Best Practices to identify what motivates staff and how to implement motivation programs to improve

productivity & one team effectiveness.


  1. Awards.

# 1. Team Goal - Award 6 months consecutively .

Award- for highest, Retention

Consultant-Clinical Facilities Coordinator

1997 - 2000
Small Business

Recruiter & Placement Coordinator : Select Clinical Research Patients within Policies & Procedures based on Case Studies, with Clinical Drug Trials with Pharmaceutical Companies.  Working in Retail & Hospital Setting Filling Prescriptions and handling orders, inventory, cash handling, billing & invoices for Medical Insurance Premiums.



High School Diploma

Miami Lakes Sr High

Pharmaceutical Diploma

Beacon College



Collections Management , Credit Card Portfolio , Auto & 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Party (8 years), Typing 60 WPM

(15 years), Administrative & Clerical Contracts, Loans (8 years), Customer Service (15 years), Customer

Service Management (3 years), Mathematical Skills: Ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide in all

units of measure, using whole numbers, common fractions, and decimals is required. Ability to compute

rate, ratio, and percent and to draw and interpret bar graphs. (6 years), Handling Customers Telephone

escalations, and provide One on One time for Team Phones Monitors and Side by Side for Reports. (8

years), Set up weekly Schedule Rotation for Chat Line according to Inbound Traffic of Customer Inquiries

for Business Needs. (10 years), MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint MS Access, Accounting, Windows, Lotus

Notes, etc.. Typing - (10 years), Open Flexible Schedule to Fit Business Requirements (15 years), Leasing

Experience (3 years), Personal Administrative Human Resources (2 years)

Text Section

Recruiter & Hiring Manager ,

In today's customer service oriented society, timely, friendly, proactive service is sought to enhance future business growth. Customer loyalty is always impacted when you employ the right service professional to represent you when assisting your valued customers.

My long-term experience in the service industry has taught me how to meet and exceed each customer's expectations with service that sells. I have assisted all types of customers in all types of settings. I realize that acquiring and maintaining loyal repeat business as well as spreading the word of your business through these loyal patrons is of the utmost importance in every company. Positioning a company for better exposure and greater marketability is a task that I have performed with success many times.

My Work Experience includes, Management , Benefits Coordinator,  Customer Service Provider, Estate Financial Assistance,  Collections for Card, Commercial & Auto Products using strategies of  1st, 2nd, 3rd party Policies & Procedures. From 30 days of delinquency to Charge Off. .Training & Instruction , leasing, human resource, Branch Banking Sales & Service Specialist, Direct Lending Involving Contracts for Boats, Auto Loans, Recreational Vehicles & Commercial Planes, Pharmaceutical Sales & Technician Hospital & Retail Coordinator,  who achieves ongoing success. by building morale, maintaining self management, and  teams participation, self-confidence and providing solution based ideas, while  being able to retain customers. By providing them with a Quality Experience it results in the ability to build relationships and create long term relationships and retain customer's repeat business. While creating a lasting impression to grow and obtain new customers through the customer experience.

I look forward to going through your hiring process, and hearing from you soon.

Very Sincerely,

Charlene C. Pierce